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Sunday, 8 February 2009
05:20:31 AM (GMT)
enjoy, no copy cunts.

 I closed my eyes tightly as the heat and friction in my hot cunt grew
tremendously.  Carol ground her pussy, which was still wearing panties,
into my tummy as she kissed and licked all over my face.  I was about to
lose control due to the unimaginable pleasure she was giving me.

   "Oh Carol Aaaaaahhh...I can't...Ohhhhh I'm going to cum again. 

   Carol continued to lick my face as more tears accumulated near my eyes.
She held my hands down to the bed sheets completely pinning my body and not
allowing any movement.  I was ready to explode with another gush of my
sticky juices.  I gripped the sheets again and tried to lift my arms into
the air but Carol kept holding them down.  The friction of the vibrator
finally caused my pussy to tighten around it immensely as the second
incredible climax hit me.

   "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I'm cumming Carol Unnnnggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh......"

   I tried to arch my back once more but wasn't able to since Carol was
sitting on top of me.  My hot cum spewed out even more quickly than my
first climax.  My moans were now much louder than before but slowly began
to quiet as the vibrator continued to violently shake inside me.  My hot
dew dripped onto the bed sheets and soaked in again, as my intense writhing
slowed.  When the flow of my honey finally came to a dripping stop Carol
reached back and slowly pulled the toy out.  As she did so a final squirt
of cum poured onto the soaked bed sheets, leaving my throbbing pussy even
more numb than before.  She let go of my wrists but I wasn't able to move
at all.  I gave out a small whimper and smiled as Carol sat on top of my
moist, sweaty body.

   "Oh god you're perfect Cherry.  I feel so horny now you wouldn't believe
it sweetheart."

   I slowly opened my eyes and licked my lips, with tears still running
down my cheeks.

   "Now it's your turn Carol." I said as I giggled for her.

   At that moment I began to feel unbelievably horny for Carol and my smile
widened.  She got off of me and sat on the edge of the bed with her eyes
locked with mine.  She slowly undid her red dress from the back as I laid
there just staring into her beautiful eyes.  Within seconds Carol revealed
her firm, perfect breasts to me.  She happily returned my smile as I moved
my gaze to her already hard nipples.

   "oh god I feel so hot Cherry.  I need you now sweetheart!"

   As she spoke she ran her hands down her body, passing her breasts and
her stomach until she reached the top of her panties.  Carol quickly slid
her underwear off and slumped down onto the bed, laughing.  I knew the
alcohol had gotten to the both of us a bit.  I sat up and positioned myself
between her legs which she instinctively spread for me.

   "Mmmmmm take me Cherry, take me now." she moaned.

   I took a single finger and place's it on Carol's beautiful mound,
caressing her wonderful patch of pubic hair.  Then, at last, I slid my
finger lower I reached her waiting pussy lips.  My finger entered her ever
so slowly, causing Carol to jerk and wiggle her waist around on the bed.

   "Ohh fuck...that's good sweetheart...more."

   I slowly increased the speed of my thrusts and let a second finger slip
inside as well.  Carol gripped the sheets for a moment and let out a very
powerful moan as my two fingers slid in and out of her wet pussy.

   "Mmmmmmm...Oh Cherry yessss!  More...harder...aaaahhhh!"

   Carol seemed to enjoy the speed and power incredibly.  We were both
different and yet we were so much the same.  As I continued to pump my two
fingers in and out, Carol's moaning had already become even more loud than
mine ever had.

   "You're so wonderful Carol." I said to her, giggling.

   Carol placed her hands upon her firm breasts and played with her own
nipples as I let a third finger enter her pulsating cunt.  My thrusts were
now gradually increasing and she met each one with a jerk of her elegant

   "Ohhh fuck!  Sweetheart yes don't stop...unngghhhhh!" Carol moaned.

   Carol's sweet aroma began to fill the room, mixing with my cute scent
which was also throughout the air.  Carol's writhing on the sheets started
to make the entire bed creak and shake along with her.  Her loud moans had
transformed into screams of absolute ecstasy and lust.  Her entire lower
body was on fire with endless pleasure as I pumped my fingers faster.

   "Cherry!  Ohhhhhhh shit!!  I'm gonna cum sweetheart!!" Carol yelled.

   I twisted my fingers inside her warm pussy as the walls began to secrete
her wonderful juices. Carol grabbed the sheets with one hand and pulled on
it as hard as she could, screaming my name. I took one last pass by her
wet, swollen clit before Carol exploded with an incredibly passionate


   Carol's hot pussy grabbed my hand tightly as her marvelous stream of cum
gushed out onto my fingers and the damp sheets.  She sat up quickly and
threw her arms around me pulling my back down onto the bed with her. 
Startled, I removed my hand from her pounding cunt as Carol continued to
scream and hold me tight.  Within moments her grip on my slowly lessened
and the flow of her luscious honey finally slowed to a stop.  Carol's
screams gradually turned into calm moans as her radiant body calmed and her
arms slumped back to her sides.  Her chest remained heaving as she let a
trace of drool drip from her mouth.

   "Mmmmmm...Carol I wish we could just be with each other like this
forever." I said.

   Carol put one of her hands on my cute behind and licked her lips

   "Who ever said we can't my wet princess?" she said, smiling.

   I felt her hand move lower on my ass until it reached my cute, puckered
hole.  I almost gave out a little squeal as she ran her finger across it
and began to laugh out loud.  Within seconds we both began to laugh like
little schoolgirls; incredibly wet and horny schoolgirls.  We were both
completely wasted and we loved every second of it.

   "Ooooohhhh...lets go again my beautiful sex kitten." I said to Carol,
with a huge smile on my face.

may2970867 says:   14 March 2009   979551  
Damn that was good.
Your a fantastic writer 
rockstarpixie96 says:   22 April 2009   726564  
that was nice and sexy
womanpleaser77 says :   28 April 2015   495640  
I like it alot

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