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Comfort the dispairing person please?Category: (general)
Thursday, 11 June 2009
10:38:53 PM (GMT)

The school year ends in two weeks, and alot of my friends are moving away! 

Last year I had one friend, and everyone else in my house hated me! (That's more than
one hundred Kirti-haters guys. Not fun. I didn't even know half their names,
much less spoken to them...)

This year my friend and I were moved to a differnt house. I'm generally well
liked, and best of all I made alot of great new friends. My best friends are...


And then there's all the people who I'm good friends with. It's a big list! But
Kirisa and Mariana are both moving really far away, my other friend Tim left the
continent (I had to join facebook just to keep in touch. I hate facebook! So much
information about me on the internet...)

Topping it off, my friend from last year and I are being put in a special class in
High School next year. The idea is that English and Global are taught together, which
messes with the schedual since you take the combined class every day instead of
having either English or Global every other day. (I'm taking it because this class
allowed me to jump ahead about three years in science).

But the schedual is so messed up that we won't get to see any of our other friends
who aren't taking the compressed schedual! 

 I changed alot over this school year, and made alot of friends who I hoped would
last a long time. But now it looks like I'll be entering high school as if this great
year never happened. I'll probably lose touch with most of my friends, and I'll
definately grow distant from Kirisa, Tim, and Mariana. Emails and long distance calls
only take you so far, especislly with a time differnce.


‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   11 June 2009   815452  
Sorry, I'm not very good with comforting on the internet.
Is there any way to see your friends after school?
Do you have some kind of webcam so you can talk with each other?
callie11 says:   13 June 2009   942739  
Awww , that something similar to that happens just about every year with me. Each year about a third of the kids at my school are new, and a third has moved since the end of the previous year. Anyways, I've heard good things about Skype (although you need a webcam) and that might work with you and your friends.
tiggerlemon101 says:   13 June 2009   126426  
I'm in the same situation; I made a lot of new friends this year and
now I'm going to take enriched math and science, plus French
Immersion, which means I take history and geography in French, and the
French classes are more advanced.  

I just always tell myslef that I'd probably make new friends in high
school, anyway, and that there's always lunch and weekends.  But
believe me, by the end of twelfth grade you'll have tons of new
friends who are interested in the same sort of things as you, not just
a bunch of random people who like each other.  High school is were you
meet your life-long friends.
‹ruthie .› says:   15 June 2009   892243  
I'm sorry to hear, its awful when you have to leave friends. Like
others have suggested you could use web-cam or MSN? Voice call on MSN
can be surprisingly personable. 
I'm sure you will make new friends anyway. I don't really know
anything about an american high school, but in my experience as you
get older people are generally more intelligent, less petty and
generally more mature so its easier to make friends.
Kirti says:   15 June 2009   113218  
It's still depressing. I came out of Seventh grade with it just me
and Jess against the world, and it seems that I'm going to go into
ninth as if eigth never happened, with just her and me again. Siigh.

okay, webcams sound good, and my laptop has one built in, but do any
of you know how to use one? I'm what is called "technologicaly
challeneged" meaning that circuits rearange themselves when I touch
them to assure that I can't acheive my objective on them...
tiggerlemon101 says:   18 June 2009   985167  
E-mail is pretty fool-proof... a heck of a lot easier than MSN,
 Good luck.
Kirti says:   18 June 2009   461522  
Kirisa isn't moving until next summer now!!!!!!

And Mariana is now only moving about four hours away! Which is bad,
but better then four days away like origanally planned.
areka123 says :   18 June 2009   649633 happens alote!


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