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Chapter 12Category: (general)
Tuesday, 16 March 2010
05:28:34 PM (GMT)
Shhhhhhhh. I'm NOT on.

Chapter 12
In the early hours of morning, I could hear a bird on the windowsill outside as my
body roared back to life. How was I even here? I thought for sure before that it’d
be the last time my eyes would open. You mean I got myself all worried for nothing?
When I opened my eyes, I saw it was the very crack of dawn, as the sun wasn’t
blocked by the wall now either, which I assumed meant a victory; that put my heart at
Hey, wait a sec, I didn’t even notice my fever went down. I felt just about normal
now. Wow, that was fast, it was only the morning of the second day. I guess Meaghan
was the first to find me unconscious on the floor, and healed me...
I shifted then to get out of bed, but it was only then I noticed; my hand was being
held. I looked at the side of my bed to find Edward had pulled the stool from his
vanity over and had fallen asleep on my bedside, holding my hand tightly. I could
only see about half of his sleepy face; the other side was buried into my comforter.
What was biting him? Was he so worried about me that he fell asleep at my bedside?
This was one of the first times I’ve seen him do something like that.
Ed shifted slightly, showing me more of his face, and his eyes slowly opened, as his
grip on my hand tightened. I felt my heart skip a beat then; jeez, I’m so easily
attracted... It took Ed awhile before he realized that I awake. When he did, he
didn’t react very much. No, he didn’t go rushing over me, asking if I was alright
and stuff. Instead, he just smiled tiredly.
“...Good morning, you sleepy head.” He told me softly as he sat up, not taking
his hand from mine. Man, I was glad to see him again. On instinct, I pushed myself
forwards and hugged him as hard as I could, causing him to utter a little gasp of
surprise, but ending up hugging me back. For a few seconds there, I thought I’d
honestly never see him again. I must’ve been delirious with fever. That was
awkward; I’m never delirious. That’s more of Meaghan’s territory. Speaking of
which, I wonder what she’s up to...

I was slow with getting up and dressed, mostly because I felt icky. I needed another
shower, but I really didn’t want to have it right now. I just tried to cover it up
with perfume and deodorant, because I was feeling lazy. When I exited the bedroom,
the sun was just about visible, and the sky on the east horizon was already bright
blue. Ed had taken his braid out, was sitting on the couch, and had made some toast
and coffee for himself. (Although it looked burnt from where I was standing.) I
simply poured some of the leftover coffee for myself and put in a bit of cream and
sugar. Even though I was still slightly sick, I tried not to show it and sat on the
couch opposite to Edward. We sat in silence for awhile. Honestly, we didn’t know
what to talk about. That was fine with me though; just having him there made me
happy. I looked up from my now cool coffee and noticed something etched on Ed’s
mug. I couldn’t quite tell what it was though...
“...Ed, is there something on your mug?”
Before I even finished, Ed placed the mug on the coffee table with his right hand and
pushed it over to his left, while switching the hand the toast was in before the cup
reached its destination. Once he picked it up, he didn’t give me any eye contact or
anything. It was fancy, but it meant he was hiding something. I involuntarily gave a
stooped look, which ended in a defeat. He wouldn’t tell me, I know him by now. If
it was something personal, he most likely wouldn’t share...
...wouldn’t share?
My mind thought back to the nightmare I had when I was fever-riddled. I can still
remember it as clear as the sun in the sky today. Ed’s words suddenly echoed in my
If anybody... anybody knew what I’d been through, maybe then... maybe then!!
I looked up to Ed, who was expressionless as he was staring out the window munching
on the small bit of toast that was left. He never really DID give me details of his
past. Was there something I should know about? I wanted to ask, but I didn’t know
how he’d react. I have no idea what happened, but I have a feeling it shaped his
There was a knock on the door then. A bit confused, we looked at each other, and I
got up to get the door. When I opened it, I saw a girl about Meg’s age on the other
“Is Ryoki here?”
“Ryoki? No, he’s in the house over.” I said honestly, pointing to House Two.
“Really? I was just there and whoever was there said he was here.”
“Hmm?” A hand went to my face, a bit annoyed.
“He’s over there, I’m sure.” I said as simply as possible. The girl gave me a
strange look, but walked off. I shut the door with confusion. 
“Who was that?” Ed asked from the other side of the room.
“...I honestly don’t know.” 
After a few moments of thinking, I heard a commotion in the house over. I couldn’t
really tell if it was yelling or not, but something was happening. I looked to Ed,
who had the same confusion as me. Spontaneously, we got up from our spots on the
couch, left through the back door, and walked through House Two’s back door to
understand what was going on. We were a bit shocked at the scene that entered our
eyes. The girl from earlier was now bickering with Ryoki, who had now somehow gotten
a hold of one of Meaghan’s hands. That was, like, unheard of. We just stared at the
weird scene for awhile; Meaghan noticed us soon and gave a “Help me” look.
Usually, I’d think that was a bit strange coming from Meaghan, but in the given
situation, I could understand. Ryoki and the girl soon noticed Meaghan looking at us,
and Ryoki gestured for us to come it. When we were in, Ryoki then gestured to the
girl using the hand that wasn’t holding Meaghan’s.
“Hey guys, this is... my sister, Aki.”
I looked at Aki, getting a better impression of her. She looked about 12, had blonde
hair, which was the polar opposite of her brother’s black hair. Her eyes were big
and cute, as well as a greyish-blue tint. On her arm though, there’s a long scar
that spanned parallel to her forearm.
“Oh, you’re the people from the other house, right?” She said as she spun to
us. We simply nodded.
“Well, let me tell you two, you got a strange neighbour. I can tell, he fell in
love with this stupid girl here!”
“What?!” Me, Ed, and Meg’s all cried in unison, even though you couldn’t hear
Meaghan that well. She looked like she wanted to burst out laughing hysterically. I
still didn’t quite get everything. Seeing my face of confusion, Ryoki mouthed out
words to me and Ed.
Brother Complex.
It all suddenly started making sense to me. When you have a Brother Complex, that’s
when you like your brother too much, to the point of falling in love with them. If
the brother got a girlfriend, she’d have to find somebody else. However, if they
weren’t like her brother, she wouldn’t buy it. So, Ryoki must’ve tricked
Meaghan into acting like his girlfriend, so Aki would stop bothering him. I took a
quick glance at Ed, who had caught on to the same conclusion I had.
“Well, it’s true! It’s just that Ryoki doesn’t deserve a girl like this!”
Pointing to Meaghan, talking as if she was an ‘it’. I looked up to Ryoki, who
wasn’t doing anything to restrain his sister from saying things like that.
“Why do you say that?” Ed asked, not convinced.
“Well, for one, she’s not well-kept. I can tell by a certain aura she gives off
that she’s hostile, accusing, foul-mouthed...”
She continued listing Meaghan’s bad traits, making me more and more angry with
every new one. And still, Ryoki was not standing up for his partner. If they were
pretending to be boyfriend/girlfriend, at least act like it! Meaghan was my best
friend, I wouldn’t dare let her get verbally abused like this; even if she didn’t
mind it, I’ll stick up for her anyways.
After Aki was done, she walked off to the bathroom, still worked up. A large tension
that was growing in the room suddenly released, as did Ryoki’s hand. I was still at
boiling point though.
“Ryoki, your sister was saying all those mean things about Meaghan, why didn’t
you stop her?! If you’re acting as if you’re her boyfriend, at least act like
it!!” I yelled with an unusual harshness in my voice.
“But she’s my sister; I can’t talk back to her! She’s the only family I have
“I don’t care if she’s the last person on earth! You shouldn’t let her get
away with that!!” I said. Not going to hear anymore, I closed my eyes shut and
swung my hand at his face. A large CLAP hit the air, and my hand stung from the blow.
When I opened my eyes though, I saw something that was last thing I expected. Edward
was suddenly the one in front of me, being the slapee. His left cheek had a red hand
mark on it, and his face was that of pure shock; not pain, just shock. Ryoki had both
his hands on his shoulders. Had he just pulled his best friend in front of him to
avoid a slap in the face?! 
After I realized what I did, I immediately ran up and started sincerely apologizing
to Ed, who didn’t blame me, but was still a bit shook up by how fast that went, and
was holding his stinging cheek. Oh man, NOW it was personal. I only got more enraged
at him. He sure was being a jerk today! He isn’t usually TRULY a jerk, but today,
he was just going overboard. I was about to wind up another slap with my other hand,
when Ryoki thought fast and pulled an envelope from his pocket.
“...What’s that?” I said, a bit dazed.
“From Master.” He said, as if nothing was wrong. I still wanted to hit him, but
Ed grabbed my clenched fist and tried to give me a forgiving smile, which was hard
with his cheek sore. He took the letter and opened it up, holding it so I could see
the writing. I skipped the part that included Ryoki’s part of the mission. I really
didn’t was to even hear his name right now. I continued reading and discovered me
and Ed were to go to the house of the attacked family in town to see if they’re
still there. Well, that didn’t sound too fun, but it was better than hanging
‘round him and his sister. In a huff, I got up, grabbed Ed’s steel arm, and
dragged him out of the house without even a word of good-bye, back to our own house.

As I got dressed for the cold weather, I heard a door slam from behind me. As I
turned to the back door, I saw Aki standing in the doorway. I gave her a death look.
“What do YOU want?” I said in a low tone to her from across the room. I noticed
Ed glance at me out of the corner of my eye as he walked into the bedroom.
“Brother and Meaghan told me off, so I have to go with you.”
It was then I snapped internally, although my face only got an exasperated look and
let out a sigh of the same tone.
“Ugh, I want to punch your brother.” I said, waving my arms in a short span, as
Ed came out of the bedroom wearing a dark blue turtleneck, and his hair put up in a
ponytail, slightly higher then usual. It wasn’t something I expected to see him in,
but it looked good. Small amounts of blood rushed to my face. Out of the corner of my
eye, Aki did a devious grin. When I looked fully at her, it had changed to a
sweet-looking smile.
“Do you mind if I go with you?” Aki said, walking up to Ed (A bit too close for
my liking.), completely ignoring my opinion. Ed’s face showed the same feelings I
had, but he hid them rather well from Aki.
“...Just don’t get in our way.” He told her. I did a quick palm to the face. I
was really really really hoping he would send her back to Ryoki. She did a little
curtsy, but when Ed turned away from her towards the door, and me, she gave an
mischievous grin. I saw it quickly; my gut feeling was that this was NOT going to be
one of the best missions ever. She was planning something, I just hope it’s not
something too dangerous, physically or emotionally. I also hope Ed realizes what
she’s up to before it’s too late...

Kirti says:   16 March 2010   321211  
I miss yoooou *glub glub*
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   17 March 2010   160289  
I miss you too. ;_; 


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