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Saturday, 24 May 2008
05:01:58 PM (GMT)
Hair Color:brown
Eye Color: brown

Height:about 5"5

Shoe Size:5

Ring Size: i dont knor

Heritage: eh?

Graduating Yr:ummm, 2007 i think

Birth date: none of your bisiness

Zodiac Sign:leo


Concert: heheheh, ummm s club

Best Friend: i have 3, samanie, tommy and mikey (i love mikey more than life tho)

Crush: i don't need one because i have an amazing boyfriend

Pet: jesus, my fish

Sport: skipping :D

...::Have You Ever::...

Sky Dived: nor

Bungee Jumped:nay

Gone out of da Country: yeah i hated it

Beaten Someone Up: yeah

Gotten Beat Up: no

Killed an Animal: only spiders

Swam in the Ocean: no, i only go in the really shallow part

Broke the Law:underage sex.

Smoked: yup

Chewed Tobacco:naa

Drank:  yeaah!:D friday nights baby!

Been Kissed: yup

Been In Love: hunny i am in love

Dumped Someone: yeah

Been Dumped:yeah

Broken Someone's heart: yeah but for the best...

Had Your Heart Broken: yeah, but i get over things easily

Liked Someone Who Didn't Like You Back:yuup

Broken A Bone:yeh

Had Surgery:yh

Had an X-ray or MRI:yaya

Failed a Class: yeah




Drink:anything, accept tea


Cereal: i don't like it

Ice Cream: ben and jerry's brownie flavoured ice cream :P ftw

Candy: floss

Restaurant: i don't have one

Fast Food Place:dno

Store: primark

Animal:  dog

Quote: "Why be FOR killing somone who hasn't had the chance to live life, but be
AGAINST somone WILLINGLY fighting for their own country"-my friend tommy

Sport To Play: skippingggg

Sport To Watch: power rangers

Movie: a cinderella story (it makes me cry)

TV Show: i only watch things like jerimy kyle and jerry springer=]

Type Of Music: oi, ska, punk, reggae etc

Band: loadsss

Singer: LMFAO! samanie 

Song: idk


Pepsi or Coke:  PEPSI

Vanilla or Chocolate:vanilla

Cake or Ice Cream: ice cream

McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds

Love or Money: love

Music or TV: music

Cat or Dog:  dog

Mom or Dad:  mhm

Truck or Car:  car

Ocean or Lake: lake

Yahoo or Hotmail:hotmail

Google or AJ: Google

Light or Dark: Light

Country or City:city

Rain or Sunshine:sun

...::The Opposite Sex::...

First Thing You Notice: eyes and hair 

Personality or Looks:   Personality

Hair Color: Any it doesnt Matter

Eye Color:  Any.it doesnt Matter

Short or Tall: Tall

Romanic or Spontaneous: Romantic 

Sense of Humor or Sweet: both

Hook up or Relationship:  Relationship. . .


Feeling: cold              

Listening To: fucking soulja boy, it's on at some party across the road

Wanna: get january here early

In Love: hell yes

Single: NOPE! :D

Best Friends:with samanie tommy and mikey

...::The Future::...<3

Career: i already work at starbucks

Marriage: i dont know for sure

Kids: i'm already having one, hence why i was january to be here 

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