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WOAH...this is a dream come true!!!!!Category: my love life
Saturday, 6 February 2010
05:20:49 PM (GMT)
hey peoples! so, i like this guy, his name is jonathan and this story involes him.

how many girls, out of 10, do you think get to dance with their crush?

like, 1/10? 6/10? 10/10?

my friends katie, casey, and shannon are not part of whatever number you say it is.

BUT I AM!!!!!!!!!

Last night was the Junior High Valentine's Day dance at my school. Everyone got to
dress up and it was 7th and 8th graders. well, there's this game that they have at
every dance. its called Snowball.  Everyeone(and everyone HAS to play) gets in a big
circle. the dj calls out 4 couples; they can be 7 grade boy and 7 grade girl, 7 grade
boy and 8 grade girl, 7 grade girl and 8 grade boy, or 8 grade girl and 8 grade boy.

so then a song comes on, and the couples start dancing. when the dj says "snowball!"
then the people have to go out and achoose someone else to dance with. dj calls
snowball again, and then those people get someone new...and so on untill
everyone is dancing. sometimes  2 7 grade girls will dance 2gether(lol) but only cuz
they dont want to dance w/ a boy.

and sometimes, you can even ask the dj to call out a certain couple to start out. and
sometimes, he'll actually do it.

well, b4 the dance casey kept saying how she was gonna request me and jonathan to
dance during snowball. i would be like, "Don't or I'll hate you. seriously do NOT do
that! Id be wayyyyyy too nervous!"

so at the dance, jonathan kept glancing over at me. i was SO excited! he was noticing
me!!!!!! then casey and i went around and were taking a bunch of pics w/ her camera.
jonathan talks with some of the girls sumtimes, so we were standing right by him
alot. but he never looked at me when we were that close. once, though, he did look at
me-and then he left!!! i was so sad cuz i was afraid he wouldnt ask me to dance(I'M
not going to!)

the dj started another snowball(we do more than 1 game of it-each one lasts for one
song) and casey was grinning and said, "it's time!" im like, "time for what?" and she
was still smiling and said "nothing..." i said 'ur smiling as you say that! whats
going on?!" so she stopped smiling and said seriously "nothing!"

i was beginning to get a little suspicious...

well, the dj called out the first person- Jonathan. and i knew right away what was
going on.
who was the girl to be his partner?

"Hannah King!"

so i had to go out. then we started dancing and OMIGAWD i was sooooooooooo nervous. i
messed up twice lol. we didnt talk or really look at each other. i would glance at
him, and he'd look at me, and i'd look away. or he would glance at me, and i would
look away cuz i was so shy! and then the dj said snowbal, so i had to go and get a
new partner. 
(just in case ur wondering, i also danced w/ Ibrahim, Micheal, Kyle, and Robert.)

and man, i was SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO happy! like,

ok, so u know how sometimes, after u go swimming, when you get home it still feels
like your in the water if ur laying still? or after u get off a trampoline u still
like ur bouncing around? well once i got home, if a just stayed still(this is gonna
sound sooooo weird) my sides would tingle and i could still feel his warm hand
touching me....  cuz when the couples dance, the girl has to put her hands on the
guy's shoulders and the guy has to put his hands right above the girl's hips.
sometimes the couples hardly even touch lol. oh, and we have to make sure to "keep
the Holy Spirit between us!" (leave a big space between the people- we ARE only in
junior high!)

once i finished dancing with Robert, i went over to casey who was still standing on
the sides. i was gonna put her out on the floor as "punishment"  ( she always hides
behind a pole cuz she does NOT want to dance AT ALL) but then i saw that she was
crying! so i went over to her and asked what was wrong. she said that after me and
jonathan started dancing shannon went up to casey and started yelling at her, saying
how i was gonna be really mad beucase i had told casey not to request me and jonathan
but she did it anyway. casey said that she did it becuase i was acting so sad since
he wasnt noticing me and i was so worried i wouldnt get a chance to dance with him.
then she showed me a picture she took of me and him dancing and....something inside
of me....9that souns so weird too!) i smiled. you could see my face cuz my back was
to the camera, but you could tell i was looking to side side-and so was jonathan. 
so i told casey how i was not mad! that i had told her to not request us cuz i knew i
would be really really nervous and woudnt know what to do. then shannon came over and
we were talking some more...and katie came over too...and i felt kinda bad, like i
had started the fight. but i told everyone that i was NOT mad, told shannon and katie
that casey had only been trying to help and told casey that shannon and katie were
only trying to help too. but we worked it out and all was good and i got to dance w/
jonathan and now i cant wait untill i can see him again!

so, thats pretty much it. i danced with Jonathan, and I can't stop thinking about
him. OMG!

Cynic says:   6 February 2010   688654  
Awh :}
I'm happy for youu <33
/insert flowers and hearts here
xxxrawrxkittyxrawrxbitchxxx says:   6 February 2010   483510  
thats sweet <3
‹RushingStars★› says:   6 February 2010   493787  
xxxrawrxkittyxrawrxbitchxxx says:   6 February 2010   157429  
no prob. i love hearing about cute crushes
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   7 February 2010   811651  
Aww...that's sooo sweet!
‹RushingStars★› says :   9 February 2010   902790  
Tank yuuuu... :D 


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