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story i was thinking about writing outCategory: writing/story/fanfic
Sunday, 12 July 2009
06:35:53 PM (GMT)
Yeah this is just the begining of a story i wrote its calledThe life Zoe Bellby and
iw as thinking of having more than one story and this is the first part of the frist
one- tell me if u like it


Chapter one: Flight and fight

The entire world was a blur as I ran, I was running as fast as I could, trying my
best to ignore the pain in my legs, forcing myself to keep going. I was running as if
my life depended on it, which it did. Behind me was ferocious pack of hungry wolves,
they were hot on my heels I could feel their hot sticky breath on the back of my
neck. A blood curdling howl went up into the night; the wolves were going to be on me
in no more than a few seconds! Desperately I urge myself onwards, dodging trees and
low branches and anything else in my way; I had to get back to Jake that was all I
could do, maybe then we’ll think of something.

As these thoughts go through my mind I feel a terrible pain in my left ankle. One of
the wolves had nipped me; I lost my balance and went over. I landed on the ground
with a thud; I frantically try to scramble back up, but a wolf jumps me from behind.
Screaming in pain I vainly attempt to throw them off. I let out a shriek of pure pain
as one of them manages to slip through my guard and sink their fangs deep into my
thigh. ‘No, I don’t want to die like this!’ I yelled, my brain was telling me
to do something but I didn’t know what. Then suddenly struck by inspiration I
grabbed up a decent sized stick from the ground where  was lying, I used it as a
club, bashing and clobbering any wolf in reach screaming like crazy as I did so.
Energy levels were way low I didn’t know how I was going to fend off the entire
pack, at least 5 of the 20 wolves were out of action, thanks to my makeshift weapon,
but that still left me a large and deadly problem. These wolves were hungry and
vicious and hay, guess what! I’M DINNER!

My heart is pumping against my chest, everything hurts. The pack has me surrounded,
they’re closing in for the kill, I move backwards until they have me backed up
against a tree. All over the ground there was blood, my blood, it was over, I was
going to die. As the leader of the pack made its way forwards I felt a strange
tingling in my arms, I ignored it. Quickly I spared a glance down at my arms as the
tingling grew stronger and was surprised to see that my arms were glowing! I looked
back up just in time to see the wolves spring forwards, but as they did so I brought
up my arms to shield myself and through my closed eyes saw a brilliant flash of light
and my arms burned. Totally drained I fell down to my knees, I heard the terrified
yowls of wolves in pain and looked up to see the remainder of the wolves tearing back
down through the trees, smouldering remains of the dead wolves lay around me. I knew
not what happened or how, but all I knew was that I couldn’t keep my eyes open any
more. The last thing I saw before I passed out was someone running towards me
screaming my name, then blackness. 

Chapter two: Trouble on the horizon

Ok, maybe I should explain what’s going on, well my name is Zoe Bellby and I come
from the planet Meridius. It was a planet full of life and happiness, everyone was
kind and caring and I lived with my mum, dad and older sister Jana on the edge of the
vast border sea in a huge house on the top of a cliff. Every afternoon I would sit
with my mum and watch the sunset behind the sea. Life was peaceful and merry. Then,
everything changed when an unknown enemy of great power came from across the sea
bringing evil and unhappiness, death and despair. 

I still shudder every time I remember that day out in the bay as the entire town went
about their business not knowing what evil was about to be unleashed upon the fair
city of Palador, my home. 
I was outside at the time plaiting daisy chains through my hair, singing an old
nursery rhyme my grandma had taught me. It was by chance I looked up out over the sea
and saw the fleet of ships on the horizon. Even to this day I regret my decision to
ignore the ships, I may have saved many lives, but I did not know that the coming of
those ships would bring so much unhappiness and terror to our world. 
My mum sat in her chair by the fireplace, a crackling, warm blaze already going in
the grate, my 8 year old sister Jana was playing with her dolls by the door. Late
afternoon sun was streaming in through the window above my head, bathing the room in
a golden glow. All day I had a feeling that something was going to happen, and now
the feeling has increased and I can almost feel trouble coming. Unfortunately I
didn’t know what it was.

My mother was the town’s healer, my grandma was a wise woman and I often loved to
sit and watch them as they weaved spells of healing and gave advice to people in need
of it. At an early age I had been taught herb lore and studied healing and runes, it
had been my grandma who had taught me, she had always said I had a gift and she
helped me educate my talents. Somehow I always thought she knew something I didn’t,
something she wouldn’t tell me. I also had a feeling that my mother was in on it
too but refused to believe. 
The ships docked at the port and many people’s curiosity got the better of them and
they went down to investigate the strange ships and the even stranger people who were
sailing them. I was one of the more curious of our people. I had always been
inquisitive about anything that took my interest and always wanting to know more,
it’s just a part of my nature. Sometimes, though it’s a trait that can get me
into trouble, big trouble.

My mum had told me that I wasn’t allowed outside after sunset, she told me I had to
wait until morning to go and see the ships just like the rest of the family. Grandma
Bellby looked at me and winked; she was standing the kitchen doorway and had flour on
her cheeks. “I think your mothers quite right young one, till the morning you must
wait and you can help me down the roads, I’m not as young as I once was you
know!” she chuckled.

papillon says:   12 July 2009   175259  
It seems pretty good so far,
you should definently continue writing it.
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   14 July 2009   642838  
thanx im already on the next part
‹♥Monica;;We Are Scientists♥› says:   6 August 2009   635913  
this is really good
more please?
‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says :   6 August 2009   725243  
i'm working on it at the moment, but i hav so much to do at the
moment that i dont hav much time


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