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Wednesday, 21 October 2009
05:14:33 AM (GMT)
1. Name: Rachel 2. Middle Name: Louise 3. State: TUNEFULLNESS. 4. Place of Birth: SCOTLAND, MANN. 5 Male or Female: Female 6. Hometown: No. I shant be telling you that. Sorry. 7. Bus: Gross. I don't take Public Transport! 8. School: [town name] Academy. (Not giving my town.) 9. Occupation: I be a pupil. ^^ 10. Initials: RLM. 11. Screen Name: Username; RetroBaby Screenname;; ‹[Caterpillar ♥]› Your Appearance: 12. Hair Color: Ginger Strawberry blonde. 13. Hair Length: Shoulder blades. (back) Chest. (front) And my side fringe goes over my right eye, down to my chin. 8D I LOVE MY HAIR. 14. Eye color: Bright blue. But my left one differs from blue to green. 15. Best Feature: Hair colour and style. My auntie loves styling my hair. ^^ 16. Height: Uh... 1m 54 (5 ft and half an inch) OMFG ZOE IS TALLER THAN ME NOW. D8 17. Braces? I has awesome teeth. I gots fangs. (seriously) Like, wolf fang type things. 18. Glasses?: Yar. My glasses make me pretty. *w* 19. Freckles?: No. 20. Diploma?: What's that? o_e Your Firsts: 21. First kiss: Uh, No. Not yet. ._. 22. First best friends: Gemma. (until primary 6 when dumbass Linda came. -_-") 23. First Award: Poetry. ._. How gay is that? 24. First Sport You Joined: Gymnastics and Tap, Modern, Majorettes and Disco dancing. ^^" 25. First thing you did today: I got up. 26. First Real vacation: Disney Land Paris, dude. 27. First thing you said today: I didn't sleep last night. -_-" 28. First Love: Can't remember. It might have been Mason from my Old Primary School. Favorites: 29. Movie: Disney's 'The Fox and The Hound' and 'The Lion King 1,2 & 3'. 30. TV Show: Disney Channel, Big Brother, XFactor, Britains got talent, Eastenders, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, And and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, and alot more. ._. 31. Color: Lime Green. x3 32. Rapper: Flo Rida, Dizee Rascal, Jay-Z, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, EminEm, Mr Hudson. 33. Place to get groceries: TESCO. Or Asda. ^^ 34. Food: Strawberries. 35. Season: Winter. 36. Candy: HARIBO'S PWN. @_@ 37. Sports: ...Wheelchair Sports rock, mann. >:D 38. Restaurant: TGI Friday's. 39. Friend: I can't possibly put all of them here. I'll make a diary with them all on it. >:D 40. Store: River Island, New Look, QUIZ, Jane Norman, Primark, Argos, HMV, GAME, The Bear Factory, Claire's Accessoires, Toys 'R' Us, JJB, JD, Monsoon, Accessorize, BAY, Republic, Boots, Next, Millies Cookies, Waterstones, WH Smiths, Swarovski Jewelerry, Superdrug, Bling, Thorntons, G-Star, Acorn, BANK, Diva Shoe and Superdry Store. 41. School Subject: Music 42. Animal: I laavv all animals. ^o^ 43. Book: The Twilight Saga 44. Magazine: Dunno. I just read what my mum gets. Currently: 45. Doing: Filling out this long thing. 46. Feeling: Sore and tired. I Didn't sleep last night -.- 47. Wearing: NIGHTIE AND SLIPPERS. 48. Crying about: Being Tired. 49. Eating : Nothing. 50. Drinking: Cola. 51. Dreaming: Dunno...I DIDN'T SLEEP DID I?! 52. Typing: Typing. xD 53. Listening To: The TV. 54. Thinking about: Dogs. 55. Wanting: Hotdogs. 56. Future: Vet or Music Teacher. ^w^ 57. you see yourself in 5 years: 17 going on 18 and hopefully have just started College. :3 Or 6th year. ._. 58. Kids: 59. Want to be Married: I dunno. I can't be bothered thinking about that right now. 60. Career in Mind: Vet or Music Teacher. o_o* Which is Better with the Opposite Gender: 61. Sport: Anything they enjoy doing. ^^ 62. Shirt: Whatever they like wearing? :P 63. Hair color: IT BLOODY DEPENDS, MANN. 65. Eye color: It depends! 66. Measurements: I Dunno. D8 I'll just find the person I like! 67. Cute or sexy: Bit of both. >3< 68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes. 69. Hugs or Kisses: Both is cute. :3 70. Short or Tall: Dunno. 71. Easygoing or serious: Easygoing, dude. But has there own oppinion. 72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both. They gotta be fun! AND They gotta be sweet and romantic. 73. Good or Bad: Good. But funny. 74. Sensitive or Loud: Both-ish. 75. Hook-up or Relationship: Dunno. 76. Dating Forever or Marriage: Dunno. 77. Love or Something Else: Love...Probably. Have You Ever: 78. Kissed a STRANGER: Why would I do that? o_e 79. Had major surgery: Yep. 43 operations in 9 years. 80. Gone commando: EW. 81. Ran Away From Home: NO. NO NO NO. 82. Broken a bone: No. Dislocated, yes. 83. Got an X-ray: Lots of em. 84. Been on a cruise: Not yet...But I have been on a boat. And it sucked. 85. Broken Someone's Heart: No. 86. Dumped someone: Yesh. And I've dumped someone before too. xD 87. Cried When Someone Died: No...Well, my gran's dog. ._. 88. Cried At School: Yesh. Do You Believe In: 89. God: Not really. 90. Miracles: No... 91. Love at First sight: No? I dunno! 92. Ghosts: No. 93. Aliens: No. But no one's sure. 94. Soul Mates: Whats? 95. Heaven: No... 96. Hell: Nuu. 97. Answered prayers: No. 98. Kissing on The First Date: Depends. 99. horoscopes: Not really. Answer Truthfully: 100. Is there someone you wish you had?: Mabey...I'm not sure. >.<

‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   21 October 2009   161475  
But, Rach, you ARE ginger Dx

You're an awesome lil ginger :3
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   21 October 2009   349638  
Mine were stolen.
I gave him them to hold.
I never got them back. ._.
‹WeaponFace♥› says :   22 October 2009   983978  
@Jo; I know. :D


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