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Just For Mydie.Category: Kun.
Monday, 17 November 2008
09:15:38 PM (GMT)
Kun: Created by Axel Hidori and Mydie.(Originally my character)

Part One: School Time.
	It was a peaceful day in the City In Ruins. All was well and quiet until a boy came
in the scene a few years ago. His name was Kun. He was a quiet soul in the classroom
and around people so he stayed far away from them as possible. Today would have to be
the day that would change his horrid life, forever.
	Kun woke up to a soft chirping of the birds outside his broke down castle he found a
long time ago. He rose and ran to the school, hoping not to be late or looked at. He
bust through the door when he got there, he was way eairly. Everyone looked at him
with a blank or terrified look. He was the Cities biggest fear, he was worse than
murderers and pedophiles put together. No one knew or wanted to know what he was. Kun
walked in the class with his butterflies resting all over his body. He sat in a
shadowed corner in the far back of the huge homeroom. A few eyes followed him but
when he looked at them with his huge gray eyes, they looked away from his glare.
Shariza and her friends that she was with were sitting in the front of the class,
chatting breifly. She had noticed the boy walk in but didn't mind him till she saw
him fiddling with the ribbons on his chest, arms, and stomach. He had huge flesh
wounds on him but he just put a hand on them and looked forward tp the front of the
class as the teacher walked in."Hello class, let us begin!", the teacher said writing
down the lesson on the chalk board. Shariza and a few others didn't really pay
attention in class but, Kun took notes rapidly and focused on work and his
butterflies. The wounds were killing him so much and an hour later, the bell rang for
lunch and passing period. Everyone got up but Shariza who walked over to Kun slowly.
He looked up a little scared at first and he whimpered, hiding his wounds from her.
Shariza held out a hand to his face and carresed his cheek. She had no clue why she
would be so nice to him I mean, he was the most hated person ever but something
inside her told her that he couldn't be all that bad. Kun flinched at her touch and
scrambled back, frightend by flashbacks and bloody memories. Shariza took a look at
how bad the wounds were."I won't hurt you, I promise.", she said to him, looking at
the bloody ribbons. Kun looked away, a bit scared of her. He'd never being  examined
before, but when he was tortured he was. Shariza was thinking to herself about how he
got like this and why was he so... sad and alone all the time. Kun patted his
butterflies as she un-wrapped the ribbons."A little medical treatment and you should
be good as new.", she said to him, trying to make him have a little hope. Kun leaned
his head on the wall panting and gasping as she ran her fingers over the wounds. She
put some alcohol on them and he screamed with pain. The burn was too much for his
body to handle. She held him close to her to calm him down but he frailed his arms
scared that she'll put more on him. Shariza got up and backed away from him."Is
there... anything else I can do?", Shariza asked with an apoligetic tone. Kun reached
in his pant's pocket and pulled out some fresh ribbons."Wrap these... on my wounds
please?.", He pleaded with watery gray eyes. Shariza took them and nodded. 'How could
he live in so much pain and still live on like this? Was he used to it? Could I help
at all? I hate getting into so much drama...' She thought, wrapping him up. His
butterflies glowed a dark blue and fluttered on him, letting their soft touch sooth
him. He sighed and slumped over in exhaustion. Shariza caught him, making some of the
butterflies scatter. She was wondering why those butterflies seemed so... human like.
It was like they understood everything he did or said, which they did. Kun clutched
her, having a flashback from his past and cried, bleeding out the fresh
ribbons."D-Don't hurt me...", Kun whispered. Shariza had a blank but sad face. She
was so close on the verdge of crying just looking at him like this, in pain,
bleeding, and all alone inside and out. She held him and rocked him very gently."I
would never do such a thing... by the way, what is your name?", She asked him softly.
He looked up dazed at her and sighed."I-I'm Kun...", He said and then fainted in her
arms. She laid him down and tended to him as he slept, dreaming about his fate that
was soon to come...

I shall have Part 2 up by tomorrow or maybe later just like Wood. :P
Last edited: 17 November 2008

‹AlexAttached<3› says:   18 November 2008   267936  
I'm... I'm speechless.
You have no idea how this amused and brightened my soul. <3
Good heavens, Axel.
This was just what I needed to feel renewed today. I can't believe you
put so much effort into that. Next thing I know, I'll be
 our story, or simply forcing it into a play
at my school.
Oh god. Gahhh;;
It's so sad; but I can't get enough.
No, no I can't.

And we shall continue with this.
And you; you are simply wonderful for making this possible.
Thank you.

(So she didn't like drama, eh? She totally asked for it, LOL.)

Kun can't die;;
‹AlexAttached<3› says:   18 November 2008   217341  
*I'll be -cosplaying- out story.
And the rest wasn't meant to go in italics.

‹Wallflowers♥› says:   18 November 2008   399127  
Thank you!
I wrote this in WordPad but the Italic parts didn't show in the story
and I don't wanna edit right now. xD
‹AlexAttached<3› says:   18 November 2008   441124  
Nu, thank you.
;w; If Kupika had a 'favourite' option for diaries too, I'd
absolutely favourite this a godzillion times.
WordPad failed us. D:!

Meh, it's alright.
I've written something too, since I couldn't sleep.
Must type it into MicrosoftWord, 'cause I did it in some notebook. x)
xMusicxIsxLifex says :   29 November 2008   735521  
it seems too fast,
slow it down
give it detail
other than that its beautiful


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