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Thursday, 11 June 2009
03:08:33 PM (GMT)
"so, elle, why are you going to denmark?" i smoothed the ruffle of my dress and
tucked a hair behind my ear. "i'm from Romania, and my entire family lives in
copenhagen." i said. he laughed. "you live alone? aren't you a little young?" i
watched his eyes look me up and down again. i shook my head. "no, i live with my
older sister, sam. she's 26" he nodded. "so, how old are you, then?" i blushed "i'm
sixteen" his smile grew bigger by the second. "what are you so happy about?" his
smile quickly vanished. "nothing, nothing. i'm sixteen also" now it was my turn to
smile. i looked up at the little screen that was playing a movie, and saw a girl
crying on a train. i didn't feel like a drama, so i decided it was time to get into
my conversation with william. "so, william, why are you traveling to denmark from
warsaw?" he frowned. "you don't have to tell me" i added, quickly. he shook his head.
"it's not that, it's just embarrassing." i kept looking. his eyes seemed to get
innocent, like he was tired. not so intense, maybe for a half a second. "i was in
warsaw, living with my girlfriend and her family" i stared at him. he moved away from
his family to live with at girl at age 16? i didn't interrupt.  "i was living with
them since i was fourteen, and my girlfriend broke up with me last week" i looked
down. i felt so bad for asking. he laughed. "i'm pathetic, huh? perhaps you're
blushing because i made this conversation awkward, yes?" i looked back up at his
face. "no, trust me. i just feel badly for asking about something personal, to a
complete stranger. i'm sorry, about your relationship." he smiled "stop blushing.
stop it. you're fine, it's not like you knew what was going on" i looked back at his
jaw lines as he talked, then watched his hair move slightly as his mouth moved. i
felt the kissing urge again. "elle? elle? are you with me still or am i speaking with
myself?" i looked back to his eyes. "no, i was listening. so, do you have family to
return to in copenhagen?" he looked at the other passengers, making sure no one was
listening. "alright, i have no idea why i'm telling you this, but i feel like i can.
i'm going to live by myself, in a small apartment" my mouth dropped, and my voice
came to a whisper. "but you're sixteen" he smiled, slyly though, he looked like a
jaguar that had just won it's prey. "i have fake records and documents, what elle,
you don't think i look any older? i'm offended" he was still grinning. he seemed very
proud. "you do look older, i guessed around twenty" i might as well flatter him. "i'm
astonished though, won't you get lonely?" he laughed, loudly. "shhh!" i scolded. a
fat man in a different aisle was glaring at us.  "i won't. i have friends in
copenhagen, and all my friends are eighteen and older" i frowned, then quickly mad is
disappear. he noticed. "i make exceptions, don't get sad on me" he was watching me
very closely. pride took me over. "oh, doll. trust me, i was not sad. i could care
less if i ever saw you again in my life" it was his turn to frown."wow elle, i
thought we had been being quite nice" i immediately felt bad. "i was just kidding,
will. don't stress yourself" i was proud of my cover up. he smiled. "i like it when
you call me will" i looked back to the movie. it was filming a car crash. i was glad
i had somebody to talk to, very glad. especially because he was a european stunner.
"so, elle, what is your heritage?" i was glad he asked this, so he didn't get the
wrong idea. "i'm fully american, i just live in romania" he looked surprised. "your
accent is so strong, i thought you were romanian for sure" i smirked. i have been
perfecting that accent for years. "well, you spend so much time there and around
people who speak the language, it just comes naturally" as if. "but your accent,
will, is stunning. what is it?" he twirled a weaved bracelet on his wrist "i have a
french accent, because my family was french" i caught the was. the was stuck out like
a white tulip in a field of red. i had to ask. "was?" his face drained of colour. i
don't think he was expecting that at all. it was quiet for a good 30 seconds.

KenzayeeRae says:   22 June 2009   585956  
Write more?
brilliantlights says :   22 June 2009   454525  
working on it ;]


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