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Stole from Mel. c:Category: (general)
Friday, 25 December 2009
09:17:31 PM (GMT)
BASICS: Name: Erika L Clif. Relationship Status: Nada'? Age: Twelve. Languages: English, trying to Learn Japanese and knows a few Romanian and Malay words Label: Emo/Weird/Crazy/Stalker/Goth. Current Location: Kansas USA. Eye Color: Hazel, Brown/Green. Hair Color: Dark Brown. Partner: Erk. My new Violin, whut? xD Vehicle: Too young. Overused Phrase: 'HolyShiatzu', 'That's Hot', 'Desu-ka', 'Pasuta' and 'HERO'. Sexual preference: Freakin' Straight. c: Hobbies: Roleplaying, VideoGames, Singing, Stalking and Drawing. FAVOURITES: Food: Cheeseburgers. =3= Restaurant: McDonalds/Bakes Candy: Chocolate Rats. ;D //Austin'smommakesthem.~ Number: Five and 56. Color: Green~ Animal: Cats. Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper. Body Part on Opposite sex: Hair and eyes. c: Perfume: Ewh. TV Show: Family Guy Movie: Don't like much. Actor/Actress: I have no idea. Animes: Anything Yaoi really. c: Manga: Anything Yaoi again. THIS OR THAT: Pepsi or Coke: Coke. McDonalds or BurgerKing: McDonalds. Chocolate or Vanilla: Choco-late. Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Neither? :/ Kiss or Hug: HUGGLES. Dog or Cat: KITTIES. Rap or Punk: Punk, I hate Rap. Summer or Winter: WINTAHHH. Scary Movies or Funny Movies: I'd prefer Scary I guess? Love or Money: Depends, how strong would this love be? Real or Lie? Favourite symbol: C: YOUR: Bedtime: Supposed to be Nine on School nights and Eleven on other, but I sleep whenever I please. Best physical feature: ....I have no idea. D: Hair? xD First Thought Waking Up: "GTFO. D': " Ambition: Simply to go to Japan or Romania, and be a Mangaka. Best Friends: RL: Lupita, Meghan, Tamanna, and Chloe. Online: Melissa, Billy, Jin-San, Geia, and Kellie. I want to say Kyun but she's leaving. D': Weakness: Yaoi, Hetalia, and pickles. Fears: Death and Heigths, might even be a bit scared of water. :/ HAVE YOU: Ever been beaten up: Not really. Punched in the face once. Ever beaten someone up: Not really, unless oyu count a massive kicking and hit attack 'beating up'. c: Ever Shoplifted: Nope. Ever Skinny Dipped: Hell no. Ever Kissed Opposite sex: Yerh. :L IN A GUY/GIRL: Favourite Eye Color: Usually bright blue or Green but as long as they're captivating, I don't care much.~ Favourite Hair Color: Black/Brunette. Short or Long: Soemwhat long? Height: ...Six feet, whut? Style: Anything except Jock, too preppy, or gangster. D: Looks or Personality: Personality. Hot or Cute: Cute seems better for me. Cuddle-able.♥ Muscular or Really Skinny: Skinny. Muscle men scare me. :c RANDOMS: What country do you want to Visit: Romania/Japan! :D How do you want to Die: SLEEP. Been to the Mall Lately: Urk. Nah. Get along with your Parents: Sometimes. Depends on everyone's moods. Health Freak: Don't care much about such. Do you think your Attractive: Hell no. I see so many flaws. Believe in Yourself: Depends on the situation I need to 'believe myself' in. Want to go to College: Yup, good structural foundation. Do you Smoke: Ewh. Bad enough to breath it. Do you Drink: Alcohol is gross. :[ Shower Daily: Yeah... Been in Love: I have no idea what I should say. Do you Sing: ... D: Uncontrollably. Want to get Married: Most of the time no, but I don't know. Do you want Children: Five, please. Age you want to lose your Virginity: Don't know. Hate anyone: Fuck yeah. Love anyone: Hmmm...

‹*ZombieLOVE*› says:   26 December 2009   198157  
‹gunk› says:   26 December 2009   582006  
I agree with the 'above' c:
I am very honored to be even mentioned in wun of your diarys posts
herezz. x3
(I feel like I did this before but wahtever :D)
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   26 December 2009   729102  
But of course you're on it. c: ♥

PFFFT. :D Really?

You're both welcomed? C: 
‹♪♫LuLuu♪♫› says:   26 December 2009   511129  
I lol`d at some of your answers! x ]
(if that`s even a word)
NO WAY! D: Kyun-kyun....GONE?! D`:> I miss her already....
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   26 December 2009   801956  
Yup, she left. Go look at her newest oekaki. :l 
‹♪♫LuLuu♪♫› says:   26 December 2009   831917  
Lots and lots of things. :`D
I saw it! D:> It just doesn`t seem right..... :C
‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says :   26 December 2009   858619  
@ lil_L

...Just suddenly. She ignored Jin for a while too. D: 

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