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Pet -part 1-Category: (general)
Sunday, 21 February 2010
02:57:11 AM (GMT)
Kris Allen walked down the dark street, glancing from side to side. He hated
nighttime; so many things could jump out at him, and he was so vulnerable. Kris was
small for his age of 23, and although he did have some muscles, did not look menacing
in any way. His warm, brown eyes and soft hands made him look like a puppy, easy to
But Kris had to get home-the party at the night club he had gone to with his friends
had grown insane, and his head hurt from the loud, thumping music. Tommy, Kris's
friend, had driven them all to the club, so Kris had to find his own way home. 

Suddenly, two men were standing next to Kris, circling him. 
"Aw," one of them cooed, "he's so cute. Adam will love him." 
"Just like a little abandoned puppy," the other one chuckled.
"D-don't touch me," Kris warned, but his voice was weak and wavering. The two men
laughed harder. 
"Now I know Adam will love him. Cale, help me get him." 
"My pleasure, Cassidy." Cale and Cassidy approached Kris, and he backed away slowly.
They each grabbed one of Kris's arms and began tugging him to the side of the street.

"N-no! Let me go!" Kris begged, struggling to get free. But the two men, the two
criminals, were taller and stronger than Kris. His attemps were useless, and
he eventually gave up as they entered an old warehouse. One light was on, in the
middle of the room, and it cast a circle of brightness onto the cement floor. Cale
and Cassidy stepped back into the darkness after they pushed Kris into the circle of

"On your knees," a voice commanded him from the other side of the room. Kris swung
his head around frantically, trying to see who was speaking. 
"On your knees." Kris's knees wobbled and he fell to the floor, partly in fear
and partly in awe as he gazed up at the man standing before him. This was, Kris
guessed, Adam. His black hair complimented blue eyes, and the glove he was wearing
made him seem like a man who tortured people until giving in. Kris didn't want to be
tortured, but he couldn't keep his eyes away from the beautiful creature-Adam simply
couldn't be a normal person-and it scared him. 
"Cale and Cassidy, very nice job," Adam complimented the two men as he circled Kris,
his black boots making an echoing sound around the room. 
"Thank you, Adam," they replied, "now can we go?" 
"Of course, darlings," Adam said with a smile and a wink. "Just don't get too crazy."
Kris heard a laugh as Cale and Cassidy exited the warehouse. 

"Now, to begin with you, pet, what is your name?" Adam asked, his full attention on
Kris, who was still staring up at him like an idiot. 
"K-Kris Al-Allen," Kris managed to choke out, and Adam smiled, his lips curving up in
a very attractive way. Kris cursed himself. You're not gay. You're not gay. 
"Kris. What an attractive name. And I suppose you know who I am?" Kris nodded, and
Adam continued, "Then I want you to hold still." Kris's eyes widened, but he became
virtually frozen as Adam cupped his chin in his black-tipped hand. 
"Such a pretty boy shouldn't be walking out on these streets," Adam whispered,
stroking Kris's cheek. 
"I-I was try-trying to get home," Kris mumbled, and Adam's eyes filled with
compassion and amusement. 
"Ah. I can tell you don't like the dark, Kris. Why do you fear the dark?" Adam's eyes
burned into Kris's, and for a minute it seemed as if two elements had connected,
Adam's fire and Kris's earth. But fire could easily burn earth. 

"You're the one," Adam stated softly, pressing his lips gently against Kris's, and
the younger boy fell back onto the floor, knocked out by Adam's kiss. The
raven-haired man laughed quietly, and gathered his new pet into his arms.

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