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Sunday, 2 May 2010
11:41:37 AM (GMT)
Whats your middle name? Elizabeth ! How big is your bed? Eh, it's just right, a bit of a squeeze to fit one more person, but that's not a problem. ;3 What are you listening to right now? All My Friends Are Dead - Turbonegro. What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number? yourmom. I actually don't even know my own cell number by heart >.> heh. What was the last thing you ate? An apple. Last person you hugged? Mommmmmy. How is the weather right now? Hot, absolutely gorgeousss♥ Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Joe. What is the first thing u notice in the opposite sex? A tie between eyes and haaair. Favorite type of Food. ...Italian? Do you want children? Yes c: Two at the most. Do you drink? Eh. Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night? Nooo. Hair color? Dark brown. Eye colour? Blueee(: Do you wear contacts/glasses? I'm a four eyes C; Favorite holiday? Chirstmass or Halloween. Favorite Season? Summmmer♥ ! Have you ever cried over a girl/boy? Yes. Last Movie You Watched? Public Enemies (((((: What books are you reading? The Hobbit >.> Piercings? Ears and Lip. Favorite Movie? Alice In Wonderland [Not the new one] Favorite college football Team? Uhm, Penn Sate? I don't evennn know. What were you doing before filling this out? Dancing to Dance In The Dark by Lady Gagaaaa (: ♥ Any pets? Yes. Dogs or cats? Ehh. Favorite Flower? Sun Flowers C: Have you ever loved someone? Why, yes, of course. Who would you like to see right now? Alot of people. You just may be on the list. Have you ever fired a gun? ..Yeahh ahahah. Do you like to travel by plane? YES. Right-handed or Left-handed? I'mma good ole' right handerrr. If you could go to any place right now where would you go? Too many to choose from. Are you missing someone? Of course. Do you have a tattoo? Nawhhhh. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings? DUH. Are you hiding something from someone? I think not..? EyeDeeKaay. ARE YOU 18? NOOOOOOOO. WHAT IS THE WALLPAPER ON YOUR CELLPHONE? Front Screen: A picture with two friends from when I was youngg. Main Screen: "I ♥ New York" DID YOU GET ENOUGH SLEEP LAST NIGHT? NOPE. FIRST THING YOU THOUGHT ABOUT THIS MORNING? IT'S SO NICE OUT. WHAT DO YOU HAVE HANDY AT YOUR BEDSIDE? MY CELL PHONE, ITOUCH, AND WATER. GRILLED OR FRIED? ???? WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE? Uh, nothing, unless it's my strange-nesss. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? SOMETIMES. >.< FAVORITE HANGOUT? My room. The Beach. The Starbucks at the Airport. LMFAO. 3 THINGS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT? Cellll Itouch & My Friends. FAVORITE SONG? Hey Soul Sister by Train. alllll timmmme favorittte. ♥ WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? Death. Failure in life. Rejection. Bugs. ARE YOU A GIVER OR TAKER? ...Both I believe..? WHAT ARE YOUR NICKNAMES? Ash/Ashie/Asherrrlay/BaayBaay/Legss. WHAT IS YOUR DADS MIDDLE NAME? Vincent. WHATS YOUR MOTHERS MIDDLE NAME? Marie. STUCK ON A DESERTED ISLAND & COULD TAKE ONE THING? lkjadlfjaldkf i don't know Cx FAVORITE T.V. COMMERCIAL? The one with the little boy, and his mom brings home this dude, and the guy comes over and is all like talkin' and stuff and he picks up a dorito and looks at the kids' game and the little boy slaps him and is all likkke "Keep your hands of my momm, keep your hands off my doritos!" and probably something else, hahaha Cx WHO'S YOUR CELL PHONE PROVIDER? SPRINT. FIRST THING YOU'LL SAVE IN A FIRE? PINKYBEAR. Whats your favorite color? Bluue. WHAT ARE THE THINGS YOU ALWAYS TAKE WITH YOU? Chap Stick, cell, itouch, bag, && my beanie. WHAT DID YOU WANNA BE WHEN YOU WERE A KID? A TEACHER. Thaank god that dream didn't last quick >.< WHAT DO YOU USUALLY DO WHEN THE CLOCK TURNS 11:11? MAKE A WISH OF COURSE! THE COLOR OF YOUR BEDSHEEt? BLACK. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT BEFORE YOU GO TO BED? Basically every single little thing that happens to cross my mind.
Last edited: 2 May 2010

‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says:   2 May 2010   315571  
I might steal it xD
underpressure says:   2 May 2010   303209  
‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says:   2 May 2010   656131  
It be to long D; 
underpressure says:   2 May 2010   130013  
‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says:   2 May 2010   516701  
underpressure says:   2 May 2010   488038  
‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says:   2 May 2010   668696  
YKI=You Know Itttt♥ 
underpressure says:   2 May 2010   877267  
‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says :   2 May 2010   566756  


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