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Saturday, 2 January 2010
03:24:24 PM (GMT)
Bold it if you agree.

You are still adamant that pocky is better than Mikado [I have no idea]

You think English dubs are EVIL

You've chosen you're preferred “type” from those on offer in Ouran [Not really]

You waste hours on youtube watching vocaloid songs and nico nico choruses... then
remembering at midnight that you were on the computer to do homework

You get annoyed when they have every volume except the one you want 

You know the Rick Roll started on 4chan

You're favorite English voice actor/ the only English voice actor you know is Vic

You think that the OP/ED sequence is better than the actual episodeYou
remember when Axis Powers Hetalia was underground

You ship people in real life

You've accidentally turned a western book to the back page to start reading

You secretly wanted the Britannians to win in Code Geass

You're favorite character from Death Note is Matt despite him only appearing in
about 10 panels

You know the Hare Hare Yukai and Motteke! Sailor Fuku dances off by heart and
didn't go out till you'd learned them

You watch the Macross series' purely for the music

You fear the pedo bear

You don't think incest is wrong after watching Utena I thought this was YURI

You used to be into Naruto

You can't say Pasta in a normal voice anymore

You got annoyed when Hide and Seek from the Dear Sister Parody was remixed for a
mainstream song [“Mmm what'cha say”]

You ship characters for little or no reason

You read a series and realize that the girl you've been following for 7 volumes
is really a guy

You were blown away when: You realised Yoko [TTGL] was 14 years old, Akito was a
woman, Holland from APH looked like Jedward and Sheryl Nome had 2 different seiyuu

You jumped up and started miming the Leek Spin when you first saw the Ready-
Break advert featuring the Loituma [BRITISH! My mum was like, "watch this

You get disorientated when you see someone for the first time after a con and
realize that they have a natural hair colour

You can do the caramelldansen all the way though without getting a stitch

You take pride in pointing out the historical mistakes in Kuroshitsuji

You think filler is EVIL

You go to an Expo or Con and the best part is what goes on outside

You know that the second season ruins the series

Your brain melted when you watched Evengelion 

You have “Skittles” somewhere in your AMV collection

You remember when Bleach had a plot (:

Your first cosplay was someone with the same hair as you [Rukia from Bleach

You get more pissed than you should when you lose “The Game”

You hate it when people use the word “kawaii” on youtube comments

You've become immune to homosexuality [I nver cared

You've said “its true!” in your head to a lot of things when reading these

‹Tama_♦› says:   3 January 2010   189434  
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says :   5 January 2010   731677  


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