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Thursday, 10 June 2010
04:37:33 AM (GMT)
Walking in I knew there was something odd.
It all seemed so familiar. The check....the place with all it's cluttered mess....
the lady.
Especally the lady. Thin a few, maybe three inches, taller then me.  
There behind the counter protected by an army of junk though the 
space in front of her was an extent. I drew near and as I did so the
small number of chattering people seemed to wander out of the box. No matter which
way I would turn they always seemed just on the very edge of my vision. 

This was as I said: Odd.
Very odd that the baseball instructer sent me a birthday check.
Odder still that I chose to come here to ensure it was indeed for me.
Clearly it WAS for me, the sticky binding held more then one paper that checks
are written out on and those had drawings and words pertaining to me.
That and the only check that was fully written out was fully written out with my
complete name.I came to this place because for some reason this baseball instucter
radicated here. I didn't remember walking in so I saw no sign and I had no clue what
this place was for.
Merely that the majority of the things laying about were toys. Mostly dolls. 
I saw that.....but I didn't notice.

I didn't notice any of this as I was feeling it.
All I did was march up to the counter, straight up to the familar blond
fortyish lady  and said "Can you say "Please Ms. Leonne" ?"
Wait that wasn't me. "Please, Ms. Leonne?" That was. I repeted it with out a thought.
And I used the tone of voice I use for strangers, the elderly and people in
authority. Soft spoken, hesitant and polite. It gave this Ms. Leonne great
satisfaction, for some reason she could tell whatever it was I might've said would
not be up to par.  A chuckle. The boy who gave me the check was beside me, well to be
fair a fiffteen year old boy from my school Noe, was beside me. Strange...I haven't
talked to him all year and apperently he'd been here the whole time.
I should have noticed, I had a mild crush on him after all.      

We conversed about the check. I can't rember what was said or if I was the one who
said it, with Ms. Leonne putting words in my mouth and all, could I really be sure? 
We talked and other then Noe beside me I noticed something.  

A doll.
A beautiful Rozen Maiden. The one I planned to cosplay as, Souseiseki.
I had to have her. I asked Ms. Leonne for her, she was brought down from the
cluttered self.
But this doll wasn't the same doll, Ms. Leonne comensed the bargaining and I
continnued as though 
nothing was wrong.

 But on the inside I was screaming. And every time I'd look away then back at my
The doll was different.  She was a rag doll version. Her hair was blond. She had eyes
instead of feet or hands.
She had no face. She was a rotting baby dressed as a doll with maggots crawling over
my hands
 as I smoothed her bloodstained ruffles looking down at her lovingly.
The me on the inside was outraged; I wanted the orginal porcelan doll I had seen on
the shelf! 

I look down again smiling and she's a clown with a mouth bigger then her head.
The clown does it because the outter me perks up her head and with eyebrows
delicatley arched in a confused expression
and says quitely " Mrs. Leonne this doll, as lovely as she may be, isn't the one I
spied upon the cabinet. Might you look again please?"
Last edited: 15 July 2010

Akiba23 says :   15 July 2010   881438  
Eh I'll fix it later ...onto another thing!


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