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My New Characters and Their Bios!<3Category: Creationz.....ALIVE!
Sunday, 17 August 2008
09:59:37 AM (GMT)
Yo!It's been a long time since I've come online...XD
I've been busy on:

But during those times,I whipped up new characters!:D
Kaijimitzu Kazahana

Ookamimitzu Xen (pronounced Zhen)

And Haruka Miroko

Kaijimitzu Kazahana is 14 and a half.His cousin is Ookamimitzu Xen.
He has a quick temper,and he is a Brawling Ninja,and specializes in Taijiutsu.
Kaijimitzu here has a secret crush on Akane Haku(you know her.....XD),and since he's
so much better minded than Natsume Hime Kyotomaru(yosh....I changed his last
name....),he doesn't show his love for her.........unless he really has to.
He hates Haruka,but however admits that they once made-out.He calls Haruka a
douchebag for that.
His rank is ANBU Black Ops and he is a part of the Hakkyukenmaru organization led by

Ookamimitzu Xen is just 14,with no quarters,halves,bla bla bla........
She has a high temper,and she is an Illusionist Ninja,and specializes in Ninjutsu and
Ookamimitzu can turn into a wolf(Bijuu......dun dun dun dunnnnnnn!!!!) called
Ookatsumo,a demon wolf with 40 tails.
She has no lovers at all,but she looks out for her older cousin Kaijimitzu at all
times.....needless to say,Kaijimitzu also looks out for her.
They speak German,Chinese,Japanese,Filipino,English.......insults each other in those
languages too XD
Her rank is the same as Kaijimitzu's,and she also is a part of Hakkyukenmaru

Haruka Miroko is 16.She has no living relatives.She was an orphan.
She is mild tempered,and she is an Assassin Ninja like Akane,however,is a lot weaker
than Akane is.
Haruka once made-out with Kaijimitzu.How?Only special girls could catch his eye.She
got through him by.....Sexiness,Sexy Jutsu......
She is the head of Hakkyukenmaru Organization,like the Akatsuki.

Phew!So many words today...XD

‹XXxByakugan_PrincessxXX› says:   18 August 2008   864134  
Chidori_Chan says :   24 August 2008   383984  
yeah,wait till I upload my drawings XD


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