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Sunday, 23 November 2008
11:57:25 PM (GMT)
Repost this if you would do this for the one you love


one night this girl was haveing a hard time sleeping she decided to call her
boyfriend because he was the only person she felt safe with.

ring ring::...

Boy: hello?

Girl: hey babe i cant sleep.

Boy: whats on your mind?

Girl: you are

Boy: i cant get my mind off of you. you are the one that makes me get up in the
morning and say yes finally its school.

Girl: awe baby.

me too

Boy: and when it rains it means im sad because i didnt hold our kiss long enough to
say bye.

Girl: awe baby, me too

Boy: When there is a beautiful night i wish we can stroll under the moon light, and
lay down in the grass and count the stars...together.

Girl: if you only new.

Boy: if i only knew what?

Girl: Tha...oh no babe i g2g bye

Boy: bye and i love you

Girl: (half crying) i love you too


(girl hangs up)
boy sits there wondering and couldnt fall asleep that night

The next morning the boy woke up like every morning trying to ecnore the night

Bus comes he sitts on the bus trying not think about what happened.

School came and he walked the hallways alone. Ecnored his friends and went to
That afternoon when he got home he called his girlfriend::..

Ring ringg::..

Girl: hello?

Boy: hey baby i missed you today where were you?

Girl: oh i was home i was too tired to get up this morning.

Boy: oh okay.

i was scared i thought something happened to you

Girl: everything is all fine.

i was just tired

Boy: oh okay. listen i have to go please go to school tomorrow i really want to see

Girl: okay ill try to make it(;

Boy: no you will make it even if i have to drive you.

Girl: haha okay im going dont worry

Boy: okay bye i love you<3

Girl: i love you too


The next day came and the boy went to school. He did see his girlfriend in the
hallway and they walked to each class like normal. As 7th period came the boy
noticed something. His girlfriend has a bruse on her arm.

Boy: what happened?

Girl: what do you mean?

Boy: the bruse !?

Girl: aa oohh

Boy: did anything happen?

Girl: ohh its nothing, really it isnt.

Boy: who did it?

Girl: oohh umm i did i fell down the stairs.

Boy: are you alright?

Girl: yeah thanks tho

Boy: and if anyone did that to you. i would have to hurt them. badly.

Girl: um no one did it . ddd dont worry about it.

Girl: well i g2g home byee

(they kissed 3 times)

both said i love you at the same exact time.


the boy calls the girl. she doesnt answer. he calls her the second time she doesnt
answer. the third time came. and she still didnt answer.

The boy decides to go surprise visit her at her house.

He drives up and rings the doorbell. no one answers. he did it again. no one
answered. all he could hear is yelling. he looks in the window and there was his
girlfriend being slapped in the face bye this stranger. The boy runs in the door.
punches the guy in the face until he was unconscious. takes the girl and calls the
cops. the cops came and took the guy away. the girl is in critical condition. he
rushes her to the hospital. turns out that she has a broken jaw.

Boy: i love you so much. i wont let anything ever happen to you. no over my dead
body. i will take a bullet for you any day. i really truly love you.

Girl mumbles i love you.

Boy gets down on his knee's and asks: Will you marry me?

Girl mumbles yes

Several months later the boy and the girl get married.. had 3 children and lived on
until they were 65 where they died together on a hospital bed because of the
deadliest car crash which so happens to be the guy that nearly killed the girl.

‹Darker by the second Colder on the half› says:   24 November 2008   574671  
wow, touching in a weird way.
‹XxCasey_the_KittyxX› says :   11 March 2009   664316  
That was so weird, I didn't understand it, but it was cute.


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