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Friday, 16 May 2008
03:20:19 PM (GMT)
- About You
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: dark brown 
Height: I don't know
Favorite Color: Blood Red, Black, gray, white, electic blue
Screen Name: A bunch of different ones. Usually KyoCat
Favorite Band:  Greenday
Favorite Movie: umm... idk
Favorite Show: House, Scrubs, etc
Your Car: I can't drive =<
Your Hometown: San Diego, California! 
Your Present Town:  Fort Collins, CO
Your Crushes First Name: I won't say.
Your Grade: 7th
Your Style: i don't really have one.

- Have You Ever
Sat on your rooftop: Yes... I love looking up at the sky at Night...
Kissed someone in the rain: Once.
Danced in a public place: yeah X3
Smiled for no reason: yeah, I am right now
Laughed so hard you cried: YESH!!
Peed your pants after age 8: EW! no way. 
Written a song: not really.
Sang to someone for no reason: not really.
Performed on a stage: yeah
Talked to someone you don't know: yes, on Kupika. 
Gone out of your way to befriend someone: I don't think so.... 
Made out in a theatre: No. I am too busy throwing popcorn and candy at the projector
(Not the movie screen)
Gone roller skating since 5th grade: yeah
Been in love: Once, but .... Not right now.

- Who was the last person to...
Say HI to you: Andrew, my brother
On phone: Taylor
Tell you, I love you: My mom and Dad.
Kiss you: I can't remember (My brain isn't working yet--too early)
More 'kiss' Kiss: umm... idk
Hug you: Mason, Tay's lil bro.
Tell you BYE: Taylor
Write you a note: Taylor
Take your photo: Micheal (Tay's dad)
Call your cell phone: I don't have a cell phone
Buy you something: My mom.
Go with you to the movies: um... Tay and I
Sing to you: Taylor. We were goofing off and singing the "I believe I can Fly" Song
Write a poem about you: No one writes me poems.... T_T
Text message you:  "i don't have a cell phone"
Touch you: My friend Taylor poked my arm.

- What's the last...
Time you laughed: a few seconds ago
Time you cried: Two days ago
Movie you watched: Lost Boys
Joke you told:  Um... I can't remember what it was ^^;
Song you've sang: Shadow of the day 
Time you've looked at the clock: right now.
Drink you've had: Root Beer
Number you've dialed: Taylor's phone number!
Book you've read: Book 5 of Cirque Du Freak- Darren Shan 
Food you've eaten:  um... a bagel.
Flavor of gum chewed: Cobalt (5 gum!)
Shoes you've worn: black running shoes.
Store you've been in:  Office Depot...
Thing you've said: "NO!! Jeez."

- Can You...
Write with both hands: Yeah, but my left hand  writing is very messy.
Whistle: yes
Blow a bubble: Yush! 
Roll your tounge in a circle: Yep
Cross your eyes: Yeah
Touch your tounge to your nose: No 
Dance: a bit.
Gleek: Wha?
Stay up a whole night without sleep: pffft!! I can go 3 nights without sleep!
(probably more if i wanted to)
Speak a different language: Spanish and SOME japanese
Impersonate someone: Yes
Prank call people: Yeah, I did a couple days ago
Make a card pyramid: Yes 
Cook anything: Yep
Burp anything: Yes, but I don't cause I'm polite.

- Finish The Line
I wish ...  Aki-kun and all my other characters were real... They would make life so
much more interesting.
So many people don't know that ...  I'm a vampire. ^_^ rawr.
I am ... happy a lot of the time.
My heart is... Healing!

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