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Stats and Info About Your Horoscopes - [Aries]Category: Untrue But funny - HOROSCOPES
Tuesday, 7 October 2008
08:17:48 PM (GMT)
Some of this may be true - - -

Aries Astrology Profile 

Aries is all about being the leader of the pack. They are always the first people to
get things going, and they're great at getting everyone excited about doing
something. Aries are often called "pioneers" because they are never scared to head
into unknown territory in their search for adventure and entertainment. They're not
always great at finishing projects though - often they will have headed off to the
next adventure before the first one is wrapped up. Aries have tons of energy and they
never want to sit still for very long. They also have very charming and magnetic
personalities. People are drawn to Aries and often make Aries the center of a group
or social circle - where Aries is very happy to be!

Aries people are very forceful and this can be good when things need a kick start.
They are bold and competitive and they have the inner strength to take on most any
battle and win. Aries are usually great at team sports because they never quit giving
their all until their team has won the game. They tend to leap before they look,
showing great physical courage without a second thought. They are popular in group
projects and at work for the same reason - they'll work their hardest to make the
whole team look good. However, Aries can also be pushy, forcing their ideas on other
people. They are very blunt and they don't spend a lot of time worrying how to say
their opinions in a nice way - they just say them! Aries will stubbornly push their
point to the end in an argument, and they will get the last word too

Your Gem -

Aries' astrological gem is the DIAMOND.

Diamond is the ultimate gemstone, having few weaknesses and many strengths... just
like the astrological sign of Aries! The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word
adamas, meaning "unconquerable and indestructible." Diamond is the King of Gems. It
is one of the most powerful stones and is the hardest substance found in nature.
Diamonds are supposed to be even more powerful when combined with other gemstones.

Diamonds are associated with strength and good luck. They also signify purity and
innocence. Wearing diamonds is supposed to help Aries people to have calm sleep, and
the stones are said to take away nightmares. Just like the intelligent and
fond-of-debate Aries, a diamond reflects light and thought and can absorb all
energies, both positive and negative.

Diamonds in Legend:
Diamonds were worn in ancient times to promote strength, invincibility and courage.
The earliest record of a man giving a diamond to a woman for her hand in marriage was
in 1477, when the ArchDuke of Austria gave one to Mary of Burgundy. Humans have a
long history of appreciating the special qualities of diamonds. Over the years and
around the globe, their unique hardness, clarity and relative rarity have typically
made them symbols of social and financial success

Your Celeb Pals -

Celebrities who share your astrological sign of Aries:

Ashley Judd
Claire Danes
Hayden Christensen
Jackie Chan
Jennie Garth
Jennifer Garner
Jamie Lynn Spears
Jesse McCartney
Kate Hudson
Keira Knightley
Mandy Moore
Mariah Carey
Pharrell Williams
Quentin Tarantino
Reese Witherspoon
Robert Downey Jr.
Rosie O'Donnell
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Shannen Doherty 

Your Colour -

Aries' astrological color is RED.

Like the sign Aries, the color red is active, daring, passionate, and optimistic.
Wearing or being surrounded by this color will enhance alertness and encourage
activity. On the color wheel, red is the most intense colour, the furthest from both
black and white, and it is noteworthy that Aries people are also known for being

In Ancient Egypt, red symbolised masculinity, life, and warmth, but also danger. It
was the opposite of the feminine white. Girls born under the sign of Aries often have
many qualities people think of as "masculine" - such as being risk-takers and
sometimes being argumentative.

In some cultures, red denotes purity, joy and celebration. Red is the color of
happiness and prosperity in China and may be used to attract good luck.

Though pink would seem to be the opposite of red, in terms of image, the color pink
is simply a milder and more affectionate shade of red. Pink is feminine rather than
masculine. When worn by Aries, or used in home decor such as the bedroom, it is good
for comfort and healing.

Your Love life -

Aries like to play as hard as they work. An Aries person will be happiest in a
spirited love match with someone fun and energetic who also challenges them

Aries people are passionate and loving in a romantic relationship. They can also be
very playful and romantic with the right partner.

Aries are loyal when they are in love, but they get very irritated by possessive
partners. If you cling too tight to an Aries, they'll feel smothered and they'll end
up fleeing the relationship. 

Your Books -

Aries people like to read fast-paced, entertaining stories that give them a rush of

Short stories are great for Aries because they are quick to read and deliver the
ending without a lot of extra detail.

Thrillers and adventure stories are also very popular with Aries. Favorite authors
might include Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe. 

Your Career -

Good careers for Aries include:

Ambulance driver
Director (movies, TV and videos)
Emergency Medical Technician
Make-up artist
Military officer
Police officer
Public relations executive
Sales person
Video game designer 

Chocolate -

Give an Aries person a box of chocolates, and they will eat all of the candies at one

Fav Foods -

Aries people enjoy variety! Their dream meal is a bunch of different, yummy
appetizers. For this reason, they love eating at parties where there's a buffet, so
they can browse and munch on various flavors and foods while they socialize.

Aries are ruled by the element of Fire, so they like their food to be hot and spicy.
They hate bland, boring meals and when they cook they will spice up their dishes with
basil, cinnamon and curry.

Aries like red foods, including tandoori chicken, lasagne, chicken cacciatore and
anything with spicy tomato sauce.

Health Matters -

Key areas: Head and face

Aries are susceptible to headaches and nervousness. The best health advice for Aries
is to slow down... but we don't expect the hot-headed Ram to listen!

Because it's important for Aries to keep their iron levels up, they need to eat lots
of protein (found in meat, poultry, seafood and nuts) and vitamin B12 (found in
clams, salmon, and fortified breakfast cereals)

Movie Picks -

Aries find it thrilling to be scared by thrillers and horror movies. The movies of M.
Night Shyamalan ("Lady in the Water", "The Village", "The Sixth Sense", etc.) are
perfect movies for Aries' tastes.

Aries people will also like remakes of Japanese horror films, such as the scare-fest
movies "The Grudge" and "The Ring."

Action films that pack a lot of physical activity and stunts, like the movies of
Jackie Chan, and the old-school Arnold Schwartzenegger ("True Lies") and Bruce Willis
("Die Hard") Movies are also entertaining for people born under the Aries sign.

Music Picks -

Aries are the people who are always up on the cutting edge of music. They are usually
the first to know about new bands, before they get popular with everybody.

The Alt/Indie aisle is where you'll often find Aries at the music store. Eminem and
Fall Out Boy are artists who will appeal to a lot of Aries people.

Basically when it comes to music, if it makes their parents put their hands over
their ears, Aries probably love it!

TV Picks -

Aries love watching competitive events, so they may find themselves drawn to watching
extreme sports competitions on TV. They'll also love watching the more exciting
competitions of the televised Olympic Games. And most Canadian Arians are big-time
hockey fans!

Action adventure series are also popular with Aries, especially ones with non-stop
intensity like "24". Shows like "Supernatural" that have a thriller angle will appeal
to this sign.

Arians also enjoy shows that have smart characters and snappy banter, such as "Sex
and the City" and "Grey's Anatomy."

Restaurant You -

Always looking for a big adventure to get involved in, Aries are often too busy to
sit down and eat a whole meal! They'd rather be dancing or checking out a new place
with friends. That's why Aries usually grab food on the go - so they tend to eat a
lot of convenience foods.

When they're in a restaurant, Aries should order a variety of appetizers or first
courses, which will allow them to "explore" lots of different foods all in one time
and place.

At a sushi bar, a bento box filled with different foods, or a mixed sushi or sashimi
appetizer, will fit the bill.

Aries people can also indulge their love of variety away from home at Spanish-style
tapas restaurants. "Tapas" means little plates, and you order several to make up your
meal. Perfect for the Ram!

Sporty You -

Aries are high in energy and they tend to be very athletic people.

Favorite sporting activities could include martial arts, soccer, high impact aerobics
and aerobic dance.

Travel Picks -

Great vacation spots for Aries include:

San Francisco

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   7 October 2008   889275  
can u do one for scorpio?
‹<3 Alison› says:   7 October 2008   661696  
Jesse McCartney rocks!
Amy_Bby says :   8 October 2008   154288  
Yea sure i will do one for Scorpio


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