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Did you know...Category: Online crap
Sunday, 7 December 2008
11:40:07 AM (GMT)
The journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step
Slow and steady wins the race
Nobody likes a whiner
HelloKatie claiming she won the battle started another
You don't know who is behind the monitor
It is extremely rude to ask for someone's age
You should keep whatever you do in your room private
Agent777174 is a jerk
Gaia Online has a reporting system
Kupika's Child Safety Rating on Web of Trust is Zilch
Killing a fly doesn't mean you are on the dark side
Jar Jar is not Luke's father
There is no such thing as a Matrix. It is all in the mind
Mecha run on fuel. MYSTERIOUS
Chain Letters will not gain you love
Pikachus are not emo
Neither is Shadow
Rap is Alien language
Dogs do not walk on hind legs and talk
Using the 'F' word too much makes you sound like a swearing chicken
Gog is a pagan city
Agent777174 doesn't know why he's bring this up
Agent777174 is NOT 16. He's actually 19,350,257,359.12 years old
11 is not a cursed number
Neither is 13
Robots do not laugh when you throw a rock at their master
Robots do not laugh when you tickle them
Shipping is something that is not supposed to be taken seriously
People argue for the sake of arguing
Saying you won a battle in progress makes you lose
The opinion of something is never satisfied
Online, boys can be girls and girls can be boys, and little kids can be stalkers, or
FBI Agents
America's nobody states have stores larger than stores in London
Dead bodies cannot bleed
I bet only a few people know where Agent777174 got all these things from
Touching a radioactive core will not make you smart
Or give you superpowers
If ads were real we'd be all rich
Harry Potter does not die in the 8th book
One does not gain wealth by sitting and crying
Poor people are usually the greatest people on earth
If chain letters were real this is all ghost written
Painting animals different colors and sealing them into airtight balls are not
considered Pokemon
Nintendo make the touch screen before the person who sued them made the touchscreen
gambling machines
Sonic hates water, let's leave it at that
Voldie is not baldie
Chocolate is bad for dogs
Miracles do happen
Don't leave scissors near wired components
Jeff Goldblum is not one of the most powerful cards in all of Duel Monsters
All popular actors can say "Pork Turkey Sandwiches" and the fangirls/fanboys won't
If Red and Yellow get married they get Orange in the Pokemon Manga
One letter posts count as spam
Agent777174 is hated by many people
Sonic is best suited for no story plot and no 3d action
Pikachus are not emo... wait I said that already
Agent777174 is running out of things to put up
The funniest comics and books break the 4th wall
Knocking on the comic panel will not get the characters to say 'Who is it?'
'Blue scadoo we can too' will not warp you into a book or movie
There is no 8th book of Harry Potter.

I like teasing myself don't I?

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