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Skitzo: about the other skitzosCategory: Skitzo
Monday, 26 May 2008
12:14:40 PM (GMT)
Raven: im sorry if anyone got sad or was wanting to help me and i refused i was just
a tiny bit upset

Leah: things just hit me all of a sudden things like

Rei: someone i like doesnt like me back

George: but its allright ^^ its not like he's my life

Kimiko: im sure we've all learend from one time to another not to trust anyone so
much that you put your whole life around that person

Yuki: just because something goes wrong doesnt mean you should get so upset you just
wat to die 

Shuichi: No it means you should RUIN THEIR LIFE MUAHAHAHAHA!

Yuki: now shuichi you wouldnt even do that *flicks shuichis head* after all the times
i've rejected you you have yet to ruin my life your such an idiot

shuichi: THATS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU YUKE *glomps yuki* *_* heh heh

ryuichi: what it means is that you should move on 

Sumomo: the other day leah/raven thought about it and thought and her philosphy got
in the way of her common scence

Sai: see she thought if you liked someone  enough then that meant it was to be you
know because it doesnt make scence that you like someone so much and its not meant
that you two should be together 

Leah: sai =/////= your embarising me stop telling people my feelings and thoughts!

Raven: I learned that its alright xD theres always room for someone else in your
heart just like theres always room for improvment one day youll find someone and
thats it

shuichi: once again sorry if I worried someone

Yuki: sorry if WE worried someone

Ruyichi: sorry if we messed anyone up

Sai: but hey my feelings arnt gone yet

Sumomo: and neither are my poems

Leah: that is because their written on my leg and i can not get them- BLOOD MY BLOOD


george: at the movies leah/raven made herself bleed so that she could drink her blood
and now she wants it

LEah: *sniffs floor* i can smeel it where are my jeans!

Raven: mmmm *licks eans* i love it oh wait Leah this must not sound right you made
your self bleed on you jeans V_V

Leah: ITS NOT LIKE THAT I SWEAR EWWWWY! no see i scratched my self and then bled ad
tryd to writgh my name on my jeans in my blood but it didnt work out cuz it was dark

rei: alright then well once more sorry thank you for your attention teeheee bye bye
oh before we leave here is a song that best describes leah/raven at this point xD

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Leah: hey! 

rei: alright so it realy doesnt describe her because obviously leah/raven is not
white xD okay partialy but still xP

Raven: here it is for real this time like I said I dont feel myself somethings just
missing ya know ^^

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