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Two Worlds meet [ Chapter one ] NEW!Category: READ!
Monday, 22 September 2008
05:24:56 PM (GMT)
this is the story with a page of characters. 
i need more male !! 

Remember : the *** means different place.


Daiki was the first of many to be teleported from earth to a parallel world. He
seemed to be the eldest and the 'leader'. 
"Daiki!" said Joshi flowing in. 
"yes...?" he asked. 
"we have a new person here!" said Koma who followed Joshi in. Daiki looks at they
head to toe. 
"your not lieing? " he said. 
"if they were , then why would i be here... ? " Chika asked in a sarcastic way on her
way in. Daiki got up in shock of who was in front of him. 
"whats your name? and how old are you? " he said trying not to melt. 
" i'm Chika, and i am 17 " she said leaning against the wall. 
"oh... " he said disappointedly. Kaze slaped him. 
" nice to know were not the only ones here. " she said shyly. Daiki rubbed his head.

"did you guys show Chika her room ?" he said. Joshi and Koma shoke their heads no.
Daiki smiled. "then i will.." he said walking towards the door grabing Chika by the
hand. Kaze slapped herself . 

Chika sat down on the bed. "so .. you and me have to share a room.. and a bed.?" she
said. Daiki smiled. 
"yes." he said. 
"thank god.." she said lieing down
 " i thought i might have been killed by those girls.". Daiki sat down next to Chika
"well, they're all to kind to do that. ". Chika got off the bed. 
"well.. should i get a tour about this world or what? " she said with a small smile.
Daiki nodded. 
"yeah," he said getting up and grabing her hand again "lets go my love "
Maynnie and Kiari were sitting outside in the park when Daiki and Chika walked
in.Maynnie had a rabbit in her arms and ran over to Chika. 
"Hi i'm Maynnie and this is Tony" she said smiling. Kiari was following Maynnie. 
"hello i'm Kiari " she said. Chika smiled alittle. 
"i'm Chika, nice rabbit." she said. Daiki pulled Chika along. 
"You haven't seen half of it and you stop to talk to the girls?" he said. Chika was
disappointed when one more girl came along. 
"hi i'm Pearl.." Pearl said picking some flowers for the 'leader'. 
Chika waved to the girl and said " Hi i'm Chika . see you soon! ". 
Daiki and Chika made it to a old town built before they got there. 
"i wish i could make this place back to normal." he said looking at the rubble. 
"why? did you live here, or in what was here? " she said wiping away dirt from a rock
then sitting on it. 
"yes, i've been here for 5 years. " he said sitting next to her. " this was once a
beautiful place with many other special people. unknowingly a powerful man swept
forth the whole land, killed everyone. but me.. " Chika put her hand on his leg. 
"i'm sorry.. but if everyone here trains their ability's .. maybe we can beat him. "
she said . 
"it's been years since a new person arrived. we might have to wait and see.. " he
said looking at her and how determend she looked.
Last edited: 24 September 2008

Rena9000 says:   24 September 2008   278371  
ooooh! i love it so far!!!!!! i was wondering if....and when my
character was coming in! (kaze bara)
‹The~Labryinth› says :   24 September 2008   243154  
she came in first paragraph  
'Kaze slaped him. 
" nice to know were not the only ones here. " she said shyly.'


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