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Courtney's bucket list.Category: (general)
Thursday, 8 July 2010
11:27:28 AM (GMT)
1. Go into a gay bar and come out with a straight man.
2. Learn every single Michael Jackson dance move.
3. Obtain a pair of hammer pants.
4. Blast "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley in a vehicle.
5. Have at least a five minute conversation with a celebrity.
6. Learn to scream.
7. Trash a hotel room.
8. Learn German.
9. Attend Warped Tour.
10. Visit Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan's grave.
11. Audition for American Idol for a laugh.
12. Become a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show (and dance).
13. Survive 2012 (if it happens).
14. Find the meaning of life.
15. Get laid by a black dude.
16. Give someone of the opposite sex a two-hour lecture.
17. Enter the 19+ door at the movie store.
18. Visit England.
19. Get a small role in GLEE.
20. Meet Axl Rose and tell him he was sexy as hell in his day.
21. Count cards.
22. Meet Bill Nye.
23. Obtain Jerry beads from the Jerry Springer show.
24. Read a full romance novel.
25. Listen to every song on my iPod.
26. Star in a Proactiv commercial.
27. Be involved in a moshpit.
28. Get "ELLIS" a trending topic on Twitter.
29. Learn to play a badass instrument.
30. Finish high school over a span of 3 years (not 4).
31. Leave Canada.
32. Write a best-selling novel.
33. Bring back a trend from the 80's.
34. Learn how to draw things other than stick people.
35. Find a real cure for boredom.
36. Watch movies for a full 24 hours without any interruptions.
37. Obtain a moon bounce.
38. Own an amazing car, and paint it zebra-striped.
39. Get a bunch of wacky colors in my hair.
40. Own a purple dog.
41. Have my own reality television show.
42. Get Punk'd.
43. Get a spot on Mad TV or Saturday Night Live.
44. Poke the Pillsbury Doughboy.
45. Get more than five subscribers on YouTube.
46. Go to Disney World.
47. Have three children and name them Billie Jean (in tribute to MJ), Terrence Rex
(so I can call him T-Rex as a nickname), and Thurman (after "Situations" by ETF).
48. See all of my favorite bands live.
49. Move to Arizona.
50. Beat someone at arm-wrestling.
51. Have a gay best friend.
52. Collect all of Billy Mays' products.
53. Watch the sunset with a loved one.
54. Lose at least 30 pounds.
55. Make a statment that becomes a world famous quote.
56. Flash a cop car.
57. Go into a record studio and fool around with the buttons.
58. Set off my own fireworks.
59. Get connected to a friend on Omegle.
60. Go to Wal-Mart with a beach ball up my shirt.
61. Play the "lying down" game.
62. Spraypaint the side of an abandoned building (and not get arrested).
63. Have someone write a song about me.
64. Have my name mentioned in a "Thank You" section on a CD.
65. Be involved in a Tim Burton film.
66. Behave at church for once.
67. Paint the walls in my room black.
68. Devour a full party pizza by my lonesome.
69. Give a band member a homemade present.
70. Meet an online friend.
71. Listen to a full Lady Gaga/ Justin Bieber album without killing myself.
72. Watch every episode of "Ask Swifty" in one sitting.
73. Recieve a high five from Chuck Norris and survive.
74. Get my boobs signed by Slash or someone just as important.
75. Have a celebrity tweet at me on Twitter.
76. Dance in the pouring rain.
77. Write a theme song.
78. Wear a "kick me" sign on my back for a full day.
79. Knit a sweater.
80. Hook up with someone on eHarmony.
81. Go on a serious road trip.
82. Write an article for a magazine.
83. Make someone of the opposite sex a worm sandwich without their knowledge.
84. Get connected to an actual celebrity on chatroulette.
85. Make up my own knock-knock joke.
86. Tie a tampon to someone's purse and let them walk around in public.
87. Cuss out a bad driver.
88. Remix a one hit wonder.
89. Lick a pole in the winter.
90. Go on a date with a homeless person.
91. Lie about my age to someone and get away with it.
92. Make out in a public bathroom.
93. Get fashion tips from Adam Lambert.
94. Stop a tragedy from happening.
95. Tell someone I have herpes to make them leave me alone.
96. Visit a jail.
97. Get the other side of my lip done so I'll have snakebites.
98. Call the Queen of England a bitch to her face.
99. Shoot a gun.
100. Dye a ginger's hair.

‹i lv y s mch tht t hrts m hd› says:   8 July 2010   439708  
This has to be the most amazing bucket list I've ever seen, by far.
SNACK says:   8 July 2010   344460  
I see we share some goals
#22, #44, #90

And here's #63 for you:

I see you dancing there,
With your golden hair,
And your skin so fair,
Damn, that is some jail bait right there.
goregalore says:   8 July 2010   172416  
Hahaha, thank you. :3 I put a LOT of time and thought into it.

:o Methinks we should complete these goals together.
And isn't that already a song? LOL. 
SNACK says :   9 July 2010   480333  
And if it is I haven't heard of it D: 

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