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A Very Strange SequelCategory: Sequel to A Very Strange Story
Thursday, 29 May 2008
01:16:03 PM (GMT)
A Very Strange Sequel

Before you start reading; I would want you to know that, like what the title says, is
a sequel. A sequel to A Very Strange Story, if you haven’t read it then I would
suggest that you read it so at lest this story won’t be confusing and stranger then
it already is. For those who had read A Very Strange Story; forget I said anything
and read this story.

It was a stormy night; the wind seemed to be restless. One could swear that you can
hear the cries of those long since passed. That what it seemed to be for a villain,
sitting at his desk, searching the internet for info about the teenagers you read in
the last story.

“Those blasted teenagers and their talking dog… no wait; wrong teens. Let me say that
again. Those blasted teenagers and their talking Ryune killed my brother during his
brilliant monologue. I will avenge him once I figure out who they are and stuff.” The
villain scowled. 

He sat there, searching online, for any kind of info about what will soon be his
victims. Then he found a blog belonging to a student of the Sir Kynaston High School.
She wrote quiet a long bit about every single bit of what she thought of her class
mates. The villain, after having his computer translate the text message like writing
to proper readable writing, skimmed over the classmate list till he saw what he

Galina House: She said to be a psychic, but she is such a chicken. Everything scares

Silvia Nebula: This girl is too quiet and sweet. It is hard to believe she would be
friends with that Melody.

Melody Songsworth: Even though she got the looks and the voice of the girl every guy
wants to date; she is a hot tempered weirdo. I’m surprised she protective of her
cousin Kevin, let alone admit that he is her cousin.

Kevin Songsworth: Probably the dumbest kid in the entire school. He normally stares
off into space and acts like a retard; not to mention ugly. He’s crippled albino for
crying out loud; can’t imagine anyone being with him.

Phoenix Sky: Such a clueless guy with a crazy family and not to mention a bad choice
of friends. If I were him I would get a life.

Lily Dragonstar: What a tomboy and freak she is. Her parents decided to adopt a Ryune
a few weeks after she was born. Ryunes are known not too be nice to those who are not
one of them, so why bring one into your family I’ll never know. She actually doesn’t
mind having an alien as a brother. And then she and her bro are always late for
classes all the time.

Swordwing Dragonstar: The ONLY Ryune in the entire school let alone the only on this
planet. Why he was here since he hatched who knows. Even though the Ryunes on their
planet claim to be smarter then humans, Swordwing gets mostly Cs and Ds on his

The villain gave an evil laugh. “Now that I know all about them I can now avenge my


	Class was taking forever. The teacher still babbled about what they should do on
their history reports and how they should write it. Kevin sat there looking like he
is in lalaland while actually plotting a few schemes in his head. The rest of the
class looked like they would drop into comas out of sheer boredom. Phoenix then
leaned his head to Swordwing and whispered, “Is your watch broken? I think mine is.”
	Swordwing looked at his watch, tapped on it for a bit, held it to his ear, then put
his arm down and replied “I’m having a hard time believing this but my watch still
works and it says school will be over in two minutes.”

	“Two minutes that will feel like two hours, she already spent fifty hours on telling
us about our history reports.” Phoenix grumbled.

	“Hard to believe I know but actually she spent fifteen minutes on her speech.”
Swordwing pointed out.

	After two minutes passed the students were finally free from school for the day. The
group met up by a fountain to talk about stuff.

	“I found out Greg Toughman is so scared of spiders that he will scream like a little
girl if he sees one.” Kevin said with a smug look.

	Melody looked at her cousin and sighed “Kevin, must you continue to act like you’re
a complete dummy just so people would let down their guards and let out secrets
around you?”

	Kevin looked at Melody with his unnatural stare. “They’ll still treat me like a
dummy anyways, no matter if I act like it or not. It’s a common stereotype that
anyone born with some kind of dysfunction, physical or mental, are not as fortunate
or smart and brilliant like those who are born normally. So why not just play along
with what they believe. Even the teachers fall for my acting. It’s rather funny to
see them be foolish around you thinking that you wouldn’t notice because they think
you’re too dumb.”

	Melody rolled her eyes. She knew that Kevin was right; it really bothered her when
others didn’t treat Kevin like an intelligent being. She wished that they can treat
him nicely despite him being a cripple albino. 

Lily walked up to Melody and said. “It’s ok Mel; I feel the same way when people
treat Swordwing poorly cause of the Ryune reputation. He doesn’t even remember being
with his own people. So why be mean to him for what his people done?”

“Do any of your watches work?” Phoenix broke in.

“W-why you ask?” Galina asked.

“Cause I swear that the teacher took sixty hours on that speech and not seventeen
minutes.” Phoenix replied.

“You are still going on with the watches?” Swordwing sighed.

“I swear they are broken.” Phoenix went on.

Silvia then raised her hand and said. “Let’s stop for a bit and notice something.”

“L-l-like what?” Galina stuttered.

“Like that.” Answered Silvia as she pointed to a tall, dark caped man, in a machine,
in fount of them. He laughed at them as he dropped a cage on them and flew off with
them in the cage.

“You know, I often wonder on how anyone can drop a cage on you and pick it up with
you in it? And then when you’re in it, the floor of the cage just appears.” Swordwing

“And how come no one else notices us being kidnapped let alone this giant noisy
machine?” Phoenix added.

“Three answers; one, magic; number two, no one cares; and number three, the ones who
don’t care are too stupid to notice anything.” Kevin answered.


Our heroes later found themselves in a prison cell looking at their kidnapper. He
laughed evilly at them and then monologue to them. “Ha ha ha. Now I have you in my
power, I shall keep you in my prison. Ha ha ha. So you are the teens that killed my
brother. Never would have thought that anyone like you guys can accomplish anything
like that. He had a wonderful, cleaver plan that would make everyone surrender to him
if you didn’t interfere with it. I will avenge his death by torturing you all in very
painful ways that would make you want to see the Grimm Reaper as soon as you feel it.
Now I will explain how you are going to be tortured. First I’ll-”

“Shut up already, we had enough two hundred hour long speeches from our teachers and
we don’t need any from you.” Phoenix interrupted.

“Yeah, she made our ears bleed.” Lily added.

“Not to mention putting us in comas.” Silvia said.

Swordwing then said “Plus we didn’t choose to interfere with your brothers plans. We
were our way home from a very bad movie not worth watching when a storm hit and we
got lost for some unexplainable reason. We then went into the castle that appeared
out of nowhere for shelter for the time being. Your brother then appeared and wanted
to kill us. So we killed him first during the monologue before he could do

“So just torture us and be done with it already. Seesh, don’t need to monologue.”
Yelled Melody.

The villain stared at them for a moment and then said. “Well if monologues torture
you so much then I’ll continue my speech; starting from the very beginning. Ha ha ha.
Now I have you in my power, I shall keep you in my prison. Ha ha ha. So you are the
teens that killed my brother. Never would have thought that anyone like you guys can
accomplish anything like that. He had a wonderful, cleaver plan that would make
everyone surrender to him if you didn’t interfere with it. I will avenge…”

While he went on with his speech; Swordwing used his tail to grab the keys that was
conveniently on the wall next to their cell. Unlocking themselves out; they went and
tied up the villain with chain that just so happen to be there.

“Hey you weren’t supposed to do that. I was in the middle of my-mrfph.”

Melody gagged the villain with a gag that was so happen to be there. “Well we got

“N-now w-what?” Galina stuttered. “W-w-we g-got the villain w-w-who wanted to
k-k-kill us.”

“Torture him so much he would want to see the Grimm Reaper?” Lily suggested.

“How are we going to do that?” Phoenix asked. 

Swordwing smiled “I got the perfect torturing for him.”


The very next day at class.

villain screamed.

“No screaming young man! As I was saying…” the teacher yelled.

The villain was tied to a desk in the classroom. 

“Gee this is the perfect torturing for him. He’s suffering already.” Lily said.

“N-n-n-nothing more t-t-torturous then s-school.” Galina gulped.

“Gee how did you get the school to let the villain in the classroom?” Phoenix asked

“Though an unlogical, unexplained way most shows do to people.” Swordwing replied.

“Or another way to call it, magic.” Kevin said.

Silvia looked at the others and said “When are we going to stick him in jail for
kidnapping us?”

“Who knows?” Melody replied.

Phoenix then looked confused “What? He’s not already in prison?”

The group gave a small laugh and continued to watch the villain suffer though out the
time they were at school. It was after school when they took him to the police
station to report him kidnapping them in a large unnoticed machine. The villain was
relived to know he was being put into a prison cell and not into another classroom. 

And our heroes continued to live their lives like nothing ever happened.

The end of this story… for now.

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