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Saturday, 18 April 2009
01:25:19 AM (GMT)
So from now on, your going to be asked unique questions, you ready?  Yep. LETS DO
Alright. Can you listen to music while reading a book?  Sometimes
Do you wish you could ever hug yourself to see if your a good hugger?  Lol nah
Do you think you give good hugs? Do you even like hugging?  I LOVE HUGS. I HOPE I
Whats something other than a fruit that you love in milkshakes? (Ex.twix )  Uhhh...
No clue, I'm not one for milkshakes...
What is your all time FAVORITE milkshake?  again with teh milkshake...
Is your best friend, TRULY a best friend? Or not...  Hmmm... I'd have to go with no.
If you see someone drop $5.00 w/o noticing, would you grab it?  OF COURSE I WOULD
Is there a certain guy in mind, you cant get OFF your mind?  I have a girl, not a
How's my survey so far? Its my first one by the way...  It's alright.
Moving on, Do you wish summer could come just about now?  Hellyeah
I sure do. Do you miss the beach at all? Or miss tanning?  I miss the... pool...
There are no beaches in Kansas...
Is there a particular someone you can't help but stare at frequently?  I would stare
at her if I could.
Do you love family guy? Isn't it the best show ever?  Nah. I'm a Robot Chicken kind
of guy.
Aren't you sick of the same old basic boring surveys? I sure am...  Yeah I guess.
Do you ever look ahead of the calender to see what skool days you have off?  Yeah.
Are monday mornings the hardest mornings to wake up to?  Sometimes.
Have you ever cried silent tears? Ever during a song you were listening to?  Yeah...
Do you have a cat that stares and meows at you often?  Yes I do.
What do you think of people that have a closed or boring imagination?  It bothers
Whats the latest youve ever stayed up reading a book?  Lol. Not past bedtime (10)
Drama, Lies, Tears, Cheer To The Teenage Years! Do you agree?  I
Can you really ever relate to song lyrics?  All the time. Every love song makes sense
because of her.
Have you ever seen a really ugly dog, but pretended it was cute?  Uh, no.
Do you like your popcorn regular, or do you put those flavoured salts on?  I just
like butter.
Are the teenaged years most definitely the hardest years to go through?  I believe
they are.
Can others tell when your having an extremely bad day?  Yeah.
Do you like taking cool pictures of random stuff? Are you into photography?  Yes I
Do you like cream cheese on your begals? Do you ever toast your begals?  I don't eat
When having a peanut butter & jam sandwhich, what is the best kind of jam?  Grape
Is shredded parmasian better than grated parmasian?  Nope.
Do you have facebook? You should totally get facebook.  No facebook.
Do you think bzoink is the best site to get and take surveys from?  Yep.
How come most informercials are on after midnight?  Cuz no one watches them.
Speaking of informercials, do you think they shud play more during the day?  Lol,
Do you like those flavored cream cheeses? Or just regular cream cheese?  I don't
really like cream cheese...
Do you agree with the statement: "Food tastes better after midnight"?  It does.
Did your parents ever have bad acne when they were kids/teens?  I have no idea
Do you like your own smile? Has anyone ever complimented you on your smile?  Hmm... I
Is your hair unhealthy or breaking? Do you have any split ends?  Nah, my hair's
Does your cat like cheese? Does your cat get diahrea from eating it?  My cat doesn't
like people food.
Have you ever stayed home from school just because you were WAY too tired?  Nope.
Do you enjoy making the surveys more, or taking the surveys.?  Taking.
Is your pet lactose intolerant? Are you lactose intolerant?  Neither.
Would you like a non-virgin Pina Colada or Daiquiri?  Doesn't matter
Do you have a nice purse? Do you like your purse? Do you even have a purse?  I don't
own a purse... I'm a man...
Do you like to eat frozen dinners now and then? Are they a quick filler?  I like to
snack on whatever I can find.
Did you hate being forced to stand and sing the national anthem as a kid?  Yes.
We're at question 50! Do you wish you had 50 bucks right now?  YES
How do you feel about having a crush on someone? Is it fun, or a hassle..?  It's
How do you feel about boyfriend stealers? Have you ever stole someones bf?  Yeah
someone has... :/
If so, was it an honest accident? Or totally on purpose >:P ?  Totally ON PURPOSE.
How do you feel about Starbucks? Is it addicting? (Im addicted)  I don't go to
Did you like dunkaroo's, gushers, and fruit rollups and such as a kid?  I like
synthetic fruit tasting gummies, yes.
Speaking of those goodies, do you still like to have them now and then?  Yes I do.
I dunno about you, but I LOVE music, is music a huge part of your life?  Yeah
When you make someones day, do you feel really good inside?  Yep.
Do you think I should make another survey? If I did, would you take it? Yeah I would.

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