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Change her mind - [[ 1 ]]Category: Story
Tuesday, 3 June 2008
07:10:31 PM (GMT)
So here starts an epic narrative of a young redhead littly lady with her mesmirizing
clear green eyes.

Love Joy Sparks' only hatred of vacationing in Boracay Island in the Philippines, are
the boats parked over by the left side of the island. She hated the water. She hated
the boat. When she was nearly 13 years old of age, her mother had died in the sea.
She eventually started building hatred and a strong angst against it. 2 years later,
that didn't change. Everything stayed the same. Nothing could ever change her mind.

Love was walking away from the shore and towards the boutiques with her best friend.
Her long red fiery hair swaying along with her body as she walked. The hair that was
the same as her mother's beautiful ones. She smiled a little at the thought of it.
She even blushed and was glad that she had freckles. Her freckles always covered her
blushes. She was fairly tall. She looked a lot like her mother and her dad had surely
made sure for her to never forget. He would always remind her. What's probably the
only thing that didn't resemble her was instead of the clear blue eyes that was as
blue as the sky that her mother had. She had clear green mesmirizing ones. She was
part filipino. Her dad was pure, but he grew up in Canada. But in her mom's case. She
was half Filipino and half Canadian.

"You're staying here for the whole summer right, Love?" asked her best friend, Live.

Her real name was really Olivia. But Love had called and made millions of nicknames
for her. Until she finally thought of the right one. Live. It was perfect. Sweet and
short. Plus, it had amused her how Live and Love had only one letter difference to
it. At least in her own little world it was amusing. But apparently not for anyone
else. Live would always just stare at her and wait for her to stop, when she would
always laugh about it. She was also tall. Taller than Love. She didn't have her red
fiery hair, freckles, or her clear green eyes. But Live had something of her own. She
had brown wavy hair and brown eyes. Which Love adored about her. She didn't know why.
She just did.

"Why indeed of course, my dear." she replied, laughing. "Dad's been avoiding one of
his clients again."

"Oh, how lovely." said Live smiling.

"I strongly agree." They laughed. "But I know, he really wanted to stay here, because
of the water and boats. I mean, I don't get why people like that. It's disgusting!"

Live stared at her blankly and explained, "Boats and sea water can't be disgusting,

"Yeah, well. In my world, it's perfectly disgusting." she argued.

"Oh why, of course. It is you," Live laughed.


Suddenly a boy about their age runs up to them, assuming it was Evan, and says,
"Love, your dad's out sailing again." with an out of breath voice.

Your dad's out sailing again. Your dad's out sailing again.
It echoed on Love's mind. She immediately ran to the shore, searching for the boat.
For her dad. She looked around slowly and there he was. She waved, hoping to get heis
attention. She gave a little smile as the man on the boat, her dad, waved back.

Gunther Sparks. That was her dad. Her dad was a big shot lawyer in Canada. But once
they step one foot on to this country, this island. He just suddenly becomes that man
who loves to sail despite her daughter's hatred towards it. The man who just use to
be this little boy who would run around the beach. The man who people loved seeing
around. The man who was Love Joy Sparks' father.

"Gunther Nathan Sparks! You are a dead man!" she yelled out, not knowing or even
thinking that what she had just said might and would've come true. Or at least close
to that. The boat that he was on suddenly headed off course and went towards where
she was standing. Near the shore. But, there was rocks. He was headed towards huge
stones. The boat was going too fast. Way too fast. Too fast that it had crashed in a
blink of an eye.

Love only stood there. She couldn't moved. She was literally frozen and paralyzed.
Just a few little while, people began surrounding the boat. Surrounding the shore.
Surrounding her. She didn't move. She just watched there like she was glued on to a
couch and was just watching the news. She didn't want to watch. But she did. She
wanted to close her eyes. But she didn't. After a while. It was over. Everyone
disappeared, as if it was last week's news.

"Sis." whispered a familiar voice coming from beside her. Donald.

It was his younger twin brother, Donald. He was the more open-minded one. He was the
one more accepting of what life shoots at him. He was the only one that Love turned
to when their mother had passed away of a terrible accident. He was fairly tall, as
tall as her sister. He also had her mother's red fiery hair and her clear blue eyes
that was as blue as the sky. But, he didn't have the freckles that the mom and
daughter shared together.

She knew it was her brother. But she didn't bother turning to him. Instead, she stood

"Are you okay?" he asked tilting his head a little.

She didn't answer. She didn't know the answer.

"Dad's at the hospital now." he said softly.

She knows that. She didn't exactly see it. But she knows.

"He's okay. He's injured. But he's okay."

She knows. She didn't turn to look at her twin brother.

"You knew didn't you?" she asked in a cold raspy voice. Almost emotionless. Almost...

"Yeah." he said and nodded.

She didn't sigh and didn't say anything else. But she turned her head to him and

"He's okay, you know. He's dad. He's not like mom." he explained.

She knows. But she just kept on staring at him as if she was just staring boringly at
a plain white wall. As if Donald was a plain white wall.

"Joy, look, I'm sorry. But you just have to let it go. Dad's dad. He won't die like
mom. But if he does. We just need to suck it up. It's not like we can do anything
about it. Mom's gone... there's no point on hating the boat and the sea. It's over."
he explained in a serious face.

Joy. She kind of felt good when she had heard him call her. Donald in the
entire world, is probably the only one who had called her by her first middle name.
Her second middle name was, Ann, but only her mother and her knows about that. It was
a secret between the mother and daughter and she had loved that.

Love tilted her head a bit on the left, as if trying to figure out something. Then
she said in a very soft and sad voice, almost like a baby crying, "Can we go get some
ice cream, on the way to the hospital?"

Donald grinned and laughed. My dear sister.

"Of course," he replied and led the way.

Love followed him as he walked away from the shore. Then she clinged onto his arm and
said, "Thanks".

- - - -

When they got to the hospital, Love had already finished her ice cream. She continued
to follow her brother.

"Let's see. 114, was it?" asked Donald, more to himself, than her sister.

"Ah, here." he said, finally as he finally found the right room. He opened it slowly
and went it. Love didn't say anything and followed.

Love walked in and saw her father laying on a white bed wearing white hospital
clothes. He who was looking straight at her. She couldn't say anything. She didn't
want to say anything.

"Love Joy." her dad whispered.

Love opened her mouth to speak. But immediately closed it after. She examined her
dad. His right left arm was beaten up pretty badly. It was bandaged like his
forehead. He probably smacked his head on a part of a boat, she thought.

Last edited: 7 June 2008

xExotic says :   3 June 2008   862243  
Live and Love.


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