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Mission #26:Investigation! Part 1Category: My Adventures in Naruto
Wednesday, 28 May 2008
04:42:38 AM (GMT)
Disclaimer :I do not own Naruto.But I own Akane.And this made-up-story.
Disclaimer 2:To all fan-girls who think that the pairs are all wrong;shut up.Who made
up the story?I DID.Now,shoo.
Disclaimer 3:I don't know if there were any love scenes.But I'll try not o put
any.Just....hang in there,ok?
Disclaimer 4:Ok.This involves Akatsuki,ok?Soruka,you'll like one part.....

Location:Hokage's Room
Tsunade: (snort.sputter.Zzzzzz.....)
Sakura:Master?*shaking Tsunade*Master.....-
Sakura:*hair is blown up*Um,Shizune-chan is here.
Tsunade:Just Shizune?Next time don't tell me and just let her in!
Sakura:*staggers to the door*Y-Yes master.*outside*Foof!*starts fixing hair*
Naruto:How'd it go?*standing beside Hinata*
Sakura:She yelled at me again T^T
Akane:Well that's cause you ALWAYS have to wake her up.And you didn't have to tell
Sakura:Yeah,yeah,yeah.So what6 do we do now?
Naruto:GET SOME RAMEN!!!*jumps for joy*
Tsunade:*pops her head out the door*SHUT UP KID!*goes back inside*
Naruto:*mouths*shut up kid.Pfft!Granny!
Hinata:*giggles silently*
Naruto:Well,Hinata and I are going for some ramen.Catch ya guys later.
Sakura:Well,I got to go practice my medical arts.What about you Akane-chan?
Akane:Go training with Tenten.She promised to help me train my deflecting
skills.Catch ya later.*walk off*

Location:Ichiraku Ramen Shop

Hinata:Why don't we just share,Naruto-kun?
Naruto:Of course.Whatever you wish,Hinata-chan.^^
Naruto:One extra large please-*BOOM*
*people go screaming and stuff*
Naruto:What's happening?!
Hinata:N-Naruto-kun!!!!*huddles closer to him*
Naruto:Let's get out of here!*grabs Hinata and runs*

Location:Hidden Leaf Forest
Akane:Boy.You're...*pant pant*pretty good.*deflecting weapons*
Tenten:Of course I am.I'm the kunoichi!*throwing weapons*
Akane:What is it now?
Tenten:Yeah,we're training!
Hinata:Something weird's going on!
Last edited: 28 May 2008

Temari_ says:   28 May 2008   456445  
Wow.Interesting so far.
Chidori_Chan says:   28 May 2008   893648  
Thanks.But I think it's boring.D:
‹XXxByakugan_PrincessxXX› says:   19 August 2008   783763  
omg this is so great!!!
Chidori_Chan says :   24 August 2008   524537  
however,I got you paired with Naruto XD


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