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Sunday, 18 October 2009
05:37:46 PM (GMT)
A dream I had...thinking about adapting it into a book....

                His blue eyes cried invisible tears as his lonely heart sang without
a sound. Oh, how her very essence tortured his soul and how his heart thumped
longingly as she strode by with all her goddess-like glory. 
	He loved her-the blonde hair, blue eyes, short stature and her exquisite curves- but
that wasn’t all. You see, that goddess had her heart in other places. She was in
love with her very own unworldly creature with long obsidian hair and bright green
eyes with an addition of a smile that made the goddess blush crimson. But that man
was the lonely boy’s best friend. The lonely boy was left under the man’s command
to watch over his goddess and make sure she wasn’t in any harm. Under that order,
the lonely boy became close friends with the goddess, slowly falling in love with
her. Every day the man called his goddess, and they talked about what they wanted in
their futures together. Without a doubt, the man and the goddess loved each other
more then anything-And the man wanted to marry the goddess. The man told the lonely
boy that he wanted to marry the goddess and that he loved her more then anything in
the world, and the lonely boy felt a rush of pain hearing that. 
	Usually the man just played with girls- dating them until he got bored and then he
left them. He never loved any of the girls he was with. He spent a great portion of
his alone time watching girls performing, but all these habits came to a standstill
when he found the goddess.
	But the lonely boy hated the man for loving the goddess.
	Regret hit the lonely boy strait in the heart for hating his closest friend over a
girl. But she was so beautiful! Of course other men and boys would flutter around
her; she just had that ability- that aura. Her presence was exhilarating. Every time
he looked into her eyes, he felt a shock of excitement rattle his soul. Other girls
saw her as normal, not seeing the true beauty. How her blonde hair never went the way
she wanted it to and how she used just a little too much make-up, but her eyes still
looked amazing. How her every curve was snuggled into tight jeans and how her bust
struggled under the tight cloth of her shirt and how her laugh made him forget his
own name. 
	The lonely boy remembered when he first heard the man say he liked the goddess. As
the goddess trotted along with her ordinary friends, the two watched her, awed by her
beauty. The man was lucky to have almost every class with the goddess, the lonely boy
only saw her around school. Every day the man would talk behind his girlfriend’s
back about how beautiful the goddess was and how much he liked her. The more stories
about the goddess in class made the lonely boy like her also.
	So here they were, watching her talk with her friends. The man and his girlfriend
had long been broken up, so the man was proudly single. The lonely boy noticed that
the goddess’s wonderful eyes would flicker to the two every once and a while, but
he doubted that the man noticed. He was probably watching how her curves looked in
the loose fitting gym clothes. Then they watched as another one of the goddess’s
friends joined her and when the friend pointed towards him and the man, the lonely
boy’s heart stopped. 
	The new friend pointed at the two and then back at the goddess, making her bob her
head up and down feverishly. The goddess had both of her hands over her heart,
smiling hugely and glancing at the man. The girls that were originally with the
goddess laughed and looked at the man, and then screamed something at the new girl. 
	Then the new girl ran over to the lonely boy and the man.
	The lonely boy’s heart wrenched in his chest at the memory of the new girl telling
the man that the goddess liked him and there after, the two joined a relationship.
Ever since that day, the lonely boy’s heart beat out a disjointed rhythm and an
aching loss of the girl radiated off his slouched shoulders. Every day he watched as
the goddess and the man held each other and pressed their lips together. 
                The man no longer just liked the goddess; he was in love with her.
Animal desired pulsed through his veins when he was kissing her, consuming her. He
deeply loved the goddess and no other woman could hold his heart so easily, so
carefully. She was gentle to the touch, her pale skin so soft and warm under his
                But he moved away, leaving the goddess alone and sad. The goddess
fell apart and threw herself into the azure water, pushing herself farther beneath
the surface and not coming up for air. Tears never left the goddess’s pale blue
eyes, and his name, his face stayed imprinted in her mind. She was forbidden to
forget but terrified to remember. 
                She was sure she was a goddess of night since she took walks there
during the night, and she liked the night over day, but one night, four demons stole
           Her cries weren’t heard that night, as the monsters stole her.
           The lonely boy shoved that out of his mind as he watched the goddess
standing alone with her eyes closed and her neck arched towards the cloudy sky as the
cold, wintery air played with her curled hair. Without a second thought, he walked to
her side, looking up himself to see what she was looking at through her closed lids.
     “Beautiful isn’t it?” her bell toned voice startled him. He looked down at
her and strait into her endless blue eyes. Today they had much more color in them.
They weren’t the pale blue that they had been since her love left. 
     “What?” the lonely boy asked perplexed. The goddess closed her eyes again
and laughed an exhilarating laugh, arching her head back up to the sky.
     “The cold, silly.” She laughed again, dusting off all her vocal cords. She
hadn’t laughed in over 8 months like this. Her laughs were real again. 
     “Are you being serious?” the lonely boy asked still perplexed. “I find it
irritating. This is Florida so it’s not supposed to be cold.” That comment made
her laugh again and the gaping hole in his chest ached from the renewal of her laugh.

     “Yes, but it’s so beautiful.” She said softly, breathing in a chest full
of air through her full lips. She seemed so calm in this state, but the hole still
growled for more of her even when the lonely boy couldn’t quench it. 
     “How so?” he asked, his voice strained. 
     “During the winter all the flowers and trees die, but in the spring, they come
back- better then before.” She stated, her eyes opening slowly. The perplexness of
this conversation vanished when she noted this. 
     “So you’re expecting your spring to come soon, I expect.” The lonely boy
said, sorrow in his tone. A slight smile tugged at her lips as she stared out into
the cold air. 
     “Yes, but it’s going to be a long winter, I expect. It will take a while for
all these trees to heal. It’s unnaturally cold this winter, don’t you think?”
she looked up at him again, piercing his soul with the sadness in them. 
     “But even though it’s unnaturally cold, spring will come.” The lonely boy
urged. The goddess chuckled a hopeless sound.
     “You can’t be too sure, Evan. This could be the beginning of an ice age.”
Her eyes drifted to the ice covered leaves and the steam of her sweet smelling breath
in the air. 
     “But I am sure.” He turned his entire body towards her, facing her now.
“Spring will come and so will summer and then fall again. The seasons never stop
     “So why do I feel so frozen? I feel like there’s no life in me anymore.”
She turned her sad eyes up to him. “The seasons will stop changing eventually, and
when that day comes, I’ll fall with the snow.”
     “But that day will not come soon.” The lonely boy interrupted, aware of the
goodbye in her voice, her will signed off. But she laughed again.
     “You act like you can control the weather, Evan.” His name rolled off her
tongue like music. The hole in his chest burned for more of her voice, more of her.
     “Well so does that weather guy you like.” He joked, lightening the
     “Dave Osterburg.” She made a pout with her lips. “I think he does a pretty
good job.” She mumbled, making the lonely boy laugh a bellowing guffaw. His
laughing scared him, since he hadn’t done this in a long time. 
     “But that’s besides the point.” The lonely boy breathed. “You have to
endure the winter while you can and just wait for the spring.” His tone was serious
now as he looked into her eyes. 
     “But what if I can’t? What if spring never comes?” she asked like a
disappointed six-year-old after the ice cream man missed their house. 
     “He’ll- I mean spring, will come.” He stuttered, making a mistake, but she
laughed softly.
     “When will that be?” she paused. “I suppose it won’t be for quite a
while.” She sighed sorrowfully, her sad smile still on her lips.
     “You might be right about that, but Dustin will come back.” The lonely boy
said, hating how she cringed when he said his name. One of her thin arms wrapped
around her torso like she was holding herself together.
     “You can’t be sure about that, Evan. I have a feeling it won’t be in short
time.” She said as the sadness in her voice weeded itself through him. 
     “But he will come back, won’t he?” he asked tempting to reach out to her.

    “This day's black fate on more days doth depend: This but begins the woe
others must end” she quoted perfectly. The words of Romeo and Juliet flowed
like velvet off her pale pink lips and into the steam cloud her warm breath made. The
words stunned the lonely boy, making his veins burn with devotion towards this girl.

     “Tis torture and not mercy. Heaven is here, where Juliet lives, and every
cat and dog and little mouse, every unworthy thing, live here in heaven and may look
on her, but Romeo may not.” He hoarsely spoke his own lines, sounding horrible
compared to the angel’s voice the goddess had. With his veins still pumping with
love towards the goddess, he reached his hand towards hers and grasped the tiny thing
in his hand.
     Her hand was ice cold and very small within his grasp. She closed her eyes and
exhaled as if the lonely boy’s touch silenced her inner pains. She intertwined her
fingers with his long bony ones and they stood there, hand in hand, as the wintery
breeze pulled around their hair. 
     “I hope this winter ends.” The lonely boy said softly. “I hope you can be
with him- your Romeo.” He said, though he wished it could be him.
     “Yes.” She said like a fading voice in the wind. This was so wrong of him to
love her like this, to love his closest friend’s most precious desire, but he
couldn’t help himself as the first tear fell from her eye. It was like a drop of
poison falling onto the beautiful apple, so magnificent but so horrible at the same
     “Evan?” she asked softly, closing her eyes. 
     “Yes, Taylor.” He said worriedly. 
     “Did you know that you can break on the inside and still be well on the
outside?” she asked with a scruffy voice. Alarm replaced the love in his veins and
the hole busted apart, excising all his organs as she fell to the ground. 
He let go of her hand and fell to the ground on his knees next to her. Tears punched
his eyelids as her face paled and her eyes stayed closed. 
     “Yes, I know that feeling! I’m breaking now inside!” he shouted shaking
her motionless shoulders. With a heave, she projected a large amount of blood onto
the concrete, coughing and hacking more blood. Her tears were made of pink from the
mixture of water and blood. Her pale lips were crimson and her body continued to
convulse as she choked out her lifeblood. 
     “I can see him, Evan.” She paused to puke another batch of her lifeblood.
“He’s come back for me.” Her voice was that of a dying angel and it put more
holes through him. The lonely boy could hardly see through his tears but he did see a
ghostly figure at the goddess’s head, patting her blood stained hair. He recognized
the features this figure had. The long dark hair, green eyes, white smile-it was his
friend but also, the goddess’s love. 
     “Hush now, Love. It will be over soon. All your pain will be over soon.” His
voice slithered through the air just barely legible over the goddess’s gagging. The
spirit pressed his lips to her sweaty forehead and she convulsed once more.
     “How?” the lonely boy’s voice staggered. The man looked at him with his
same friendly smile.
     “I’ve passed on also, my friend.” He said softly with his same deep voice.
The lonely boy’s widened in shock.
     “But what about her…” his eyes drifted to the finally still goddess. 
     “She’s been sick for some time.” He said solemnly, following his
friend’s eyes to his love. “They couldn’t find what was making her sick so they
just gave her a couple months and set her free. They told her to live out life until
the time came.” He said with a hint of anger in his hard voice. The lonely boy
looked at him confused.
     “But why now?” he sobbed.
     “Because I can’t live without her as she cannot live without me.” He
stated, caressing the goddess’s shaking back. 
     “I don’t understand.” 
     “We were created to love one another and if one does not live, neither does
the other.” He was no longer looking at his friend, but grieving over his love. 
     “So you died?” the lonely boy sniffled.
     “Yes.” A slight smile pulled on his lips. “I was coming to see her when
someone pulled out in a red light. I guess I could’ve waited to get her over the
weekend, but that would’ve taken some one else’s life regardless.” He babbled
     “I’m sorry.” And in that moment, the goddess took her final breath. She
gurgled on some of the blood caught in her throat and her wonderful body convulsed
one last time. Everything froze in the world at that same moment. The temperature
seemed to drop several degrees and the strangest thing happened. 
     Snow slowly dripped from the sky as if it was too, weeping for the death of this
girl. The spirit of the lonely boy’s friend shimmered and disappeared and left him
alone with his dead love. Within the blowing wind, you could hear his weeping. The
lonely boy’s ears were ringing at the same time as the school bell tolled and
hundreds of kids crowded out and played in the newly fallen snow. But the lonely boy
didn’t care. Voices full with worry echoed around him and strong arms pulled him
away from her. He couldn’t fight back- he was numb. Two men dressed in blue lifted
her bloody body onto a stretcher and carried her off. He watched as passerby’s
stopped and stared at her being carried off into an ambulance.
     You can’t help her, the lonely boy wanted to shout. She’s already
     She was right. The winter would never end. The trees would never heal and the
flowers would never bloom again. All was dead as was she. He had to bite his lip to
keep from letting his sobs shake him to death as it did to her. He would never see
his lovely goddess again.

Oroborus21 says:   18 October 2009   623657  
aw thats sad
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   18 October 2009   181887  
Thanks I guess ^^
NiikShotTheLoveBullet says:   28 October 2009   269795  
That was amasing. :'|
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says :   30 October 2009   190594  
thanks niik-bear :]


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