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Chapter 3: Impending DangerCategory: (general)
Sunday, 13 September 2009
12:31:38 AM (GMT)
Lucario, Zelda, and Marth were running through the forest. Lucario: "C'mon!
We've got to hurry!" Zelda: "Wait Lucario! You still haven't told us where we are!"
Marth: "OMG! We're in the magical land of fairies, aren't we? WHERE ARE THEY?! I want
a fairy, quit holding out on me!" Leafeon: *You're friend is very
strange....* Lucario: "Yes I know he is." Marth: "What did she say about
me?!" Zelda: "Lucario! Answer the question!" Lucario: "*sigh* We're in my homeworld.
The world of pokemon." Zelda & Marth: 0.0 "WHAT?!?! How?!" Lucario: "Unfortunately,
Celebi's prediction was right. Palkia and Dialga have met, and their battle is
destroying the fabric of space and time." Zelda: "So the crack in the sky, and the
immense power coming from it, was an energy ripple from Palkia and Dialga?" Marth:
No! Lucario broke the sky! Which turned out to be an alien spaceship.... wait a
minute... OMG! It's not that at all! Lucario captured a fairy to help her break the
sky! YOU HAD ONE THIS WHOLE TIME?! Give it! Give me my fairy you fairy-hoarding
selfish dog!" Everyone: ......... Lucario: "What smoke were you cracking?" Leafeon:
*Anyways..... this isn't the time! We must find Celebi.* Lucario:
"You're right Leafeon. We must seek her out and ask for her assistance." Zelda:
"Who?" Marth: "Omg, are we going to find a fairy and ask her help?" Everyone: ENOUGH
WITH THE FREAKING FAIRIES MAN! Marth: -.-' "OK! Sheesh......" Lucario: "We're going
to Celebi's shrine." Zelda: "Celebi? Is she going to help us?" Lucario: "Yes, She
will help us to defeat Palkia and Dialga and stop the collapse of the worlds and
dimmensions." Marth: -Drawing in breath- Lucario: "NO SHE'S NOT A FAIRY!!" Marth: >.<
Lucario: -Mutters- "She's a fairy pokemon...." They continue travelling through
the forest, until they finally reach a clearing in the heart of the forest.
Zelda: "Is this it?" Marth: "Yeah, is the fairy-" -Lucario glares at Marth- "-pokemon
here?" Leafeon: *Celebi? Are you here? It's us, Leafeon and Lucario, and
friends too.* ???: "I knew you would arrive" Lucario: "Then you also know why
we have come Celebi?" Celebi: "Yes, and I will. But... are you ready to face those
dangers?" Leafeon: *If you've forseen this, then you already know our
answer.* Lucario: "We must save all existence from destruction! Before It's
too late!" Celebi: "Yes, I know." Zelda: "Where are you? Why haven't you come out
yet?" -A bright light illuminates the shrine, and a shining sphere appears in
front of it- Celebi: "Tee hee! I thought it would be more dramatic!" -Pink thing
appears from the sphere- Zelda: "Oh, wow! You're so cute!" Celebi: ^^ "Why thank y-
Marth: "I KNEW IT! A FAIRY!" Lucario: "Ahem!" Marth: *coughs* "pokemon...." Celebi:
"Now let our journey begin!"
Last edited: 13 September 2009

ZeldaXprincess12 says:   13 September 2009   937936  
woot! i love it :D and can you make zelda turn into sheik soon plz?
FlameFox says:   13 September 2009   516358  
ZeldaXprincess12 says:   16 September 2009   383643  
oh yeah one question.....can you also have someone elso from brawl
come into the story plz?!?!?!?!?!
FlameFox says :   17 September 2009   718359  
i dunno.... maybe i'm still working out ch. 4


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