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Sunday, 3 January 2010
09:45:32 PM (GMT)
It was raining, and all the kids were tucked into bed.  One girl, who was terrified
of thunderstorms, was hiding under her bed."Sara, are you in bed?" said the girl's
mom, looking for her.M-mommy? Why is-is there a loud noise after the l-light?" She
asked from under her bed. "That's called lightning sweety. It's a bolt of electricity
coming down from the sky." *Flash*...*BANG* *Screams* "Make it stop!" She pitifully
cries, cringing and holding her head. "It's alright Sara. You know, sometimes people
start counting when they see that flash." Her mom says, trying to console her.
"W-why?" Sara asked, as if she thought that was a crazy thing to do. "They do that to
find out how far away it is, and also which direction it's moving." Her mom replied.
"How d-do they find that out?" Sara inquired. "Well, when they see a flash-" *Flash*
"-they begin counting until they hear a bang-" *BANG* *Scream* "-and whatever number
they get up to before the bang is how far away it is." "R-real-ly?" Sara stammered
between tears. "Yes, would you like to try?" Sara hesitated. On one hand, she didn't
want to see the flash or hear the bang. But on the other hand, she was curious to see
if she could make it go away by counting. "W-well.... o..k..." She finally said.
*Flash* "Ok, start counting!" Her mom encouraged. "O-one, two, th-three, f-four,
five-" *BANG* "Aahh!" Sara screamed, but not as loud as before. "Good! You got to
five, which means the lightning is five miles away." Her mom soothed her. "I-is that
f-far?" Sara fearfully asked. "Yep, it's a long way away. Let's try again to see
which way it's going." *Flash* "One, two, th-three, four, five, six-" *BANG* "Aaahh!"
"You counted to six this time! That means it's six miles away." "Hey, that m-means,
it's going away!" Sara realized. Wow, I did make it go away! "That's right.
But It's bedtime now, and I want you to sleep, ok?" Her mom said, with finality in
her voice. "Ok..." Sara said, finally calming down. She climbed into bed, her mom
tucked her in, and she slowly fell asleep.

The next day, she and many of her friends went to play in the forest as they always
do on the weekend. Her three best friends were Jacob, Tina, and Hailey. "So what
should we do today?" Asked Tina. "How about.... TAG! You're it Sara!" Jacob shouted,
suddenly poking Sara and running away. "Hey, I'm not it!" Sara shouted back at him.
"Yeah you are! Jacob just tagged you!" Said Eric, one of her other friends. "No I'm
not.... Tina is!" Sara giggled, tapping tina and running away. "Hey, no fair!" Tina
complained, chasing after Sara. "Hey, no tag-backs!" Yelled Sharon, another one of
their friends. "Fine, then Greg is it!" Tina said, almost tackling Greg. "This isn't
football Tina!" Said Greg. "Oh wah wah! Suck it up, you're a guy!" Teased Tim. "Hey,
who want's to play hide-and-seek?" Asked Sara. "Sure, but you're it!" Said Tina.
"Yeah, and you gotta count to 20, if you can count that high!" Joked Jacob. "Pfft, I
can count higher than all of you combined, and you know it!" Boasted Sara. "Then
count to 30 if you're such a hotshot!" Said Tim. Sara turns around, puts her head
against the tree behind her, and starts to count. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-" Her friends
scramble to find good hiding places. "8, 9, 10, 11, 12-" *Crack* What was that?
Hmm, it's probably Jacob and Tim trying to make me look to start me over. Sara
thought. "13, 14, 15-" *SNAP* *THUD* Man, they're trying really hard! But I'm not
falling for it! "16, 17, 18, 19, 20-" Sara continued to count. She heard her
friends whispering to each other about something, but she wasn't sure what.
Probably making a plan to get me to look. "21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29,
30! Ready or not, here I come!" Sara shouted, pleased she didn't fall for the rouse.

Then she realized that none of her friends were there. "Ok guys, this seriously isn't
funny anymore!" Sara said, starting to get scared. Then she heard some whimpers, and
saw two fox-like creatures being crushed under a tree branch. Well, I guess that
explains the noises and why my friends aren't here... Sara thought. What are
those things? They look like foxes, but they have wings. I've never seen an animal
like this before. Maybe they need my help. Cautiously she walked towards the
helpless creatures pinned under the branch. One of them starts frantically struggling
as Sara got closer. "Don't be scared, I want to help you!" She said softly. Suddenly
it starts growling and hissing, and Sara stops. It's scared, but they both need my
help! Maybe I'll go just a little slower... Sara thought, desperately wanting to
help them. She gets close enough to be able to pick up the branch, and bends down.
The fox that was struggling stops and closes it's eyes. Sara lifts the branch from
it, and gently places it behind them. I should back off, it might still feel
threatened. Sara thought, and backs up. The little fox gets to it's feet slowly,
and looks into Sara's eyes. Sara could see confusion in it's eyes, as if it thought
Sara was going to kill it. Then the other one lets out a pitiful whine, and the
little fox rushed over to it. They both look like girls. Is that one her sister?
But she doesn't have those things on her head like the other one does.... Maybe
they're friends. Sara thought, not making a move. At any rate, with that one
down, if I try to help, she might attack me, so I better just stay still. The fox
grabbed her friend's neck fur, and tried to fly. Poor thing can't even fly... But
I don't want her to think I'm attacking it, so I gotta stay still. Then the fox
got her friend onto her back, and slowly tried to walk away, and Sara could see it
was hurt. Then it turned to look at Sara, nodded, and disappeared behind some bushes.
I think she just said thank you... Sara thought. She looked at the sky.
It's probably lunch time by now, I better head back. 

On her way back, she saw her friends running back towards her. They said they were
worried about her, and asked if she was ok. Sara explained what happened and what she
did, and her friends were amazed. They tried telling their parents about this, but of
course they thought it was a game. That night, Sara lay awake in her bed after her
mom tucked her in. Today felt like a dream, but I know I was awake, even my
friends saw them! Mom and Dad say they believe us, but I know they think I'm just
pretending. I wish they would believe us. I wonder if I'll see those foxes
again... Sara slowly closed her eyes, and had a dream about amazing adventures
with those two little foxes.

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