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Story - Ten SecondsCategory: Naruto Fanfic
Friday, 26 February 2010
08:13:39 PM (GMT)
Hah, I got bored 8D Hurrah~ So I shall make a not so small small story
about.... Something >___> I'll just make it up as I go alone~ n______n Wooo~~

       "Psh, it's not that hard" The young bluette scoffed. "Oh yeah? Let's see you
hit all the targets in a under ten seconds. There's at least ten of them." The other

        Kikiez, the young bluette herself, was well known for a being a cocky twelve
year old. Blood lust in high demands for her and fighting skill lacking, she wasn't
one to be full of herself. But she disregarded the facts, and kept up her tough girl
out look.

         She didn't need people looking down on her. Saying she was weak and things
as that. Although impending failure was ahead, she thought nothing of it. Hah! ten
targets, that's nothing for a ninja like me. I just need to focus. Yes... Focus."

          Taking a deep breath, the young girl slowly drew her slim Katana, grasping
the ebony handle tightly. Sweat weakly formed on the female's hands. "Sit back, watch
and learn my dear cat wanna a be." She smirked.

         Taking in one more deep breath, filling her lungs, she bolted forwards. All
targets in mind, she memorized where each was and with each step, she mapped out the
best and quickest way to destroy them. 

          "You got this Kiki..." She whispered to herself, gracefully swinging the
metal blade at the first target, slicing it in half. After of which, she spun on her
heels, lunging her sword forwards, digging it into a new target behind her. Once
stuck, she flicked her wrist, sending the white and red wood flying into the air.

         She then leaped, bringing a powerful slice down, smashing it into half. Two
done. Eight to go. While still in the air, she quickly twirled her body,closing her
eyes and letting the sword go, and with luck, watched it hit another target,
embedding it's sharp edge in the wood. 

          As she fell back towards the earth, she landing in a cat like crouch, she
lunged forwards, grabbing the ebony handle and swung it above her head and watching
it fling forwards into another target, with just enough force to destroy both.

         Four done. Six to go. She smirked, finding confidants forming within her.
Psh, she had this beat before it began.  Throwing herself backwards, she repeated
many back flips, before stopping on her left hand, rotating her body and slashing the
metal blade through another target, leaving it unevenly cut.

    Her time was running low, but hey, half way there. Quickly hopping to her feet,
she quickly ran forth,  reaching for a kunai in her free hand. Grabbing three, she
smiled as threw them at the targets she passed, listening sliently to the paper bombs
rustle in the wind.     

       "Boom." She whispered, grinning to herself as the sounds of explosions filled
the air. "Two left..." She smirked. "I have this." 

       With the grin plastered on her pale lips, she leaped on to the nearest branch,
 crouched as she landed before extending her leg fully, sending flying into the air.
With a quick movement of her arms, she was twirling in mid air yet again. 

        A single kunai and her sword left her rotating form, each hurtling in a
different direction. Both aimed at the remaining two targets. The blades pierced the
wood targets, shattering them just as Kikiez landing, a cocky smirk on her lips.

        "Hah! See that?" She grinned. The other merely smirked, crossing his arms.
"Took you eleven seconds. You were one second too late. I win." He grinned

        This girl's face fell immediately as the words rang out, hitting her like a
slap across the face. "...Y-You're joking." She whispered. Her heart felt like it was
about to explode. How could she be one second off. It had to be rigged or a joke. A
cruel joke!

       The boy shook his head. "Nope, one second off girl. You lose." He chuckled,
walking off with over all victory. Kikiez fell to her knees staring at that dirt
ground surrounding her. "I demand a re-match!" She yelled, picking up her sword.

        "There's no way I'm letting a low life such as yourself beat me by a second!"

END! 8D Now wasn't that entertaining. I can't help but think I could have done
better... Aw well. I'll probably post something else sometime. Depending on how much
people hate these things o3o Hope you enjoy it~  Lets see who can guess who the boy
is! 8D
Last edited: 26 February 2010

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