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The girl who found love part 3 chapter 3Category: (general)
Tuesday, 28 October 2008
07:00:01 PM (GMT)
Eddies mom came into the waiting room and sat next to him. They sat in silence to
Eddie fell asleep. Hours went by to a doctor came up to them and said.

	Doctor: Hi I’m Taylor’s doctor and I wandering if I can have both of you come
into my office to talk.

	Eddie’s mom: Sure.

	Eddie woke up and he follow his mom and The doctor down a long hall way to they came
to a door. They went inside and sat down and the doctor said.

	Doctor: Taylor is in a lot of shock whatever she saw really shocked her and scared
her. Eddie can you tell me what happen?

	Eddie: Well it starts when there was a knock on the door so I answer it and It was
her ex best friend Lindsay. She wanted to talk so I invited her and then she said she
wants to go upstairs. So I brought her upstairs and we went into me and Taylor’s
room and then Lindsay pull out to small ropes and tied me to the bed pole. She took
my clothes off and she got on to me. I told to get off but she didn’t. So I laid
there with my eyes clothes and she way playing with my manhood and then she screamed.
I open my eyes and she said she wanted to make it fun. The we heard  me and
Taylor’s daugher cry. She got off of me and she looked at Taylor.
	I struggle to sit up but I finally sat up and I saw Taylor and she had tears coming
done her face. My mom came in and she saw us and she grabbed the baby and took her to
the next room and I told Lindsay to leave and she did. Taylor fell to the ground. I
tried to untie my self to hug her but I gave up and sat there scared. 
	She gets up and unties the rope and she sits on the chair crying. My mom comes in
and ask what happen and I told her everything.
	It’s not my fault I was almost close to getting rape.

The doctor grabbed a tissue and she dab her eyes and she said wow and then she got up
and told then they can see Taylor and she is in room 100. They go to room 100 and
Eddie sits in the chair and holds Taylor’s hand and he saw she was shacking a
little and she still had tears comeing down her face and she was asleep. His mom said
she will go home to take care of Brooke.

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   28 October 2008   892923  
omg!! that was. wow. plz hurry with the next chapter!!! PLZ HURRY!!
‹Emma Bear› says:   28 October 2008   886773  
i will
sharikka123 says:   28 October 2008   356637  
i love wat u hav i cant wait 'till u write ur next 1
sharikka123 says:   28 October 2008   314974  
im writing a story 2 its called the boy next door
‹Emma Bear› says:   28 October 2008   755921  
cool  and thanks
sharikka123 asks:   28 October 2008   426793  
can u read my diary its a good storry
‹Emma Bear› says:   29 October 2008   434773  
ok I will
‹HyperStrawberries!› says:   29 October 2008   685993  
*tears stream down face*
Srry im senstive DD=
Jk! BBut its AWESOME
‹Emma Bear› says:   29 October 2008   398434  
missfuzzball says:   30 October 2008   285366  
that is like well WOW!
‹Emma Bear› says :   31 October 2008   349643  


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