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5 Facts of Epic Wins (contains Naruto, Phoenix Wright, KH, etc...)Category: (general)
Thursday, 17 July 2008
08:39:16 AM (GMT)
5 Facts
1. Middle name: Genevieve
2. Astrological sign: Scorpio, just like Maxwell from Hamtaro.
3. Eye color: Hazel-ish brownish yellow-ish. Almost Orochimaru, but not that
yellow...I wish.
4. Birth date: ...erm, I didn't date when I was that young... (jk)
5. Home state: North Carolina.

5 Favorites
6. Fave movie: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
7. Fave book: The Pendragon Series.
8. Fave candy: A Take 5 bar.
9. Fave makeup: EYELINER.
10. Fave magazine: Anime Insider and Shounen Jump.

5 People
11. Newest friend: ...I have no idea...
12. Childhood nemesis: Clay R, totally.
13. Longest-lasting crush: Well, I think that was Louie L... I liked him for two
14. Role model: Matt Engarde and Max Galactica! I WANNA BE A SERIAL KILLER AND A
15. Kindergarten teacher: Mrs. DeLaney.

5 Things
16. My personal chant is:
17. I canít find my: sanity.
18. My friends say that I'm: the wildest and least shameful of the group.
19. My parents were going to name me: Maggey. Eurgh. I am not that unlucky...
20. I would never eat: Zetsu. Because a cannibal can't eat a cannibal. (LOLJKPPLZ!)

5 Moments
21. I read my first book when: I was about one and a half-ish...
22. The first time I lost a friend was when: Second grade, Haley D. 
23. I had a really good laugh when: me and two other girls, along with my boyfriend,
were sharing pocky while waiting in line for the        
      Masq at Tekko.
24. I was so proud of myself when: I got into the Governer's School for Math and
25. If I could, I would go back to: the time I first beat Kingdom Hearts II.

5 Places
26. My first kiss happened (or should happen) at: practice one day, when everybody
27. I spend most of my time at: Computer or video game screens.
28. I used to hide my diary: Under my bed, before I threw it away.
29. My favorite place to unwind is: Mah computer.
30. I'd hate to live in: A box, along with Hobo-Phoenix.

5 Choices
31. Morning or night: NIGHT, plz. That's when my good anime's on TV.
32. Cats or dogs: Neither, please! Well, I would like a basset hound, yeah, but I'd
rather have a boa constrictor.
33. Computer or cell phone: COMPY! I don't even use my cell :P
34. Pop or soda: Pop! Mr. Pop!
35. Vegetables or fruit: Veggies, because they make me feel happyish!

5 Ifs
36. If I could move anywhere, it would be: Osaka or Tokyo, Japan. My true home.
37. If I were an animal, I would be: A water snake.
38. If I could change one thing, it would be: that this entire world could be
transformed at my will.
39. If I had one superpower, it would be: to be able to jump in and out of any video
game, book, TV show, etc. at my will.
40. If I had a million dollars to spend, I would: Buy the ENTIRE Waldenbooks anime
section, then save the rest for college.

5 Pasts
41. My first word was: Daddy. Fur-dur. I should have been saying "OBJECTION!" or
42. When I played make-believe, I: pretended I was Sakura from "Cardcaptors"
43. I used to watch, on continual repeat: Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon, plus Cardcaptors.
44. I canít believe I worried so much about: getting bad grades.
45. I was so afraid of: Wasps, bees, hornets, any form of stinging or biting bug.

5 Futures
46. When I grow up, I want to be a(n): Criminal Prosecuting Attorney, so I can wear a
pretty maroon suit with a cravat.
47. Before I die, I hope to: become a nobody right after I die ^.^
48. I'll be friends with: A lot of the same people, plus a lot of new ones.
49. I'll live: by myself, unless I gets la-married.
50. I'll make a difference by: ruling the world!


livereal says:   17 July 2008   824321  
.. ur lucky.. too much time on hand..grats on getting into the
governer schools 4 math and science

sorz for spelling
Katilix says:   18 July 2008   823858  
Ah. Well, this is the productivity of what happens when I'm
bored...ur welcomz on the congrats!
popsciclexdino says:   19 July 2008   844747  
I'm Back From Camp!!!  You Do Have ALOT Of Free Time........ TEHEHE
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   20 July 2008   126434  
I like your answers for some of these! Like the sanity one! FUNNY! XD
Katilix says :   22 July 2008   798314  

I lost mah sanity a loooong time ago...


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