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Sunday, 5 October 2008
09:51:35 PM (GMT)
Zoh my god, double digit chapters!! *throws a breif Double Digit chapter party for
all my... 4? fans*

Chapter ten: Meerkats?!

    I headed back below deck. Three more hours in the only place I could ever
remember being? The eiphal tower kid and his family seem rather releaved, but I'm
kinda bummed to be honest. I tugged at my door (it still sticks in it's frame) When a
small brown blur goes whoshing through my legs. I look after it but can't
really see what it is. It just goes tu-tipa-tap-tu-tippa-tap-tu-tippa-tap down the
halls. Maybe I should follow it? nah... I think I'll go ask Bill what's going on.
    I go to Bills room but he's not there. So I head over to Moms room only to find
that she's standing on her bed trying to stay away from the meerkats that were
mobbing her.
   Um, exuse me but what exactly are a bunch of meerkats doing on the boat? Really it
makes no sense. So these meerkats are squeking like crazy and making these spitting
noises, sticking there tails in the air trying to scare mom away. She's shreiking
about how rats are filthy vermin so maybe she doesn't know that they're meerkats.
"Ahhh get away from me you disgusting creatures!!" "sheuipt, squewnk..." Then mom
notices me  and says "Get on the bed! Quickly!"
    Does she honestly expect me to hide from meerkats? The things are a foot tall! (I
don't know how I knew so much about meerkats but I wasn't going to question being the
one how knew what was going on for once.) So I said "Mom calm down. they're just
meerkats." And I grabbed one by the tail. It didn't appreciate this treatment
however, and squirmed until I dropped it. Then it ran out the door, followed by
several other meerkats. Three stayed behind to mob me though so I grabbed two (hey, I
only have so many hands.)
    "what are you doing Penelope? Those could have rabise! Put them down!" At which
point Bill, Julie, Emily, and Eiphal tower fact boy came running in. Bill had a
meerkat in each hand, Julie and Emily had a meerkat each, and the kid was holding
nothing but looked like he was having the time of his life. "Did any run in here?"
asked Julie. 
    "Yes they did, and they tried to attack me!" said mom. Bill looked at the
meerkats I was holding and said "Nice job Penelope, you got some!" then smiled at me.
Of course everyone practicly had to shout, due to six noisy meerkats. Then Eiphal
tower boy said "follow me, meerkat brigade for a clan battle approaches!"  Then he
just leaves the room. Who does this kid think he is? Bill, Julie, Emily, and I look
at each other, shrug, and follow the kid. I whisper to Emily "Meerkat Brigade?" and
she says "I don't know, we were trying catch the meerkats and this kid runs over
saying his meerkat sense was tingeling. Honestly I just think he's had to much sugar
and can hear them squeking better then we can."
    "Why would he have better hearing?" "The kids like eight, he's too young to have
damaged his hearing with Ipods yet."
I like to think she's kidding.
     As we go to chase meerkats we pass Franks room. Bill kicks the door open
(because his hands were filled with meerkats) And puts his meerkats under the bed,
were they coware and lick their tails. "Frank said we could, but him and Aunt Julie
are on the deck so that she won't strain herself fending off meerkats." Is no woman
on this boat not afraid of foot tall ground dwelling rodents?
    we unload the meerkats int the room then go off to find the others. As we walk
Julie explains that fourteen meerkats had been sighted and the captain had asked her
and Bill to catch them because they "young, strong, and the only ones on board who
won't turn this into a bigger deal then it really is."
   Emily said "I caught up with them and started trying to help, and we told you how
Jacob turned up. Hey I see one!" The meerkat in question sat in the middle of the
hall grooming. suddenly it's head snapped up. The meerkat stared at us. We stared at
the meerkat. The meerkat slowly stood up on it's hind feet and said "Wubnk wunk
wubnk, wuh Wunk wunk wunk!" Each sound making it's chest puff out. from far away we
heard answering wunks going "whunk wunkhunk wunk!" and with that the meerkat
took off down the hall. "After it!" shouted Jocab, the self proclaimed eight year old
leader of "the meerkat brigade". 
   It must have been  quite a sight to the old Irish guy we past. A lone meerkat
sprinting down the hall being chased by a hyper kid, and four panting teenagers. We
backed the meerkat into a wall and tried to surround it but it scoooted between our
legs. We turned to follow it only to see it running at two other meerkats, kicking up
it's back legs and sticking it's tail up. When they reached each other they strarted
wresting and biting. We quickly collected all three. 
    "Nine down." I said. Julie and Bill went to put them in  Franks room while Emily,
Jacob, and I went to look for the other five. "ten bucks says they have a make-out
session before they come back." said Emily. "Yuck!" said Jacob. "Piish, Bill doesn't
have that much game," I said. And we all laughed and went out to find the escaped
meerkats. I heard screaming coming from the mens room so Emily sent Jacob inside to
investigate. He came out a moment later holding a struggling meerkat. A middle aged
woman came out after him followed by some spiky haired dude who was doing his best to
look twenty but was probably around thirty five. Jacob motioned towards the woman
using the hand currently occupied by an annoyed meerkat, causing her to jump.
     "Need I explain?" he asked dryly. Emily and I shook our heads. Uncle Frank came
down the hall then holding a meerkat. "How many have you got?" Frank asked. Emily did
the math is he head, looking skyward as she did so. "we've gotten ten, counting the
one Jacobs holding. Please tell me that you've gotten four others." Frank shook his
head. "Nope, just this one. And I got him by accident. I quite literally stubbled
upon him. I really hurt myself too... Just kidding I'm fine. But where should I put
     "We've just been putting them in your room." said Jacob. "WHAT?!" whoops.
I guess Bill lied. Conveintly Bill and Julie came running around the corner, saving
us three from explaining. Bill slowed to a walk when he spotted frank. "Hey Frank!"
He said with entagerated cheerfulness "I know your probably mad at me for
putting nine meerkats in your bedroom but-" "There are meerkats in my bed room?!"
said Frank, as if Jacob hadn't told him moments before. Bill paled, which I guess is
why Frank acted like Bill was the one to tell him: So that Bill'd freak and Frank
could laugh. Which he did. Very hard. For several minutes. When he finally calmed
down he said "It's fine, just take these two down too."
     For the next two hours we hunted down the last meerkats. When we got the last of
them we went up to let the captain know. As we reached the top step we heard a
grinding noise from below us. "ICEBURG!!!! shouted Jacob, who was still
winding down from his buzz. 
    "Attention passengers: This is you captian speaking. I am happy to say we just
landed in France. Also could the owner of fourteen meerkats come up here please?
Thank you." Now I know exactly why he said that of course but really, how weird does
that sound?
    "Oh my gosh! I didn't know we were landing today!" Said Emily, bouncing up and
down on the deck. "Duh, it was a three week cruise. It was schedualed to end
today." said Bill. "Oh yay! La France! Tre magnifique!" Trilled Julie. "Honestly,
whenever anyone want's to sound French they say "tre magnique", but how often do the
actual people of France say it? I personally cannot remember the last time I said the
word "magnificent". Said jacob, slumping against a wall. 
     "Finaly crashing from your sugar buzz, eh kid?" said Frank. "Hey it wasn't
sugar okay? I drank a full pot of coffee on my own."
"dang Jake, don't you have to use the bathroom?" I asked. Why is it that I couldn't
remember my own name but I recognize a meerkat on sight and know the effect coffee
has on my bladder?
     "Not if I don't think about it. Let's go." We told the captain where the
meerkats were then went to get our things.
"I can't beleive it!" said Emily as we walked down the plank. "France."
     "Yeah." I said. We got on shore and looked around. "Now what?"

Note from Kirti~~~ I just love meerkats don't you? I promise to start updating more
Last edited: 12 October 2008

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   5 October 2008   379628  
meerkats!? I'm sry but that chapter freaked me out. seriously, u love
Kirti says:   6 October 2008   538593  
Yeah! I wathc meerkat manor whenever I can. which isn't often so I
bought a DVD box set!

also for those who were confused about the fact that "Jacob" was
called "George" in the last chapter... um... well...

IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! hehe... (I'll just say that the woman was watching
Jacob for his mother and got his name worng.)
Kirti says:   6 October 2008   773153  
oh and in case anyone was wondering- A woman ran into the mens room
while fleeing a meerkat, The meerkat slipped in before the door shut,
And all the while a man had been using a uranal. He screamed because a
randoom woman was there while his areas were exposed and the woman
screamed due to a foot tall rodent.
( I would have said straight out but it always ended up sounding a bit
rambeling when I put it all in the story.)
Rin_Sohma says:   6 October 2008   999776  
Meerkat Facts with Rin:
surprisingly, all the meerkat behavoirs mentioned are actually
factual. (hey that almost rhyms!)
--Anyway when they want to scare away predators they make spit calls,
stick they're tails up (to appear bigger) and mob the ... whatever it
    Also they really are only about a foot tall.
they also kick up they're back feet when charging into a fight to
appear frightening. Like "rawr fear me and my terrifying
    and they "Wunk"ing is alarm calls. Sentrys stand on two legs and
look at for danger, and they make that noise to warn others of said

You really do watch meerkat manor!
Kirti says:   6 October 2008   719755  
Yes... I already knew all that Rin.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   6 October 2008   819571  
I Love Meerkats, Too! Woo-hoo! Awesomest chapter! Keep writing, girl!
Kirti says:   6 October 2008   769859  
Okay then! thank you!

honestly there was no real reason to release meerkats. I just thought
it'd be fun to write! (hehe, selfish selfish me.)
Kirti says :   6 October 2008   172947  

listen to the warning call in the begining. it's the wunk noise!!


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