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Tuesday, 30 June 2009
11:59:02 PM (GMT)
cruel but she's knows what she's doin'.

Do you like blue cheese?	
wth no.

What is your pet peeve?	

Do you own a gun?	

What flavor Kool Aid was your favorite?	
was? grape,

Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?	
so much.

What do you think of hot dogs?	
i lol'd at gabby's answer.
i think they're weinery.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?	
don't have one.

Prefer to drink in the morning?	

Can you do push ups?	
like 2.

What's your favorite piece of jewelry?	
jewelry's too girly for me.

Favorite hobby?	
shopping. rofl.

Do you have A.D.D.?	

What's one trait you hate about yourself?	
my moles.

Middle name?	
nicole /gag.

Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment.	
"okay then"
"wth jonas brothers"
"i like over-easy eggs"

Name 3 drinks you regularly drink?	
lemon tea.
grape kool-aid.
cherry-pomogranate tea.

Current worry?	
im going to get road-killed at warped.

Current hate right now?	

Favorite place to be?	
the lake of the ozarks, for sure.

How did you bring in the New Year?	

Where do you wish you could go?	
new york.

Do you own slippers?	
ha, no.

What shirt are you wearing?	
my "you were hotter on the internet" panda

Would you be a pirate?	
...yeah okay and meet.

Do you sing in the shower?	
if i have a song stuck in my head,
it's usually like all time low or something.

What's in your pocket right now?	
no pockets.

Last thing that made you laugh?	

Worst injury you've ever had?	
i don't think i've even had that many

Do you love where you live?	
where i live, yes.
not here.

How many TVs do you have in your house?

Who is your favorite band?	
all time low.

Do you have a big backyard?	
not really.

Do you remember the last word you looked up in the dictionary?	
no i don't.

Who all are you texting at the moment?	

Do you have unlimited texting?	

Can you name 5 things you are looking forward to?	
school to start.
going back to kansas.
warped tour.
updating ipod.
getting new clothes.

What is your relationship status?	

Do you blog?	

What is your myspace display name?	
chucks_are_life. im not allowed on myspace here.

Are you listening to music?	

What is it?

What's the last thing you bought?
a blue mountain dew.

Do you hate the Cash4Gold commercials, or is that just me?	
Hahahaa, they're gay.

If you could say sorry to anyone.. who would it be?	
will they forgive me?

What is your least favorite season?	

You have to type a report.. what font do you use?	
Tahoma or Verdana. olol.

Do you know any triplets?	
Kyle, Parker, and Emily from school.
Then there's Regan and Jackson, twins.
And Madeline and Julian, twins.

Did/do you do good in school?	
used to.

Are you a fast typer?

Did you have a blankie or stuffed animal as a kid?	
as a kid, nothing. now, a stuffed animal,
and a "blankie" im such a baby.

What color is it?
rainbow, the blanket atleast it's carebear.
and my stuffed animal is named ellie, and it's and elephant
grey and fuzzy.

What's the last thing that got on your fingers?
hand sanitizer.

Is there a lot of drama in your life?	

What is the most stressful thing thats going on right now?	

Do you hate yard work?	
not really. i like to mow the lawn,
because i love the smell of grass.
and planting flowers is fun,

Are your parents still married?	
hell no.

Are you talking to anyone on myspace/facebook/twitter right now?	

What's the last thing you commented?
my diary, a reply to gabby.

Do you know anyone who talks about themself too much?	


Do you ignore anyone's texts on purpose?	
haha, and messages on here.

because i don't want to be stupid and not
have a good quality conversation.

Do you have any locked messages on your phone?


What's the 4th one?

What's the 6th one?
damn you.

Can you really get high off sharpies?

Do you think you are a good person?	
;D no.

What do you do in awkward situations?	
stare. or go "awwwwwwwwwkwardd!"

Have you ever watched Jon and Kate Plus 8?	

What is your favorite animal?	
kitty. ♥ merow.

Are you graceful?	

Do people come to you for advice?	
just katie. that's all really. oh and sarah.

If they do, do you think you give good advice?
im just like, do what you think's right.

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