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The Tale Of The Uzumaki and The HazumiCategory: (general)
Friday, 5 September 2008
09:33:56 PM (GMT)
Me:Okay finally chapter 4!!! :D:D:D 

"Sasuke-bastard?! Sakura?!" Naruto asked in pure surprise looking at the pair.
(A/N:Note he didnt add ''chan'' to Sakura's name.) "shut up dobe-kun(1).'' Sasuke
said. Naruto glared at Sasuke, and Sasuke glared back. Sakura looked at Akira, and
gasped at what she was seeing. Her Naruto was now being snatched away by a girl who
was prettier than her. 'I can't compete with her, shes beautiful!' Sakura's
mind said. ''IS THAT ANYWAY TO TALK?! CHA!!!!" Sakura's inner roared. "NO
WAY!!!" Sakura yelled back at her inner self. "THEN STEAL THAT LOSER BACK!!!!"
Her inner said sounding like a drill sergeant. Of course Sakura hated Naruto's guts,
she despised him, she didnt even want to be in a 50 inch range with him!! But she
liked Naruto chasing after her, trying to impress her, and always asking her out.
Naruto looked at Sakura, and just smiled at what she was wearing. Sakura had on a
light pink kimono with dark pink sakura's. Her hair had been put into a low neat bun,
and had bangs around her face. She also had red chopsticks poking out of the bun.
Sakura had even put on some strawberry lip gloss. Normally Naruto would be drooling
and telling Sakura how pretty she looked, but compared to Akira, Naruto thought
Sakura looked like she might as well be wearing a paper bag.  "Naruto-kun don't I
look so pretty?'' Sakura asked in a flirty voice. "I guess so.'' Naruto said he
raised an eyebrow at the suffix added for his name. Usually the closest thing he got
was "Naruto-baka(2).'' Sasuke raised an eyebrow, and looked interested. 'What game
is the dobe playing?' he wondered. For once Sakura looked jealous. Jealous that
Naruto was with a girl he that wasn't her. So she tried a different approach.
"Naruto-kun, who's your new friend?" Sakura asked she stepped closer to Akira, and
studied her closely. 'Innocent look, puppy dog eyes, a star pout, and a knockout
smile shes perfect!' Sakura's brain concluded. ''Thats Akira-chan Sakura.''
Naruto said smiling. Then he whispered to her, "Shes cute huh?" Sakura looked shocked
at him. He had never called her cute, or introduced her to other people. Sakura
whispered back, "You like her?" Naruto blushed and poked his fingers together a habit
from Hinata. Sakura's eyes widened. 'He does like her! That could have been me, if
only I had been nice to him.' she thought sadly. Sakura could never find out why
she hated Naruto. Sure he didn't have parents to teach him right from wrong, but it
wasn't his fault. Sakura then remembered all the insults she had said to Naruto about
him being a loser, an idiot and the most recent a nothing a nobody. Sakura looked to
see that Akira and Naruto had sat at a table and were sharing a bowl of ramen. Akira
giggled when Naruto got some ramen on his face, an Akira wiped it off still laughing
while Naruto pretended to be hurt. Sakura thought they looked cute together, Sasuke
just said a simple, "Hn.'' and began to eat his tomato soup, but others didn't agree.
People were staring at Naruto with hateful eyes, glaring at him. If looks could kill,
Naruto would be dead in two seconds. Akira noticed this, and glared back at the
audience who was eye murdering Naruto. She wanted to yell stop, what has he ever done
to them? Sure he was a bit too loud, but sh what? As soon as Akira opened her mouth
to say it, Naruto put his hand on her arm. "It's okay Akira-chan, It's good to know
you care.'' Naruto said. He siled a bitter smile. "But Naruto-kun, no one should be
treated like that! Not someone as nice, sweet, and cute like you!" Akira said almost
stuttering on the 'cute' part. Naruto smiled a real smile, he leaned in and surprised
Akira and everyone by-

You will have to wait! >:D

1.Dobe-Dead last
2. Baka-idiot

This Chapter Contained-

Naruto x Akira <3
Naruto x Sakura slight!
Sakura x Sasuke
Jealous Sakura

What will Naruto do to Akira?!

‹Ðark Fox› says:   6 September 2008   712676  
getting interesting  stupid Sakura >_>
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says :   6 September 2008   732933  
i know! XD stupid Sakura XD


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