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Friday, 18 June 2010
06:38:03 AM (GMT)
Arctic Fox - Your_Worst_Nightmare Signature Pomerarian - dont_be_a_cutter Video: Comments below, darlings.

‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   18 June 2010   680795  

"ew ew ew" lol xD
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   18 June 2010   536794  
Webkinz are EPIC, dude! :D
Wait, what part was 1:56? 
‹♥Mӗw♥› says:   18 June 2010   444499  
like the fox shook its head.
it amused me xDDD 
‹<--Color Crazy-->› says:   18 June 2010   515491  
wow its funny but true
‹<--Color Crazy-->› says:   18 June 2010   219952  
‹Emafie› says:   18 June 2010   493406  
the webkins are just too cute ^^
bellamarion says:   18 June 2010   750205  
I might subscribe to you, just to see what happens. This whole
Eddie v. Everyone else is quite a piece of drama. (:
bottleneck says:   18 June 2010   527592  
Oh. My. God. 

I Love you.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   18 June 2010   536139  
Lol I find it amusing too. :P I like the whole vdeo thing better
Oroborus21 says:   18 June 2010   251489  
this made me laugh, i especially like the way you animated the wolf's
arm and head
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   19 June 2010   574720  
You didn't blacklist him? Lulz.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   19 June 2010   622561  
Naww he's kind of entertaining. xD 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   19 June 2010   965144  
If you think THAT'S funny you'd like my youtube channel :P 
‹HANNER› says:   20 June 2010   372914  
This is actually the lamest shit I've ever seen in my entire life.
Can you just stop your bitching? Jesusfuck. If you have a problem with
him, blacklist him... end of story.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   20 June 2010   164826  
Funny... I kind of considered you a friend.
Except friends don't say that, so.... I guess you're not. 
‹HANNER› says:   20 June 2010   877032  
I am your friend, but really. Just drop it. People have been trying to
ban him since he joined the website... if you can't get rid of him,
make the best of it, and just deal with him. 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   20 June 2010   280541  
Obviously you haven't noticed that this is the last time I said
anything on the matter. I'm over it. 
Bernie says:   20 June 2010   660323  
You want the police on him? Call them. I'm sure if you have such a
case against him they can track down all the evidence. Kupika can't be
hard for the police to hack.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   20 June 2010   121281  
Probably not, but it'll be easier to get them to listen WITH evidence.
But ...w/e. I'm not really worried about it. I've got other things
going on in my life. 
Bernie says:   20 June 2010   599865  
It upsets you oh so much one minute and then you don't care the next.
You don't even want to try alerting authorities. If Oroborus21 will
really get sent to jail in a second if the police find out what he's
doing, then why not let them investigate? It should be easy for police
to look into what Oroborus is doing on Kupika if anything suspicious
is going on. It doesn't seem like you really believe he's doing
anything wrong.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   20 June 2010   372378  
I CAN'T DEAL WITH IT. Not right now. I'm all for sending him to jail,
but if YOU'RE so worried about it, why don't YOU inform the police?
You're just as guilty as I am. 
Bernie says:   20 June 2010   978005  
I'm not worried. I'm pointing out flaws in things you say. I thought
that would be obvious to you.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   20 June 2010   498609  
It is. But I can't deal with it right now. How many times do I have to
repeat myself! 
Bernie says:   20 June 2010   752210  
I'm sure you can't if you're taking the time to hang around on this
website you can't make a simple call to the police, you're much too
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   21 June 2010   314935  
Please just mind your own business. 
Ihateperverts says:   21 June 2010   446083  
Bernie says:   21 June 2010   706128  
@Your_Worst_Nightmare Mind my own business? Really? I suppose this
means you have nothing else to defend yourself with. 
‹♥electrohouse♥› says:   24 June 2010   990587  
Heehee. I love my pomeranian. Or however you spell it.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   24 June 2010   569047  
No, it means that at the time of writing that, I was going through a
rough time.  
Bernie says:   24 June 2010   867543  
I'm sorry, I was confused because that's what people who know they're
wrong and have nothing to defend themselves with tend  to say to
people who try to set them right.
StringQuartets says:   24 June 2010   220096  
 That's also what people say when they don't appriciate people
sticking their noses into places where they most likely do not belong.
Like this, oluls. It almost never has anything to do with people being
right or wrong.
StringQuartets says:   24 June 2010   873073  
 Ah no, fuck.  I didn't get a chance to post the '@' /raage/
 But in your responce to the police comment, really?! "Lols, teh hai. 
So there's this guy, right? On the internets, who may or may not be
-TOTALLY NOT TAKING SIDES HERE.- soliciting pictures from minors. And
I know you guys are super busy, but if you could just, you know. Get a
warrant, with no legitamite evidence that you need one, and just.
Snoop around, that'd be great. Kaythanks"
Bernie says :   25 June 2010   198986  
I know it sounds ridiculous which is why it's ridiculous to be saying
that the police would be on him like that when she has no legitimate
evidence. She can't even prove it to anyone, especially not the
police. But really, I get the feeling that police are pretty open to
the idea of snooping around on the internet for suspicious folks.


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