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Thursday, 19 February 2009
01:04:46 AM (GMT)
"........ugh..hmmm? Hiro? Where is this?"
Near his head aching tried to look around and saw strange people
a high school boy with orange hair, a blondie in orange and blue.
"......." Near raised an eyebrow people where popping up everywhere.
Two silver haired young men. one with dog ears. A blond girl whose aura
seemed confused. But unafraid. "What and why?" he heard her mutter.
"Kari and I were wrong this wasn't punishment for Death Note, if it came to take me
Will it be her or Izzy that pops up here?" He'd never seen this girl before, but she
Death Note, a friend of Misa's? He stopped musing once he caught a glimse  of L.


"Willis!" the black haired girl cried and spun into the wall.
"Ow! Crap!" her nose was bleeding "Are you ok?" the blond boy named Willis
asked "Just peachy. Where's Gin? Izzy just disappeared into thin air and I need her
"Wasn't she with you? I haven't seen her since yesterday!" the girl smacked the
cocerned boy 
over the head. "You're a horrible scrawney neighbor boy, scrawney neighbor boy!
Candy asses like you are suppose to know where
 my daughter(whom you're in love with) and my incredibly short(*cough that sounds
like cute*) geek are."
"Am not! Gin maybe,but-" A blue hair boy with an orange vest and black pants runs
"You guys!" he pants "I was arguing with Rika and she poof-ed into nothing!" 
"We're going to Ken's place."
Willis rolled his eyes. "You heard her Henry."
"Well yeah, but what's going on?" 
"We're about to find out." Kari pulled out her cellphone and dailed 4 on speed dial.


"Yue? Is something wrong?" 
A tall grey/silver hair colored girl looked frantic.
"Kiliy, Tohru. Is. Gone. GONE!"
"Calm down. She's right here." The carrot top named Kiliy pointed 
to a also worried cute brown haired girl.
"No!" Yue whined "My Tohru! Boy Toh-!" her cellphone rang.
She anwsered it.
"Tohru-chan you're worried too?"
"K-kyo-kun went away! In to n-n-nothing!" the poor girl started sobbing.
Before Kiliy could reassure her, Yue spun around.
"Kari called. Izzy and Gin are missing as well. It started in Death Note."
"In which case I blame Matsuda."
"Kiliy! God! Can't you be serious? Aren't you worried about Shigure?"
"That Basturd can take care of himself!" she hissed. 
Despite her words she looked(if only a tad) worried.
"Ayame's been eaten by the dress!" A young looking curly haired women screamed.
"Hatori's been something-ed too! He's NOT here!"
Kiliy and Yue looked at each other as if to say "Oh God...... not them too!"  
Kiliy's cellphone rang just then.
"Fuck! Is this Yuffie? How the hell? Wasn't your world sealed off?" 
"Oh thanks for the warm welcome. And yeah but Leon,Namane,Alice,and Riku..."
"Did they disapper?"
"Yep. King Mickey told us that a world called Death Note mixed with Triple x Holic?"
"Totally. But it's not cuz of that. I'll call you back later when I know what's up."
"Ah. You seem pissed. I'll let you go. Send My best to Yue-chan!"
Last edited: 10 June 2010

foreverchacha says:   19 February 2009   291613  
L was running a hand along the wall of the room. It was a strange,
spectral like substance, and it shivered to the touch. "Near. This isn't right." Light was still passed out in a corner.

"Thank you, Mistress of the Obvious." Kyo murmured from the corner.

A short, red haired boy was added to the group. "Huh? Gen, is that

Underneath all of the chatter, there was a small humming noise, that
almost sounded--pleased.
i_likes_L says:   23 February 2009   335799  
i don't quite get it but it sounds cool!!
Akiba23 says :   23 February 2009   454685  
Glad you like it Age.

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