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Sibling Love Part OneCategory: Mi Story
Wednesday, 24 June 2009
08:12:13 PM (GMT)
Not telling what this is about. Just Guess. This Chapter isnt done yet so..........

“Storm, I… …. to go now. I love you” That was the last time I heard my
mom’s voice. She sounded so sad and weak. “Mommy, come back where are you
going?” “Please, Mommy, come back don’t leave.” I shouted at my mom. There
wasn’t a reply. I begun to cry as soon as I knew she was gone. Now I was alone in
the world. At only seven.  The nurse came into the room and tried to drag me out. I
wasn’t giving up easy. I wanted to lay next to her. Mommy. I started to bite the
nurse. She let me go and I ran over to her lifeless body. I climb onto the bed where
she lay. “Mommy, I love you” I said with tears in my eyes. I kissed her on the
forehead and lay on top of her. I started to sing. I didn’t know what I was
singing. I just made it up as I go. Mommy and I loved doing that. “Mommy’s gone,
I have no home. Sad little girl all alone, God keep mommy sa-” I was cut of.
Because I felt two hands around my waist. “Mommy!?!?” I said in disbelieve. I
turned quickly. I wasn’t her that touched me. I was that evil nurse who once again
tried to drag me away from mommy.  “ Sorry kidd-” “I wanna say goodbye” I
said. She didn’t say anything. I felt her hands let go of my body. Quickly I ran to
her. I wanted to see her face for the last time. 

Her eyes were closed but I still remember them. They were grayish with green lining
them. They were so pretty. She had long blonde hair to her back. Her rosy cheeks
didn’t look rosy anymore. She was pale. Her mouth was closed. She wasn’t smiling.
Of course she wouldn’t be she was dead. Mommy was gone. Gone for good. No more
mommy. “By Bye, Mommy.” I said. And the nurse came over and put me in her arms. I
didn’t fight this time. No not this time. 

I jump up quickly in my bed. I stared to cry. Because of my dream. It was also a
memory. “Mom” I said in a whisper. I climb out of my bed and walked around my
room. I shared it with two other girls, my age. Katelyn and Kelly. They were twins.
Pretty new to this orphanage. They moved around a lot. We really didn’t get along.
I went into the bathroom. I wanted to see myself. I wanted to see if I looked like
her. My mom. I had long, dark, black hair with blonde streaks. Well at least I had
some blonde. I had her eyes. Gray with green. I always stared at them. I LOVED them
so much.  I had really rosy cheeks. Like her. My lips were pink. And plain. I guess.

“Hey, look at the freak” someone said behind me. I bet it was one of the twins. I
really didn’t care. I walk out of the bathroom, an over to my closet. I went to
grab my track suit so I could go for a morning run. But one of the twins grabbed it.
I still didn’t know which one it was. Come to think of it I really couldn’t tell
them apart. “Ha-Ha, you wanna go for a jog?” she asked with a laugh. “ Give
it!!” I shouted. “Aww, she wants to lose some weight” the other twin said as
she climb out of bed. I really wasn’t in the mood for them. They give each other a
smile. So when the twin with my suit wasn’t looking. I grabbed it and ran into the
bathroom, and shut the door with a slam. I brushed my teeth and got dressed. I put my
long dark hair into a pony tail with my bangs hanging, When I came out the twins were
on the phones texting. 

I got my tennis and sat on my bed to put them on. The twins look at me. “ Fat
ass” they both said in unison. “ Thanks’ I said with a smile.  They had nothing
to say after that. Yay for me.  I got my cell phone and ran out. I checked the time.
“ Eight-thirty. I’ll be back at nine-thirty” I said. 

My morning run was pretty boring. Same old same old. I felt my pocket vibrate. It was
a text from. I fell to the ground and dropped my cell, before I could see who it was.
“ Oh great, dropped it again.” I said with a sigh.  “Oh sorry, my bad” a very
handsome guy said to me. As he helped me up I felt strange. I don’t know why. But I
just did. I think he did too. “Yea, your bad.” I said with a giggle. I heard him
laugh a little. Wow, it gave me chill’s. “ Your laugh is…………..
Umm……I’m Jamie…… Hey.” I said kinda shy. He laugh again. What was so
funny? “I’m Justin, hey” he said.  We just stood there looking at each other.
Justin was really hot. He had long black hair, that came in is face a little and was
pulled to the side. And wow. His body was amazing. Omg. Amazing. He was really tall
look to be about 5”11. I thought to myself. Dark blue eyes. I just wanted to melt.
I felt my face turn red as our eyes met. I  heard him laugh a third time. Oh come on.
What’s so funny? I guess it’s because I just turned red. 

Justin P.O.V.

I saw this hot girl running. So I decided to bump into her. I didn’t mean for her
to fall or for her to drop her cell. “ Oh great, dropped it again.” I heard her
say, with a sigh. But I guess it helped. .  “Oh sorry, my bad” I said to her. I
helped her up. As soon as I touched her I felt weird. I didn’t know why. But…
wow. “ Yea, your bad” she said with a cute giggle. I laugh back a little. God
she’s making me nervous.  “ Your laugh is………….. Umm……I’m
Jamie…… Hey.” She said in a shy way. When I knew she was nervous I felt a
little better. It made me laugh. “ I’m Justin, hey.” I said. I just stood there
checking her out. She’s hot. I thought to myself. She had long black hair with
blonde. HOT. She was a little shorter than me. About 5”8. Her body was hot. Like a
model. I look up and our eyes met. I saw her blush a little. It was so cute. I just
had to laugh again. 

Back to normal P.O.V.

I felt so nervous when our eyes met. I turned away quickly. He laughed again. He
laughed at me too much. I guess he didn’t like me. I didn’t want to look at his
face anymore. “Jerk” I said in a soft voice. Maybe he didn’t hear me. I really
didn’t care. I took of running again. About a minute into running, I felt someone
putting their arms around my waist. I gasped. “LET ME GO” I shouted. I still
didn’t know who had me. “Why” a familiar voice said to me, as he spun me
around. He still had me at my waist. Wow he’s strong. Our bodies were only inches
apart. I knew I was blushing. If he laughed again, I would surely hit him. Guess
what. He did it again. His sweet, annoying, laugh gave me chill’s. Again. It made
me madder. So I hit him. I hit really good. And pushed away from him.

I ran away, again. This time he pulled me back in his arms, within seconds.
“What’s your problem” I shouted in his ear. REALLY loud. “Why the hell would
you do that?!?!?” he shouted, at me. Oops. I guess I made him mad.  “Ummm……..
sorry” I said kinda soft and shy. “ You better be!!” he shouted in my ear. He
still looked kinda mad. “ Stupid jerk” I shouted in his ear, again. “Bit” he
stop dead in his tracks. Because I gave him the, if you call me a bitch I will kick
the crap out of you look. “Sorry’ he said sweetly. I wasn’t into him anymore. 

I ran off for the third time. I didn’t look back. I ran as fast as I could. I ran
for about five minutes, before I notice he was following me. GREAT!!!! I thought to
myself. “ Why are you following me?” I shouted still running. “ I’ve got
something for you.” he said playfully. “I don’t want it, I DON’T want
anything from you. Jerk!!” I shouted with a big smile plastered on my face.
“I’m NOT a jerk” he shouted back.  I didn’t reply.  “How much do you think
this phone would go for?” he asked with an evil grin. I jumped because he was right
behind me. “Haha, I scared you!!!” he said with a huge smile on his face. “Shut
up!!” I said to him as he ran in front off me. “Give my phone back NOW!!!” I
shouted. “Catch me, and you MIGHT get it back.”  He said as he ran in front of
me. “Look, I DON’T KNOW YOU, I DON’T WANNA PLAY AROUND!!!”  I shouted at the
creep.  He stopped right in front of me. I was still running, I didn’t plan to
stop. I grabbed my phone out of his hand. I ran a little bit more. 

I stopped for a while, when I notice Justin wasn’t following me. I still could see
him though. He was just standing there, in the same spot. I thought he wasn’t going
to follow me, so I just sat down on the side walk. Remembering I had a text and I was
tired. The text was from Marla Brown. The head of the orphanage were I live. It read
:“I need you back here now. You’ve got an interview. Hurry. It starts at ten
Hurry and Good Luck!!” I checked the time. It was nine thirty-five. “Oh great”
I said as I got up. I was still tired. I  look around to see where Justin was. He had
left. “Bye, Justin” I said in a whisper. “Bye, Jamie” he said with a sigh. He
was right behind me. And I didn’t even know. 

I ran away again. I wanted to stay and talk to him. But my legs had a mind of their
own. I kept on running. I was thinking over the text message, I got from Marla. I got
so excited. I stopped an jumped and spin around. I was so happy. “Yay, Yay, Yay,
Yay”  I said so ecstatic. “Are those yay’s for me” Justin asked
Last edited: 24 June 2009

Danielle10 says:   24 June 2009   264317  
Interesting story, just an obvious glitch. No punctuation after most
sentences (ex. "Are those yay's for me"). And when writing a new
quotation, you have to make a new paragraph.

Sowwy, Ima grammar freak x]
‹~Sheri'sBeautifulDisaster~› says:   24 June 2009   124885  
Lol. Me too. I was just in a rush. I'll try harder next time. lol
‹Diffrent_Kind_Of_Love› says:   25 June 2009   777661  
Your story is amazing i love it so much
‹♪Just Daisy♪› says:   25 June 2009   747476  
Wow this series is great!
‹~Sheri'sBeautifulDisaster~› says :   25 June 2009   342455  
Awwwwww thanks. I will try to speed it up and write more. There was
supposed to be more but i was way to sleepy to write.


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