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Waterman, Chapter 1Category: (general)
Thursday, 15 October 2009
10:02:30 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1 Hi! I’m a secret agent for Neptune named Waterman; I’ve been assigned to investigate the rumor that the people of Mars, particularly their king, are invading Earth. I was born on Neptune my birth name is Thomas. Nightshade, was born on one of Neptune’s moons called Nereid, Emily is her name. From early age Emily and I were friends until we were about 15 when I started to like her. She felt the same. We were together for one year when a drastic event happened; my parents were murdered and the killer was never found. Emily and I were planning to live with each other until that day. When I heard the news of my parent’s murder, I left Neptune to go work for a galactic organization to catch the killer, I left Emily. She was heartbroken because she thought that I just left her, until she heard about the murder. Emily joined a criminal organization hoping that she would find me and try to make me come back to Neptune with her. We haven’t seen each other for 2 years, until we found out that we were partners for an investigation on Earth. Both of us didn’t realize who the other person, was but we both thought that the others’ name was familiar until we met but, when we met again we recognized each other I explained that I was devastated about the murder of my parents, and immediately left to find the killer and that it was a mistake to leave Emily alone and I thought that she would never forgive me and that was why I didn’t come back until now. Emily completely forgave me and told me that she just wanted me back. During the 2 years, I found out who the killer was. It was the king of Mars. We’re ready to find the King. Nightshade and I were to be sent to Earth to find out what was going on. It took 10 days of travel, but we finally reached Earth. Everything seemed to be normal, so we disguised our selves as High School students using our birth names: Thomas and Emily. Within the first few days, we heard rumors of weird looking creatures appearing out of nowhere near a river. I snuck out of class with Emily to see what was going on. While we were at the river, one of Emily’s books grabbed her with odd looking vines and I got shot leaving a deadly wound for a human. Waking up three days later at a hospital, I had no idea where I was. Officer Mark tells me that he found me by the river, unconscious with a deadly wound just barely above my heart. “You’re lucky to be alive,” said the doctor. “You’re going to need surgery to repair the rest of the tissue around your heart. It’s a surprise that you’re still awake. That injury could have killed you if we didn’t get there when we did. We’re going to have to take some tests to make sure that nothing else is damaged.” Before the doctors could take any tests to make sure that I’m ok, I rush out and fly off before anyone sees me. “It must have been the king who took Emily, he’s not going to kill another person I love!” I thought. “I’m going find you if it’s the last thing I do!” I go to an old, abandoned house to hide for a while until people stop looking for me and to train without anyone seeing me. Later, I found some old books about the history of the town and I read an unusual article about a ghost ship appearing in the river in the early days. “If the man that saw the ghost ship and is still alive he might be able to help me find it,” I thought. I arrived at the old man’s house and ask if he remembers the ghost ship. “No one has asked me about that ship in a while,” said the old man. “The only way to see the ship is if you have the lantern of the captain that mysteriously lost his life and ship in that river. That ship and its captain were never found. Legend has it, when you shake his lantern three times at midnight the ghost ship will appear. After I got the lantern from the man, he disappeared. When one of my friends tried to make the ship appear nothing happened, but when I tried a deep fog appeared and out came the ghost ship with black sails and holes all over the it as if it just finished a battle or fallen off of a waterfall. What I saw next was even more disturbing the captain stared right into my eyes, pulled out a pistol and fired. I was frozen until blood from a man dripped on my shirt. I jumped realizing that there was a man with a knife behind me, about to stab me, and that the captain had saved my life. I bowed; thanking captain and he disappeared into the fog saying that only people with pure hearts may see him. When I tried to see him again nothing happened. I’ll give you the lantern if you promise me that you will not misuse it.” “I will,” I said. As the man handed me the lantern, he disappeared just as the man in the story had. Prepared for anything, I left at late at night, when I got there the clock tower struck midnight. I shook the lantern three times. A deep fog appeared out of nowhere. I immediately recognized the figure in front of the ship. It was the King of Mars. The King laughed an evil laugh as he fired the cannons and threw blasts of fire at me. Unaware that the King was going to attack so fast it knocked me out cold. The last thing I could hear before I was knocked out was the evil laugh of the King. Waking up suddenly, I tried to move but I was chained to a wall next to Emily, who was still unconscious. Struggling, I tried to brake free but as soon as I tried huge bolts of electricity were sent through I body. “AHHHHHH!!!!” I screamed. When the electricity stopped, I heard that same evil laugh that I heard before I was knocked out. “Very good, Waterman” said the King. “I’m impressed that you found the way to get the Ghost Ship to appear.” “WATER FORM!” I yelled; escaping from my chains.” “WATER BLAST!” a huge blast of water shot from my hand. As I jumped at the King, my other arm formed into a razor sharp ice blade. The King yelled “STOP!! Or she dies,” I stopped hard saying, “Fine you win,” Reshaping my arm back to normal. “FOOL!!” yells the King, “You think I would spare her life!” Emily’s chains let her fall towards a lava pit. “NO!!!” I yell, dropping the King and jumping for Emily to save her from her doom. I caught her but in the process I burnt my arm badly on the lava. “Son of a bitch” I scream in agony. Emily waking up says, “Where are we? How did we get here? What happened to your arm?” “You were kidnapped by the King and now we are in a ghost ship,” I reply. The captain appears. “Thank you for getting rid of that evil being, said the Captain,” That monster took my ship and over powered me. You saved me and for that I thank you.” “Did the King get away?” I asked. “Yes, he disappeared after you saved your girlfriend.” “Damn it!” I cursed. “Let me heal your injury, it is the only thing I can offer you for helping me,” offered the Captain. “Thanks,” I said. “We have to go now. We can’t let the King get away.” While we’re walking away, a bright light shined behind them. “Thank you, friend.” “The Captain of the Ghost Ship is in you dept.” And the ship and its captain disappeared into the light of the moon.

‹Joli› says :   15 October 2009   714698  
Lol Yay you put the story up! :D


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