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I'm willing to do commissions...:3Category: Commision
Tuesday, 16 June 2009
03:06:50 PM (GMT)

I dunno, but I really need more KP to doodle as I please. D: Would
you guys help me raise up mor KP? 

And instead of running around and begging for donations, I decided to
probably have commissions done. x_X; 


All commissions will be done in Oekaki, unless I want otherwise 
I can't guarantee that it'd look nice and clean
Fanart needs to have a reference picture as well name of char
Don't expect for me to whip up something epically awesome, cus I'm not that good D:
Don't rush me. It'll probably take a long time depending on how free I am. XD 

Here are the prices~

Oekaki, sketch & shade, 400x400 > 5 kp
Oekaki, clean sketch & color, 400x400 > 8kp
Oekaki, attempt at clean lineart & color, any size >20 kp (see
my dislike for doing it? D: dun make me do it...)

SAI, sketch > 4 kp
SAI, sketch & water color > 4 kp


Ref Pic (if any):
Type of Pic (choose from the many categories xP):

Message me with your request and wait until I accept/reject before
giving me the kp. o.o; Cus I'm broke and I can't give back kp once
you give it to me. xP

Yeup, yeup.

Examples of my art would be in my oekaki gallery.
Last edited: 17 June 2009

Abandoned says:   17 June 2009   837935  
I love your work.  I wold love to -give- you some kupipoint but I
think this system is badly designed...or I don't understand it.

I want to give you some points because I like your work....  I'd tried
to transfer some, it won't let me.  I must have 25 points in order to
give some away.  I have only 23.  

Doesn't seem logical....  and I don't know how to increase points.
Kyun_yo says:   17 June 2009   663634  
THANK YOU. D: -stabs Kupika before taping it  back together again-

Ah... thank you.. xD I heard if you message and post around enough
you'd get points. I dunno. XD; 

you can commission? :3 -feeling bored without anything to do- xD
LittleMissEccentric says:   17 June 2009   146126  
I want a request :D
Of my kupika avatar with whatever background you want :]
‹零Drewsun零› says:   25 June 2009   356754  
ill give u some points, how many?
check out my blog ^_^
watz up dude?
keep it real
‹零Drewsun零› says :   25 June 2009   148866  
ow, and dude; u need 25 to send so u cant just make new accounts and
send the points to another account. Resuling in a increase of 9 kp, on
won account, its made so u cant cheat the system ^_^
as u can only also give a % of your total


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