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Monday, 9 March 2009
02:19:22 PM (GMT)
Hey guyss this is a love story i wrote  its fictionalish 
so im guna write some, and then you let me know by replying if you want me to write
I will be posting after comments in the comment area to avoid confusion  
k thanx :D 

   I wanted to fall in love. I wanted to feel what it was life to feel sparks when i
kissed that special someone. I had, had many boyfriends in the passed and kissed many
boys, but nothing seemed to work out. I began to think I would never find my true
love. That is until the most amazing summer of my life. 

   Every year, I went with my family up to my trailer for a week or so at a time each
summer, and every year I stayed with my family the entire time. That is, until this
year. I decided to bring up my blonde- haired, blue-eyed, rocker chick best friend
Grace. She was just like me. Trying to find her true love. Before leaving and on the
long 3-hour drive up to the trailer, Grace and I were venting to each other about our
stupid ex- boyfriends. This topic quickly faded as we entered the trailer park. We
spotted 2 pretty cute boys at the front sitting on two benches. After unpacking, we
made our way to 2 benches near the ones where the cute boys were sitting. They kept
looking over at us and laughing. One was very short (like me), with wavy brown hair
tucked under a hat slightly hanging over his hazel eyes. The other boy had blonde,
short, spikey hair, wore glasses and was very tall. 
"Hey, Lyn, the one with the hat wants you!" Grace teased. I laughed and elbowed her
in the ribs. "Lies" I replied. "Why else would he be looking at you every two
seconds?" Said Grace.  I laughed lightly again. 
A couple seconds later, the blonde guy came over and sat with us. "Hey, I'm James" He
said. "Hey! I'm Grace, and this is Lyndsey" Grace said, gesturing towards me. "Hey" I
said, flashing a smile. "So, my friend Carmello over there wanted to ask you guys if
you wanted to chill with us, but he was too nervous to come and ask you himself"
James chuckled. We all laughed. "How old are you guys?" I asked James. "I'm 16, and
little Carmello over there is 15" he replied. "How about you guys?" "Were 13..."
Grace mumbled. "LIES! Seriously!? I thought you guys were like at least 15!" He
exclaimed. "Ha yea seriously..." I said.  "Ha oh wow... So anyway, do you guys wanna
chill for the day. I know it would make Carmello so happy!" We laughed. "Totally.
Anything to make little Carmello happy!" I said. 

more??? it gets waaay better i promise 

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