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Nostalgia chptr. 1Category: Nostalgia [Shonen-ai twincest fic]
Friday, 21 August 2009
03:27:59 AM (GMT)
Chapter 1: Twiz sat on the edge of his bed, arms crossed and set on his lap. His brother went off to some ‘camp’, or so his mom said three weeks ago. He sighed. He had so much to tell him, about how much he actually cared about him. More than he personally should. Spencer was his twin brother, not a lover. But he adored him a little more than a sibling. He was 12 and a very confused one.. Twiz looked at the ceiling, then laid down on his side on the suspended bed, which swung softly back and forth in the air. Feeling a lump grow in his throat he shut his eyes and swallowed hard, before feeling the heat rise to his face, it turning a red-ish color.. His violet eyes welled up with tears, and he soon found the warm droplets streaming down his pale face. Placing his arms behind his head he untied the hair tie that kept his hair up and let his long hair spread across the bed. It was down to the rim of his tight skinny jeans.. Twiz only kept it long because it matched his brother… His mother said Spencer wouldn’t be back soon.. And he couldn’t live without his twin. Hearing the metal door to the basement he lived in slam open, he glanced up to see Sully, his older brother grinning devilishly and holding a leather belt in his hand. “Mother and Father aren’t home..” Sully’s sick voice cooed as he slammed and locked the door behind him. He snapped the belt as he began slowly walking towards the crying Twiz. “Sully.. N-No. Please..? Sully..!” Twiz yelped as Sully stood face to face with him. The tears continued to stream, and he sniffled violently. “Sully please don’t you don’t have to do this..” Sully’s nostrils flared as he grabbed the long haired 12 year old by his bangs, his fingers curling into a fist with his hair fully in it, then tossed him hard onto the floor. He smiled, his pink eyes seemed to turn a ruthless red. Twiz whined out in pain as he hit the hard wood floor. He took a sharp breath, he knew he was about to get beat again. He still had bruises from two nights previous when mother and father left.. He grit his teeth as he wiped the tears from his face. Whenever he cried or made any sounds Sully would always do it ten times harder. “Good.” Sully’s eyes narrowed, as he snapped the belt again and then grabbing Twiz by his shirt, and pulling him onto his feet. He then tossed him against the wall and smacked him across the face with the belt. Twiz just grit his teeth and emitted a small groan, almost inaudible as he stood there, shaking somewhat violently. Sully grabbed Twiz by his throat, then spun him around and wrapped the belt around his neck, and tugged a little. Gasping hard, Twiz shut his eyes, coughing a little. Why the hell did he do this? He then felt the other pull harder, and he spit up some saliva and began to feel dizzy as he pulled his hands up to the belt and tried to remove it from his throat. A loud thud came from upstairs, and Sully released Twiz. Maybe Mother and Father were home.. Twiz fell to the ground on all fours, choking up some blood. One hand held his throat, while his other held him up. As the red liquid dripped to the floor he then sat down on his rear, feet directly under him. He turned to see Sully, who began walking upstairs and left like nothing happened. Dropping all the way to the ground the side of Twiz’s face pressed against the floor. He hated this, he hated life, he hated himself, he hated Sully, he hated it all. But now that Spencer left everything has gotten so much worse. Saliva slipped slowly from his hung slightly mouth. He hated this so much.. Hearing a familiar voice, the one he loved so, he looked up towards the door. A familiar face opened the door and ran down the steps to his fallen other. “Twiz.. Are you okay?” Twiz’s identical crouched down next to Twiz and prodded his hair softly. “What happened?” Twiz coughed a little, then sat up and wrapped his arms around Spencer, and began to sob violently, coughing every now and then. “oh Twiz..” Spencer muttered, before embracing Twiz back. “I shouldn’t have left. I knew Sully hurt you but I didn’t know it was this bad! Let me see you.. Take off your shirt.” Twiz obediently let go of Spencer and slipped his long sleeve shirt off, his chest and arms bearing cuts and bruises.. That looked fresh. Noticing a long, rather deep cut that came from two inches below the right end of his collar bone and ended at the mid-stomach on his left side he lightly touched it with his finger tips. Spencer watched Twiz wince a little as he touched the long cut. “Did you clean this up after you got it?” He asked. Twiz shook his head, “No.” He barely mustered up enough strength to say that. “Lets go get this cleaned up.” Spencer stood up and pulled Twiz up with him. Twiz’s knees shook violently as he walked slowly with Spencer to the bathroom at the end of his suspended bed. As they entered the light violet room Twiz collapsed onto the ground, his knees slamming hard into the floor. The pain shot up his thigh and into his spine. It made everything worse. Spencer nearly jumped out of his skin as he heard the other fall hard onto the floor. “That bastard, Sully. What reason did he have to do this to you?” He asked, then walking in front of Twiz and sitting in front of him, grabbing his hands. “I deserve it..” Twiz muttered, looking down at the long cut across his chest that scabbed up nastily. He sighed, then stretched a little, then yelped, before hunching back over. “What?” Spencer asked, lifting Twiz up to see that the slash mark had opened up when he stretched. Spencer stood up, and walked over to the cabinet, pulling out some blue surgical wire and a sewing needle. Sliding the thread through the needle he then sighed, he’ll clean the cut later. “C’mon.” Spencer grabbed Twiz’s hand and dragged him out and into Twiz’s own room. Pulling the mattress off of the suspended bed frame he let it fall flat on the floor. He dragged it to the middle of the room, and walked back into the bathroom and grabbing a large first aid kit they had, needle still in his hand. “Lay down.” Twiz laid down on the bed, and clenched his teeth, and his eyes as the cut began to bleed. “Spencer.. It hurts..” He said roughly, his muscular arm gripped the cut muscle over his chest. “I know.. I’m going to try and make it better. But how did he do that?” Spencer asked, walking back into the room, and setting down his equipment. He opened the box and pulled out some peroxide and a towel. Covering the towel in peroxide he set Twiz’s hand on his arm. “If you hurt, squeeze my arm. Okay?” He tried to make Twiz feel a little better. Twiz nodded, letting go of his chest, and leaning his head back, his violet eyes fluttered closed and he breathed softly, relaxing himself. Dabbing deep in the cut with the rag, Spencer felt his arm being clenched hard. He just shook it off and continued to clean out the cut. His brother’s safety was more important than his pain.. His pony tail hung over his shoulder, and he tossed his head, flicking the long amount of hair over his shoulder. After cleaning it out, he sterilized the needle with peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and a sterile wipe. He then sighed, he didn’t want to put his brother in more pain.. Looking around, he saw a broken light saber top, and stood up and grabbed it. He then walked back over to Twiz and set it in his mouth. “If you really need to, bite hard onto that, and squeeze.” Spencer told him. Twiz nodded. Setting the needle against the other’s pale flesh he dug it into the flesh and then began sewing the skin back together. By the time he was done with this he might as well have a broken bone.. Once he was done, he leaned a little more over Twiz, taking the red, plastic piece of a light saber from his mouth and looked at him caringly. “You’re a bloody mess and so am I.” Spencer smiled and said softly. His brother looked like he was in so much pain, and he was. He would do anything to take it away.. Spencer began to clean the bloody mess that made the two then sighed, closing his eyes. “How’d he do this?” “Father’s katana.” Twiz muttered, glaring up at his beloved brother. He loved everything he did for him, everything he was. “That son of a bitch.. And what with the red marks on your face and throat?” “He smacked me and choked me with a belt..” Spencer’s nostrils flared, he was furious now. No person, let alone creature should feel pain like this. But the fact of the matter was that made him so infuriated was it was his pride, his joy, his brother. He leaned down and planted a soft kiss on Twiz’s lips, “I’m going to lock the door. We need some rest.” Spencer whispered, before standing up and quietly trotting over to the stairs, up to the large metal door, and locking the deadbolt, door handle lock, and security lock. He turned off the light then walked back over to Twiz and grabbing two pillows from the hanging frame, and a blanket. He set a pillow under each of their heads as he pulled the blanket up to their shoulders. The two boys faced each other, foreheads pressed together. Their hands then met between them, their fingers intertwining together. Bonded forever.. Brother bound lovers. They were brothers by fate, close by choice. “When did you get back?” Twiztid whispered to Spencer. “Today, silly. I was dropped off by Allie’s mom.” Spencer giggled a little, “But Allie is still a freak. That will never change. Apparently she is going Goth now…” “Really? That’s rather interesting. Wow.. Didn’t she move? Out to some city like 40 miles from here near L.A.?” Spencer nodded, replying to his question. He pressed his lips against Twiz’s forehead, making Twiz blush faintly. “I’m glad. She’s so annoying.” Twiz furrowed his eyebrows and puckered his lips, he always freaked him out. “She’s not that bad, Twizzliebear.” Spencer’s loose hands’ fingers danced happily on Twiz’s face, caressing him almost. “Eh.” Twiz sighed, his eyes hung lazily, giving him the rather ‘sexy’ half lidded look. “Hey… I’m going to take a nap.” He whispered, before wrapping his arms around Spencer’s body. At this point in time they were the same height, 5’1’’. “Mhm.” Spencer hummed, “I love you, bro.” “Ditto.” Twiz said softly, before dozing off safe and soundly. Spencer sighed, as he thought about it. He loved it when his brother held him.. When he was there. He could deal with the silence for now, it may take two to whisper but it takes one with an open heart to sing a love song without words. When Spencer was gone he felt upset.. But whenever he thought of Twiz he didn’t feel so alone, and more like he was home alone with him. Now knowing he was okay, and was actually there he felt something he’d never felt before. It seemed his brother gave him the awkward butterflies that his mother told him he’d get when he’d find the right one for that point in time. And for once, he didn’t feel so alone. Even if Twiz was asleep.. He felt safe. Like everything was going to be okay. Spencer fluttered his violet eyes shut, scooting back so their bodies seemed to mold together to form one, Spencer took Twiz’s hands and wrapped them around his own hands as he began to drift off on his own. END CHAPTER ONE <3 [this is fanfic I r writing <3, Will start on second chapter later. I spent a while on this.

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