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Second Day Of Hell.♥Category: (general)
Tuesday, 25 August 2009
09:30:46 PM (GMT)
Okay so at least at FIRST I thought it was hell. Second day- not that bad actually. I didn’t make a FIRST DAY thing because it was just lectures. :c BUT I HAVE NO CLASSES WITH ADAM OR SAMMANTHA. <333 So yeah. I think I‘ll just go through the hours~ Hour 1, English- LKJRTLGJLTD. I LOVE MRS. CAROLL.. So far. C: But English is one of my best subject so no sweat!~ Lol. Today we started working on ‘license’ plates. Not real ones, sadly. :] We get to put our names on the top, and 7-8 letters/numbers/characters in the middle, then anything extra at the bottom. :D I’m putting “APHUSA♥” – Yeaaah. C: Meghan, however, is an idiot and decided to put in “I ♥ YAOI! ♥” KRLGJLKFDJL. WHEN WE’RE DONE SHE HAS TO EXPLAIN WHY… She’s gonna rat us out. :] But sadly, English was cut short for us so we could talk to the… principal and stuff. :/ Booorrriiing. Hour 2, Science- Oh. My. God. Mr. Wishman is all “TOJGHOFHDG”- UNEXPLLLAAIINNABBBLLEE. HE KEEPS. INCUBATED ANIMALS. N HIS BOTTOM CABNIT. Most people would be all “TORJGOJD. EWWWWWWH.” BUT IT’S SO WICKEDLY AWESOOOMEE. He’s just creepy enough to be my teacher. C: But we ALREADY have our first PROJECT due this week. And woohoo… o_e he made a HUGE mistake. ME, AS IN ERIKA, IS THE GROUP “LEADER”. Easy project, it is, though. And if we get it done I get extra credit, HOWEEEVVVVEERRR, if anything goes wrong its MY RESPONSIBILTY. //dies But yeah, now that was all that happened there. D:> Hour 3, Encore- TCH. WELL. IT WAS DISAPPOINTING ACTUALLY. But since I was done with the scavenger hunt already, I got to color my Zuki picture in. :] Lol. But then we got stupid Notebooks for work, already preparing us for State Assessments. Not excited. Nothing else in that stupid thing. Dx Hour 4, Band- Lololol. :D I LOVED THIIIISSS. <333333 I kept messing up on the drums but I forgot my book so I had to share with Jaden and Rachel who ALWAYS play the drums. But Mr. Brody was picking on us and saying if we played the wrong note young “I’LL RIP OFF YOUR ARM AND HIT YOU IN THE HEAD WITH THE SOGGEY SIDE.” :B I love him, but I think he’s a pedo. xD ANYYYYYYYWAYYYS. Jaden and Rachel kept laughing for some reason then when I walk over, which was after Jaden coughed, I saw Rachel laughing again and jaden picking something off his drums. I asked him if it was his tooth, he didn’t answer and walked to the front to through it away and wash his hands, so Rachel told me. “LOLOLOL. NOOOO. I THOUGHT IT WAS TOO AT FIRST BUT IT’S SNOOOOT.” So we start laughing at him and so-on and making fun of it and doing replays. <333 ALSO. Mom is thinking about letting me get a Violin, and if do get it; I have to practice in the Youth Symphony. C: WHIIICHH Mr. Brody MIGHT count it as EXTRA credit. :D Hour 5, Math- I hate Matthhhhhhh. There was nothing good in it, lol, Jace wouldn’t STFU. He’s all “Pssssssst!” Then when you ask “WHAT?” he’d do it more times before saying “Hi”. So yeah. Nothing good there. ;C Hour 6, Integrated Math- Nothing good to say here, really. Dx Pre-test, blah blah blah. Hour 7, Chior- LOLOL. MRS. MUACK IS MRS. SWEATY. Cx “ARMS UP” “LMMFAO.” Her armpits are always sweaty. xD LOLOLOL. But she was being really strict today so it wasn’t that fun. :c HOWEVER, me Taylor, and Meghan had A LOT OF FUN screwing with the song “I hear music in me”. X] Every time we sang that part I was all “ I hear music in me, or that is a PENNIIS.” But she didn’t hear it, and as us three looked down the music, we couldn’t stop laughing because we were still thinking of it talking about a penis. xD So yeaahhhh. <3 Hour 8, P.E.- LOLOL. LOVED THIS THE MOST, MORE THEN ANY OTHER. <3 We had to introduce whoever we were partnered with but because my Lulu had no partner, she went with me and Emily. C: Emily introduced me, Lupita introduced Emily, THEN I GOT TO INTRODUCE LULU. >D AND I HAD FUUUUUUUUUUN. I was being all Dramatic like; “LUPITA’S FAVORITE FOOD IS……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………RIIIIIIIICE.” So yeah. C: Mr. Sisson made everyone say “YAYY” Then. It was epic. X] I kept trying to grab Lupita’s arm but she kept moving away so out of nowhere I’d scold her. Yup. <3333 Last, Hour 9, Social Studies- PFFT. MISS MR. WILMOTH. D; We had to do this stupid Baseball word search thing and you only knew the FIRST LETTER in the word so yeah. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING. I vaguely know anything about Baseball. But she finally let me draw because I kept doodling on the paper. C: So yeah. That was the day. Blegh. C: I still love those animals. xD Wonder if I could get him to incubat my dog Abby? –doesn’tlike—C:

‹gunk› says:   25 August 2009   659832  
Hahah, sounds like you had fun :3
Danielle10 says:   25 August 2009   933761  
You're in 7th grade? =D
Nice story. xD
‹~BeautifulTragedy.♥Stanlee Renee.~› says:   25 August 2009   496439  
I Know!
The Animals Were cool!
Except the Puppy..That Was just Plain..I'm Not even sure..Creepy?
Did you Like Mine And Courtney's P.E. Thing? 
‹♥♥♥_Mint_kitten_♥♥♥› says:   25 August 2009   794298  
lol wat a wonderful day
‹*ZombieLOVE*› says:   26 August 2009   371196  
Lolz. :D
And your friend Meghan....Lord. xD
Have fun explaining that. xD
‹♥TakeMeToHeavenJesse› says :   28 August 2009   258985  
If I was a teacher
A+ xD

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