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Tuesday March 16 2010Category: (general)
Tuesday, 16 March 2010
01:08:36 PM (GMT)
March 16th 2010, Tuesday

****!!!! It's Tuesday! I didn't even start working out yet for spring break and it's
already Tuesday?!?!?! *dies all dramatic-like*

My MP3 stopped working, wouldn't play music or anything. But I fixed it! 8D... I had
to delete everything on it though... so... I won't have all the good music on it...
My other MP3 (that takes batteries) is dead... It has most of the songs that I
actually listen to a lot... But I need new batteries (AAA batteries just is case
ya'll were wondering)... GOODNESS!!!... I'm using "ya'll" now? Since when?!?!?! I'm
not even that much of a country girl...
Stupid Texas... Unless someone that is reading this lives in Texas or just loves the
state then i'm sorry if I offended you.

I got contacts. ^-^ It's so exciting... Now people don't have to look through chuncks
of plastic just to see the color of my eyes...
 Yet people don't even know the actual color of my eyes since they look like their
different colors everyday... Once they looked green, then brown, once they actually
looked like a really (extreme) blue (like a fake blue or something... like freakin'
PURE BLUE), then they looked grey, someone said they looked yellow with some green in
it... My actual eye color is blue... like... a greyish blue... with a brown spot at
one of the bottom corners of my left eye. Since when did I have numerous colors in my
eyes? T_T 

For Christmas I got perfume (bodycology) it's a new one, it smells like a vanilla
cupcake and this is what it says on the back:
     The delicious scents of buttercream and sugary vanilla provide all the decadence
of dessert- without the guilt.

It actually smells like a vanilla cupcake! Except when you first spray it it smells
like cough medicine and then it wears down and smells like baked goods... XD So
people always come up and sniff me... ^-^ indeed I smell like baked goods.

I got Sims 3 and Sims 3 World Adventures for Christmas also... but my computer is too
slow to run it... But it is fun, i've played it but then my computer slowed and
started shutting it off.

My mother paid back my 50 dollars (yay!) But I don't get out of the house very often
(rarely) and there is nothing to do with it. I'm thinking of buying a sketch book but
I suck at drawing anyways and i've become jaded recently so I don't like drawing as
much as I used to...
I'm taking Pre-AP Art... it's a pre advanced art class and you have to be recommended
to get into it... and i'm passing it, but when it comes time to critique my stuff I
give myself a very low grade (but that doesn't effect my overall grade one bit).

I'm hooked on Papa Roach... Not the best band but I get all giddy and excited when I
hear a song from them. I love The Killers... Now they are my favorite band... I loves
them *drools* XD
I miss listening to The Used... It's been almost a year since I heard a song from
them... D: Sad.

Oh yeah! I forgot... I got a computer over Christmas (with no internet ofcourse), and
that is what i'm typing this on. I'm using WordPad to type my diary right now and
then i'll put it on Kupika as a diary and that is how you're reading it now.

Anyone heard Papa Roach's album Metamorphosis? (Awesome songs...)

I wish I had MCR's first album (I loved listening to that album over the internet
when I could get on it without being in trouble). 

I'm playing Fate now, it's not the best, but it keeps the time moving.
I miss runescape... XD Yea... that is one geeky internet game... but it was amazing.

I moved from Missouri (where I lived my WHOLE LIFE) to McKinney over the summer, then
I moved to Savannah before school started (and that's where I am now).

Starting of school:
	I was very shy (didn't interact with anyone)... Then I met Michael Anthony Moore. He
complimented me on my drawings and asked if I could help him with his drawings (he
can't draw worth crap). He has dark brown hair, dark blue eyes with dark brown
bursting from the middle where his pupils are, he is a lot taller than me, kind of
chubby (but losing weight), he has sharp teeth (like fangs, as he calls them), he
thinks he is animalistic, he is horny all the time (a pretty girl looks at him and he
gets a boner XD ). We started dating about... the second official day of school
(freshman orrientation isn't an official first day). But I made him feel guilty and I
made him have feelings, he wasn't used to feeling jealous and possesive and angry and
happy... Blah blah blah... I was always jealous and I tried to control him Yada
Yada... Whatever... He was just really confused. He broke up with me, I hung around
like a worthless little puppy (he was the first person to talk to me when I moved
here... so he was pretty important). 

Middle of the school year:
	I was talking nonstop. I met Alex (Michael's friend) and he obsessed over me,
wouldn't leave me alone for a second. No one could touch me or talk to me when he was
around. He kept asking me out every second of every day... OMFG! EVERY FREAKIN'
SECOND OF EVERY DAY! It drove me insane (if I put it in a polite form). So one day he
asked me out (for the 4th time that day, it was REALLY starting to piss me off...) so
I said yes. (really what else could happen), we held hands (holding hands is nothing
to me when I don't have feelings for someone, I hold hands with my friends all the
time, usually girls though.) But then when I started talking to my friends again he
would always pull me away, always attach to me (he's more clingy than I am... and i'm
the second clingiest person in the world... literally.),he showed me off like I was a
freakin' prize, he got pissy a lot. One time he was showing me off to his friend from
across the bus lane so I started walking away then he turned to me and told me to
stop embarrassing him... It pissed me off so much I swear I wanted to punch that kid
in the face, but I didn't feel like punching a smirf... (he is about an inch or two
shorter than me, super geeky, has glasses that fall off all the time, dry lips that
have food at the corners of his mouth all the time... basically, discusting.). So
that's where I am now...
I have some good friends but none of them are like the true friends I had back in
I am friends with (in Texas) Bree, Brandy, Brittany, Candy cane (Justin... he likes
candy canes XD), Alex, Michael, and that is pretty much it... Others don't know who I
am (when the teachers call attendance many people ask "who is Grace?" although i've
been here since the beginning of the year) and I have some aquaintances that I talk
to sometimes but not all the time. The closest person to me here is probably Brandy
(she is bi, shorter than me, has dark red hair, kind of chubby, anger management
issues, slight hint of a man voice, has an issue with an ex friend of mine (Zoe...
the slut, she dated Michael after I did and lied to me the whole time). But Brandy is
freakin' awesome, she doesn't mind my addiction to Corn Nuts and always makes me
happy ^-^, but I wouldn't date her... I don't even picture myself dating her, but she
has a really nice boyfriend (Ray), and he treats her nicely, I wish I had a boyfriend
like that. 
Loads of girls in my school are pregnant (and my mom hates it but she still keeps me
there anyways and hopes that I don't get pregnant... I won't as far as I know but
it'd be hilarious to pretend I was and get her to freak out... XD but then i'd be in
a lot of trouble...).

I moved away from my ex (Jeffrey) that I went out with for two years (my childhood
friend), we never went out on a real date. I really hope to go on a real date soon,
but I don't know anyone here that i'd like to share that experience with. I lost my
first kiss, I don't know if I wish I could take it back, but I have my regrets (like
how I regret that I am a bad kisser XD still am as far as I know, I haven't kissed
for about a year... but I miss it). Jeffrey deleted his myspace and I don't know any
other ways to contact him because he moved to Texas (not where I live). He is still
what I think as a best friend, and a great ex (lies from him were at a minimum and
the butterflies in my stomach fluttered daily). I wish someone could make those
butterflies flutter again... ^-^.

My plan is to get up and driving as soon as possible (but i'm only 15 right now). 

Here are some quotes from people that they've said about me or to me (these are
direct quotes that I have saved in private diaries and notes I copied and pasted
them, then added my thoughts in parenthesis and what they are to me) I'm keeping some
of the names a secret:
	" I'll love you forever and nothing can change that, no matter what you do." - an
	"You drive me crazy but I can't seem to let go of you and I don't think I want to."
- friend
	"You're mine and no one else can have you." - ex (okay, it was Michael Moore...)
	"Hey look!!! This is my girlfriend! Yeah! She is mine! No she won't break up with
me, i'm the best boyfriend she's ever had!" -ex (Alex, he said that right before I
broke up with him... he was talking to one of his friends...He totally wasn't the
best i've ever had... )
	"Every time you look at me, every time you hold my hand, I fall in love with you all
over again, why do you have to make it so hard to be fully gay?" -ex (XD sorry... it
was just hilarious how he had to make me feel bad about making him not be gay... I
wasn't forcing him.)
	"Grace I love you and whatever you need to tell me is nothing compared to what i've
been thinking you'd say, when you talk to me I think how lucky I am but negative
thoughts set in and I think you'll hurt me, but you never do." -friend (people just
have a way of making me feel guilty now don't they...?)
	"Just wait, one day i'll see you and i'll pick you up. I won't let go of you and
i'll take you with me." -ex (plans change quickly...)
	"I wont lt go of the grls they r all i have and if you cant stand me liking other
girls then break up with me already." -ex (not the worst i've heard)
	"what? no my friend logs on and cybers w/ grlz on my profile itgs not meh i swear"
(connecting this quote to what he said after I replied) " u cant prove ites meh if u
dont belive meh then fine i neva likaed u anywys bitch." -ex (can't spell anything
right and I was suprised he could spell 'bitch' correctly, but I don't hold spelling
against people because I spell loads of stuff wrong anyways.)

‹Darker by the second Colder on the half› says:   16 March 2010   115420  
I was ina rush so i only read the music stuff. You like the exact
same music as me it seems. And metamorphasis (know i spelled it wrong)
Is there best album. You should look up a band called Brand New.
Grace_Zeigler says :   26 March 2010   273496  
I cant listen to new music anymore.

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