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BandAid on my broken heart (Bored Severus Snape storah <33333 :D ) #5!Category: (general)
Monday, 31 March 2008
01:07:18 PM (GMT)
A tap on the window. An owl. Lia got out of her bed and rubbed her eyes as she
opened the window and the owl dropped off the letter and flew off. Lia looked
confused but walked over to her bed and sat down and slowly opened the letter

Dear Ms. Cecelia,

I would like to wish you a happy Christmas and I hope you get what you truly want

-Severus Snape

Lia raised her eyebrow and put down the note and walked downstairs to the Slytherin
tree. It was decorated by silver and gold ornaments. The only thing weird about the
Slytherin tree is it was the only white tree. It made the decorations pop out. Along
with the bulbs were candy canes. No red and white, green and white. Cecelia grabbed a
green one and looked under the tree and grabbed a present. She opened it and there
was a green knitted sweater with a big C on it. She looked at the card and it wrote:

Hey, our mum made you this and told us to tell you have a Happy Christmas! And
don’t worry, the “secret” we have a plan.
Fred, George, Ron

Cecelia smiled to herself and put it on over her light green kami. She then pulled
another box out from under the tree. It was much smaller and she ripped it open. It
was a small box and she opened it and smiled. It was an emerald C with a small chain
hanging off of it that was connected with a snake. She smiled at it and put it on.
The card simply said

Happy Christmas Lia,
Draco Malfoy

Lia giggled to herself and she found no more presents so walked out of her dormitory
and walked to the dining area where she was going to go meet Fred and George. She
still had her pajama pants on but honestly didn’t care. Her sweater that Fred and
George’s mum gave her kept her pretty warm. She also had slippers that were light
green. Yes Green was indeed her favorite color. She got to the doors of the dining
area and walked to the Gryffindor table and sat next to Harry and Ron who were

“Happy Christmas!” She told them with a smile and they nodded back at her.

“Happy Christmas Cecelia.” They said in unison and she wondered where Fred and
George was. She shrugged and waved her wand and a box appeared in her hands along
with a few cards. She handed Ron and Harry each one and smiled at them.

“Happy Christmas.” She sang again and walked down to the dungeons. She knocked at
Snape’s door and he didn’t answer so she opened it and walked around.

“Professor?” She called and walked out of the classroom and found his bedroom and
knocked lightly.

“Professor?” She called out again and heard a faint noise. She walked in and saw
him sleeping and blushed. She left a piece of paper, the card and the box. She smiled
at him and walked out of the room shutting the door. She heard her name being called
by Snape and blushed as she opened his door again and looked at him. His hair was all
over god’s creation and he looked so tired it was cute. Lia giggled and he smirked
and motioned for her to come in. She closed the door and sat on his desk chair and
spun in circles on it. He chuckled and she quickly looked at him before his
semi-smile faded. She walked over to him in astonishment.

“Do it again.” She said in amazement and his eyebrow raised.

“I don’t know what your talking about Ms. Lia.” He told her and picked up the
card and started reading it.

Professor Snape,

I just want to wish you a Happy Christmas and tell you that when people say your
cruel and mean I don’t see it at all. I only see you for who you show me and I’ve
never really seen you mad and it hurts me when people diss you or poke fun at you.
Its just not right. You’re an amazing person. Oh.. Also I wrote you a poem.. I
wrote it on how I feel. Not even I know what I mean, hopefully you will.

It starts with my heart
And I blush from the start
And I don’t know why
When you look at me I could fly
You make me smile I haven’t felt it in a while
The warm feeling you give to me when I’m with you
I wish I could see this from your point of view
When you talk I can’t breath
But I’d be the greatest death
I don’t know what I feel but maybe I do
But maybe I would if you knew too

And that’s how I feel.. I think I got it all down I’m not sure.. Ah well.
Happy Christmas Professor J 

-Cecelia Silver Rose

Lia looked dead at her professor hoping, praying that he would know exactly how she
felt and if he could tell her. Then something happened.. Very unexpected..

Severus Snape smiled. His lips curved up and it was the most gorgeous thing ever. Lia
blushed at seeing his reply and he looked at her and put the letter down.

“I feel the same way but I don’t know what it is either.” He admitted and she
smiled slightly. 

Lia looked up at the ceiling and there was this small dot that kept growing and
started dangling from the ceiling. She squinted her eyes and what evolved from the
ceiling was a gorgeous piece of mistletoe. Lia blushed as she glanced at her
Professor and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“What?” He asked and she nudged upwards.

“I understand if-” She started but was cut off.

“I’m going to do something I probably won’t do again until next year.” He
informed her and her eyebrow raised and his cold lips pressed against hers. The kiss
got more intense as each moment passed and Lia’s arms wrapped around Snape’s neck
and Snape’s arms wrapped around her waist and he pulled her, pressing their bodies
against each other as the kiss evolved. Lia tongue swiped across Snape’s bottom lip
and Snape immediately parted his lips and roamed every inch of her mouth. The kiss
ended a few minute later with both gasping for air. Snape smirked at her and kissed
her lips gently then her cheek and when he got to her ear he whispered into it.

“Although I might steal a few from you through this year.” He told her and she
blushed and nodded.

“Professor Snape.” Lia mumbled while her and Snape pecked at each other’s lips.

“Yes Lia.” He asked and she looked deeply into his cold distant onyx eyes.

“What if I were to leave. Not purposely but if I were to leave this school.”  She
asked and he held her close.

“Your not going, I won’t allow it. And I’d find ways to keep in touch with
you.” He whispered and she smiled and returned the embrace. 

“Thank you.” She whispered and felt his arms wrap around her neck, then something
drop and hit her chest. She pulled away from the hug and saw a new necklace. It was a
snake curled up in the form of a heart. Lia blushed and hugged him tightly.

“You don’t know, that this has been the greatest year of my entire life.” She
told him and he kissed her.

“I’ll  make sure next year is the best.” He whispered huskily and she shuddered
at his tone. 

*~.: Outside of the room:.~*

“Fred..” George whispered and Fred glanced at him.

“Yes George?” He questioned with a grin as they saw Snape and Lia’s lips touch
for the first time and silently closed the door.

“That was the greatest thing we ever did.” George said with a grin and Fred

“Who knew that mistletoe did so much.” He said as they skipped down the hall
humming to their selves.

*~.: Later that day :.~*

Lia sat on her bed rushing to write a letter to Cyan to tell her about her new
relationship with her Professor. Of coarse she called him ‘Snake’ incase someone
else found the letter. She sent it then wrote a response to Draco’s letter saying
she would love to go to the Malfoy Manor tomorrow.

Lia laid down in her bed and hummed to herself when she heard something scatter up on
her bed. She looked and saw that it was her animal. She smiled at it and it cuddled
up to her. She kissed the top of its head and it started purring as it cuddled
against her arm. Lia and her little animal crystal. About an hour later she heard
something tap at her window. She sat up and Crystal clanged to her arm and she
continued walking to the window. She took the letter from the two owls that were
there and sat on her bed. She opened the first one.


YOU!! So when are the babies due? Am I invited to the wedding??? Well sweetie, I GTG
family is back. Oh boy, oh boy.

Letter number two

Dear Lia,

Well that’s wonderful! We’ll contact Snape and you two can come over using floo
powder since Snape was supposed to come over anyway. Come now if you want!
-Draco Malfoy

Lia smiled and she packed some clothes and changed her outfit and brushed her hair.
She grabbed her bag and walked downstairs and bumped into the Weasly twins. She
smiled at them and they walked over and hugged her.

“How was the kiss?” They asked in unison.

“How’d you--” She was cut off and they held up their wands.

“Who do you think put the mistletoe there?” They asked and she smiled and hugged

“You two are amazing.” She told them and they hugged her back with a chuckle.

“We know.” They said and walked off to their dormitory. 

Lia walked to the dungeons and heard something shatter then Snape growl. She walked
into the potions room and saw Snape with pink goop all over his robe. Lia giggled and
his head snapped at her and he eyed her with his eyebrow raised.

“Why are you here?” He asked and she smiled and put down her bag.

“Draco told me to go here so you could bring me to his house.” She told him as
she walked closer and he shrugged.

“Well that makes sense. Guess I forgot about him..” He said and she giggled and
he smirked at her and tilted her chin up and pressed his lips to hers.

“God your lips taste amazing..” He whispered to her and she giggled. “Well lets

With that she followed him to his room and waited for him to get ready and change out
of his pinkified robe and they soon arrived at the Malfoy Manor.

“Hello?” Lia called and she heard someone run down the stairs.

“Lia!” Draco yelled and hugged her and she hugged back with a smile.

“Hey Draco, you seem happy!” She said and he nodded with a blush. 

“Yeah.” He said and grabbed her hand dragging her to his room. “I have to tell
you something.”

He blushed. Lia nodded. He walked over in his closet  He walked out with his sketch
pad and showed her this.

(♥ me <33)

“Oh that’s pretty Draco!” Lia exclaimed and he blushed with a nod.

“Yeah I know. This is the girl I like.” He told Lia and she grinned and hugged
him. “And she’s coming over tonight and I don’t know what to do.” He blurred

“I’ll help you Draco!” Lia said and he smirked.

“I knew you would.” He told her and she laughed and walked to his closet and
started digging through it.

“I’ll find you clothes and I’ll fix you up.” She told him and he blushed sort

*~.: Later on :.~*

“Oh my lord they’re here.” Draco said in a panic and Lia giggled and Draco
looked at what he was wearing. “I look exactly the same.”

“I know. You’re a cute kid. You don’t need anything to get her to like you.”
Lia said with a smile and he smirked and nodded and they walked downstairs. They saw
two girls and an older male.

(Lets look at another picture of me some more cause I’m amazing lmao jk)
Her eyes were white but had a ring of green on the outside. The other girl had hair
down to her mid stomach in the front and in the back it was to her shoulders. In the
back her hair was black but the front it was white. (I don’t have a picture of

“Draco.” Lia whispered while looking at the girl with black hair.

“Yes?” He whispered back.

“She looks very different then the picture.”  Lia whispered back and he smiled.

“Yeah I know.” He said and Lia shook her head.

“Now you two girls go with those kids.” The elder man informed and the girl with
black hair rolled her eyes at the man and walked over with the other girl following.

“Hey Draco!” She said with a smile and hugged Draco and he blushed.

“Hey PJ.” He stuttered and she smiled at him.

“This is my friend Angel. She’s a bitch.” PJ said simply and Angel glared at

“So, who are you?”  PJ asked Lia and Lia smiled and outstretched her hand.

“I’m Cecelia, but people call me Lia.” She told her and PJ smiled.

“The names Paige but my nickname is PJ.” She said and smiled and nudged her
friend who refused to talk. “This loser is Angel.”

*~.: Like an hour later :.~*

“I’m in love with a slipper!” PJ started singing while dancing with her new
friend Lia.

“Sure?” Angel said with her eyebrow raised.

“God I’m so bored.”  PJ whined and everyone laughed at her face.

“You can always kiss me.” Draco said and covered his mouth.

“Wha?” PJ asked not even hearing what he said.

“N-nothing.” Draco muttered and PJ shrugged and went back to coloring on a piece
of paper. The lights dimmed and Lia looked up in pure confusion and Draco’s eyes
widened and he dashed out of the room.

“Where’s he off to?” Lia questioned and PJ looked at the lights.

“Well.. Oh crap. Hold on. Com’on Angel.” PJ said and dragged Angel out of the
room quickly. 

Lia sat in the room confused and then Snape barged down the door and grabbed Lia by
her arm and rushed to the fireplace.

“Hogwarts!” He yelled while dropping the floo powder holding Lia tightly. They
saw a white flash crashing through the house before they disappeared. 

“Professor. What was that?” Lia asked with wide eyes and he shook his head and
pushed her towards the Slytherin common room.

“Nothing!” He said and she looked at him with big puppy eyes before he went into
the fireplace.

“Please Professor, let me help.” She whined and he grabbed her arm and pulled her
in for a kiss and shook his head.

“I’d let you but its far to dangerous. I couldn’t handle you dying.” He told
her and vanished into the fireplace. His last words echoed.

Malfoy Manor

What was happening? Lia frowned and ran to where she slept and changed her outfit to
pants and a long sleeved shirt. She put her hair up and grabbed her wand and ran into
the fireplace grabbing the floo powder.

“Malfoy Manor” She said loudly then disappeared into the green flames.’’

She looked around and there was ash everywhere. She saw PJ and Angel on the floor all
bruised up and PJ got up and pointed her wand at a figure. 

“AVADA KEDAVRA!!!” She screamed and a green flash of light shot out of her wand
and the figure fell and she passed out.

“PJ!” Lia screamed and that caught Snape’s attention.

“LIA!” He yelled and ran over to her but she looked at him as he grabbed her
arms. “I told you not to come!” He growled and she looked at him sadly and he

“Go back.” He ordered and she glared at him.

“No Professor. I stay.” She told him and he scowled and heard a voice boom.

“EXPULSO!” The figure yelled and Snape’s eyes widened.

“ACCIO  TABLE!” Lia yelled and the table appeared in front of them and the spell
caused the table to blow up instead of them

“Lia, I don’t want you getting hurt.” Snape said while wiping the dust off of
her shoulders then turning to the enemy pointing his wand at him. “Expelliarmus”
The wand flew out of the figures hand. “Please leave.”

“I’m not leaving you.” Lia told him and PJ got up.

“Hate to be a party pooper but that guy doesn’t look so happy.” She said with a
sweat drop and Snape’s eyes widened as a blast headed straight towards them. PJ
jumped in front of the blast and passed out.

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