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New Path....PrologueCategory: Stories
Friday, 19 December 2008
01:52:29 AM (GMT)

    Lexi sat in the dark and listened to her father yelling.She could smell the
whiskey from were she sat huddled under a blanket in the corner of the dingy room.Her
bed was small and the sheets itchy.A Small table sat next to her.A crashing noise of
glass made her huddle farther in the corner.The smaller she was the less chance he
would notice her.If he was drunk enough he wouldn't even see her.Her mothers yelp of
pain made her jerk and want to cry out.Silent tears fell down her face.She could hear
her mother crying.
Heavy foots steps a little unsteady started down the hall.They weren't nearly
unsteady enough.
"LEXI!!"Her fathers voice was angry and condemning.He opened the door and flipped on
the lights.His eyes only a little blurry searched the room and landed on the brown
blanket in the corner."Why are you hiding baby girl?"he said crooning to her.He
walked to her softly now seemingly all gentleness.Lexi wasn't fooled.He had down this
before.Pretending he just wanted to hug her goodnight.Then he would pull his belt
   "Come now bed time."He grabbed her arm and pulled her up.Her hair was black and
ratty from not enough washings.But it was very short.A spatter of freckles covered
her nose and cheeks.She looked like a little Faery.But Faerys smiled and had joy in
their eyes.Lexi never smiled and her deep blue eyes were always fearful and way to
grown up for a girl of 9.
  Lexi looked at the floor as he father led her to the bed.He picked her up his beefy
hands hard and laid her on her stomach.She squeezed her eyes tight and her small
fingers gripped the bed sheets.The horrible sound of a belt being pulled from the
loops sounded.Her father talked to her the entire time.Saying how she was a bad
girl,and it was her fault he had to punish her.If she could only just be better be
prettier be smarter make better grades.But Lexi was top of her class straight A's one
of the prettiest little girls her teacher often thought.She never spoke unless spoken
to and always did everything EXACLY as she was told.But her father always seemed to
know what she was thinking.Her mind wandered while she did all the tasks assigned to
   The first slash was always the worst.It cracked across her still scabbed over
back.He usually beat her once a month.And if he was in a good mood he did it
light.But no, not this time.He was in danger of being fired at work.So far this was
the second one in two weeks.
   Lexi held still as her father rained slash after slash on her back.The third one
broke skin causing her to yell.The fourth one was even harder.He always made them
harder if she cried.So Lexi bit her lip and counted each one until she slipped into

     Lexi layed in her floor doing homework.It was a Saturday night and until teens
her age she wasn't out with friends.She really didn't have any.Every time some of the
girls tried to befriend her the terror in her eyes drove them to leave her alone.All
the guys in her grade didn't try approaching her.Tho many thought it a shame a girl
so cute was so stiff.That's how most the guys saw her.Stiff and cold.They didn't see
anything underneath.But then they didn't see the long scars or fresh ones on her back
in the locker rooms.Already many of the girls had told the teachers about it.They had
called social services but they had found nothing of of normal when they had gone to
investigate.Lexi's father had beaten her twice as bad those times.
   Lexi's hair was still short.Her back was sore still from the beating she had
gotten a week before.But it was healing.Her mother was at work and her father was due
home any minute.Her mother worked nights.Lexi was scared in until she heard her
mothers key in the door.
   Her eyes shot to the door when she did hear keys.It was her father.Quickly Lexi
bent over her school work that was already done.She wore sweats and a
sweater.Underneath she sweated.Lately since she had gotten surprisingly well rounded
breasts another look had come into her fathers eyes.IT confused and scared Lexi.So
she covered up as much as possible.
  Heavy uneven footsteps walked up the hall.Lexi prayed they would keep going to
their parents room.But they stopped at hers and the door swung open.Her father stood
in the doorway swaying slightly.
 "I got fired you little slut.Its all your fault.Ill make you pay.Pay for ever ounce
of trouble you caused."He stepped into the room and pulled her to her feet."Little
teasing whore just like your mother.Ill show you what whores are good for."His big
hands fumbled as they groped her.She screamed and tried to pull away.Her father
ripped the sweatshirt and filled his hands with her breasts.Lexi screamed until her
hit her.She was silent as he ripped at her cloths.Tears fell from her eyes as he
roughly drove his fingers inside her.She whimpered slightly when he drove himself
into her.Lexi sought the dark place inside herself as she was raped.
   Lexi woke with light on her face.Curling into herself she cried until hr mother
knocked on the door telling her o get ready for school.Quickly Lexi dressed.

   Lexi went threw the morning in a daze.Her eyes were glassy her face pale.At lunch
she sat in the bathroom and was violently ill.She lasted barley until the end of 6th
hour.P/E.Lexi was sitting on the bench in the corner of the room.Two guys with masks
on still in their gym cloths came rushing into the room.They yelled trying to scare
the girls.Some screamed some laughed and others threw things at them.One came toward
  "Booo!!" He shouted.Grabbing her hand.He pulled her up but she pushed him away.He
laughed and the other guy joined him,Spinning her in a mock dance.Lexi tried pushing
away.Their hands were on her.The terror rose up and she screamed.Pushing fighting
crying.They back up and Lexi fell to the floor scooting back against the wall
covering her face with her hands.
  "Don'T touch me!Don't touch me.No no no no no."She chanted.A loud voice sounded at
the doorway.
   "What in the world is going on?"It was a males voice.Lexi Rocked back and forth
crying harder,talking louder.
   "Don't touch me.Don't touch me.No no no no no."Voices from the girls and the two
guys sounded. 
   "We were just playing a joke."
   "She freaked coach."
   "They barely touched her."
    Lexi had stopped talking but she was squeezed back into the corner under the sink
now."Everyone Out NOW!!" Lexi heard the room clear but only shrank even more against
the wall.  
    Coach Anderson walked over to the girl in the corner.She was
small.Lexa...Lexi.That was her name.This was the most noise he had heard from her all
year.Her head was on her drawn up knees her arms covering her face.
   "Lexi come on now...." He reached out and touched a hand to her arm.She cringed
away from him.
   "I didn't do anything.Iv been good all day.Please please don't punish me.Please
please please please."Her voice was high and a little hysterical.Anderson was
   "Lexi I'm no going to punish you for crying.Come on lets get you cleaned up."He
reached out to her again but this time Lexi sprang up and away.She backed up into
another corner her eyes those of a trapped animal.Coach Anderson remember the rumors
that she was habitually beat by her father.He himself had noticed the occasional
stiffness when she did the exercises.Anderson studied Lexi.She was small.Barely 5
foot.Skinny too.And Terrified.
    "Lexi I'm gonna go get the nurse.Can you stay in here?"He asked.He tried to meat
her gaze but her eyes darted side to side looking for an escape.Slowly he walked to
the door of the changing room.
   "Is she OK?"
   "Whats her problem?"
   "She looked scared."
   "Nice going Josh your ugly face scared the shit out of her."The people gathered
around laughed.
   "Cammy can you go get the nurse.And the principal.Tell them both hurry.

    Once the coach left Lexi went to the showers.They were just curtained off areas
but Lexi could hide.She did and slide down the wall bringing her knees up.What would
he do to her?Would he......    Lexi pushed that to the back of her mind.Rocking back
and forth she found the secret dark place inside herself were nobody could hurt her.

    Nurse Amy or just Amy stepped into the girls locker room.Principal Sawyer was
behind her.Together they looked around.Lexi wasn't in the main room.
    "Lexi?" she called as she walked to the showers.Slowly the drew back each."Lexi
can we talk?" her voice was low.
   "Lexi i promise your not in trouble.Come up to the nurses office.The other girls
would like to finish changing."Ms. Sawyer said as she drew back the last curtain."Oh
Lexi."She saw a broken child.Slowly she and the nurse stepped inside.Lexi didn't
move.They spoke to her as they drew closer.Lightly Amy touched her arm and Lexi
flinched away.Her head came up and her eyes looked back and forth between them.They
both saw the same trapped animal look on her face.
   "We wont hurt you come on pleases?" Amy said.She tried again but Lexi flinched
again.They sat there for what seemed like forever.Lexi has stopped crying and every
few minutes Amy would either try and touch her hand or scoot closer.Soon she was
right beside Lexi."Please Lexi come on."The principal was standing outside the
shower.Slowly Amy slid her hand into Lexi's.She didn't move."That's it now.Its OK
baby.No one will hurt you again."Lexi's hand was still in hers when she squeezed
it.Then after a moment Lexi squeezed back,Her grip tight.Her head was still on her
knees.Amy slowly stroked her hair until Lexi leaned against her.Smiling slightly she
put her arm around her.Lexi jerked and for a moment Amy thought she moved to
soon.Then the young girl flung herself against Amy and cried herself into a daze.

    Amy led Lexi into the nurses office.All the students has stared as the principal
and nurse led Lexi across campus.Lexi NEVER let ANYONE touch her.Ever.Now she clung
to the tall nurse like her life depended on it.

  I hope you like it.Ill write some more tomorrow.Remember this is just the

‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says:   19 December 2008   197686  
‹Charlotte;;WishingOnStars› shouts:   26 December 2008   783845  

I like it.
cyclergirl57 says:   26 December 2008   321894  
wow thats a good story just its a little to discriptive
comment my diary. its called "story"
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   27 December 2008   381194  
this was good. I liked it.


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