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Saturday, 20 March 2010
12:40:17 AM (GMT)
I've had writers block for the past 3 or so months. xD i hope people forgive me . Ever wonder why the love stories always had that slow, yet expected happy ending. I guess i just have strange thoughts for a teenager, only fourteen and still growing. But I can't help but to think that the stories lied to us, no love really ends happy, just that point in their love life is a happy point. Well, you'll never know until you live your life till the end, right? "I trust you've been able to think of what you did Adelia?" My mother spoke, her words sounding more and more like poison each day. "Why of course Mother," I said with the best fake smile i could provide, "I promise i will never do that again." The funny thing was, this was the seventh or eighth time I've tried to run away. Each attempt just failed horribly, and each made Mother furious. She trust each word, but never the promises. My trick, is promise then do it anyway, she figured that out about a year ago. I hate how she does that. Mother look me up and down. "Must you wear that, we are going out tonight. Might you like to go make yourself representably ?" "Oh yes, thank you for reminding me Mother." I faked another smile, and walked quickly into my room. "What would she suggest as 'representable'?" My choice, a light blue dress with a cardigan sweater to cover some bruises. This should be better, i hope. "Better. Now, we must hurry to get to this party. Act exceptional, and maybe you get the bed tonight." Mother was exceptionally a b*tch. But, she own the house i live in till i hit eighteen. "Okay Mother, I will do my best." I was actually gonna try, or was i faking this too. As she said, this party was pretty much a 'representable' event. But even with all the adults in the room, none seeming the lest interested in me, i found a boy. He happened to look and be me age, im a lucky person sometimes. His magical eyes met my glance, it was strange, but i couldn't look away. I guess he felt it too, since he signalled me to follow him so i did. "Hello" I said, as I finally caught up to him in the yard. "Hi" He smiled at me and then sat down near the pond that was there. "This place is beautiful. Green, green grass. The most colourful sunset and the hedges neatly trimmed. . . Its beautiful." I must have said something to make him look at me with a wild smile. "You don't know who i am do you?" He said getting up and laughing a little. "Uhm, no . Who are you ?" I was clueless, i haven't seen him before, but he seemed sweet. "I am Erik Gray, the son of the owner of this Mansion." He seemed sad to say that. "I am Adelia, Adelia Jerson." I put out my hand for a handshake, his hand met mine. I felt it again. "Nice to meet you Adelia. Your mother must have taught you pretty well to know how to treat a better person then yourself." He spoke like he was older, 50 or so. A Gentlemen. I laughed and look through the open door, into the room with the adults. "She taught me though force, but its a easy thing to get used to .. i guess." "You mean?" His voice a little kids this time. "She beats you?" "No, No. She has certain consequences for everything. and i mean everything." I looked down, lying seemed to easy lately. "Well, i guess we should get back. Should we meet back here in an hour or so?" He looked at me with such happiness, i didn't dare say no. I nodded and head for the door. "Okay, an hour or so."

SithWedgie says:   20 March 2010   268000  
Nicely written ^_^   Maybe you could add a few more moments where you
describe the surroundings in better detail?  Like here.

"Okay Mother, I will do my best." I was actually gonna try, or was i
faking this
(The party was to take place at the home of such and such.  Actually
it was less of a home and more of a mansion.. much more.  Everyone
seemed to be gathered in the largest room, there were fresh flowers on
each table etc etc)
As she said, this party was pretty much a 'representable' event. But
even with
‹The~Labryinth› says:   7 April 2010   851399  
i actually thought of that myself and i thought about it WHILE writing
thanks Travis. 
and i promise that if i ever do edit this piece of writing, i will add
some details. (: 
SithWedgie says :   7 April 2010   455705  
:3 awesome <3 I'm glad to be of use.


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