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And it's hard when you wake up to this...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 30 September 2009
03:11:53 PM (GMT) said (2:10 AM):
 i kindof miss you. be in town next weekend, let's do something? said (4:11 AM):
 It is about 4 in the morning, i am just getting home from chinese and a movie at
jessicas.  AND! I have a lot to say, she was kind of enlightening. Baby, you're
beautiful and perfect and amazing all over. I am an asshole, i have girls left and
right and i get them where i want them. it's how i've always been, until you. I
actually genuinely care about you, it's weird. it's a feeling i'm not said (4:12 AM):
 accustomed to. i usually run and hide. you're different, you're not like the other
girls after my dick who give in so easily, i don't have to work hard, they melt, open
books. You make me want to work for everything you have to offer because i know
you're worth it. I'm sorry for the last couple of days and I'm willing to fly out
today to see you if said (4:14 AM):
 you tell me this is what you want. you're priority, kind of like a fed ex package
that says handle with care on it. i love everything about you, how you're always such
a tired grump, i love your laugh, i love your bad jokes, your weird noises, your
inappropriate jokes. you're fucking golden. I just want you to know that whenever you
need me, no matter where i am or who i'm with i will never be too said (4:15 AM):
 busy to be here for you. i mean im set for life all i need is you (: anything you
want anything you need baby i got you. i want you to know that you can talk to me and
you dont have to protect yourself from me, i promisepromisepromise i won't hurt you.
i know i'm a douche sometimes and i say the wrong thing but c'mon, you make me
nervous. i get fucking bats in my stomach and sometimes, yeah 
 sometimes keagan crosby chokes. said (4:17 AM):
 i love it when you call and i love hearing your voice. i can't wait to take you out.
i can't wait to show you off to my friends and my dad. i'm sorry i'm talking so much
but i love you and all i want to know is.. are you in or are you out? if you're out,
i promise to be the best manfriend you've ever had. if you're in, it's you and me.
you just have to learn to trust me, i'm not going anywhere and said (4:19 AM):
 you're the last person in the world i would ever hurt. you're the first girl after
.. 4 years to make me want to try. i gave up for a loong time and i've had more girls
than i can remember, but all i can think about is you. i've tried, believe me, ive
tried to test my theory. tonight i was at jessies who likes me alot and we ended up
talking about you til 3 in the morning. i don't want anyone else said (4:20 AM):
 but you. just let me know when you get this embarassingly long message. I love you,
night. (;

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