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BandAid on my broken heart (Bored Severus Snape storah <33333 :D ) #4!Category: (general)
Monday, 31 March 2008
01:05:21 PM (GMT)
*~.:Around Christmas:.~*

“So, who here is going home tomorrow?” Cyan asked with a smile to everyone on the
couch. It was Cyan, Crabe, Goyle, Draco and Lia. Everyone’s hand went up except

“Wow, Lia why aren’t you going home?” Cyan asked with her normal smile and Lia
shook her head.

“No reason.. Just don’t wanna hang with the folks, ya know?” She said with a
smile and her eyes began to water but she turned away. “Well, I’d love to stay
here  but I gotta go shopping. See ya!” Lia exclaimed and left the room.

“What’s wrong with HER?” Crabe asked and Draco smacked him upside the head.

“She’s upset you insensitive git.” Draco said and got up. “I’m gonna go see
what she’s upset about.” Draco said and got up and ran towards Lia.

He found her going down the staircase slowly and rushed up to her. 

“Lia.” He called and she turned around with her eyes emotionless then put on a
smile, you could tell she was faking it.

“Yeah Draco? What’s up?” She asked with a smile and he crossed his arms.

“I know your sad Lia.” He informed and she smiled at him non-heartedly.

“Of coarse I’m not sad!” She said with a smile and turned around and blocked
the tears from falling. She started walking down the stairs when she felt Draco grab
her shoulder. He looked deeply into her eyes and frowned.

“Your eyes.. They hold pain.” He said gazing into her pale violet eyes.

“I have to go.” Lia said running down to the dungeon. She began pounding on
Professor Snape’s door until she heard him arise and walk over to the door.

“Where’s the fire?” He called out sarcastically before opening the big old
door. “Lia? What’s wrong?” He asked and she shook her head with tears running
down her pale face.

“Christmas.” She said in a soft yet spiteful voice and Severus led her into his
office and pointed to a chair.

“Sit down.” He ordered and she nodded and sat on the chair. She then put her head
on the table and started to cry again and she felt his hands stroke her mid length
hair and talk gently to her. She didn’t even bother to figure out what he said. She
just wanted to hear his voice. He had a really gentle voice when he wanted to.
Although she could tell he was having a hard time not being vindictive with his tone.
His voice made her heart beat faster and she started blushing. After he had moved his
chair near hers he put his head on his arm which was on his desk. He lowered his
glance and saw Lia look at him from the corner of her pale violet eyes.

“Do you feel better?” He asked and she shook her head no.

“Professor?” She asked after looking at him for a bit. His eyebrow raised as he
looked at her.

“Yes, what is it Lia?” He asked and she gave him a small smile.

“Can I hug you?” She asked and he looked troubled.

“Um, why?” He asked and she blushed a bit.

“Hugging makes me feel better.” She admitted and he nodded.

“You may hug me, whether or not I hug back is a different story.” He told her and
she nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck and slowly he put his hands around
her waist but rose them to her mid back and locked his hands in place.

“Professor, I thought you weren’t going to hug back.” She said quietly.

“I never said I was nor wasn’t.” He told her, holding back the urge to say
something foul.

“Professor.” She said about 5 minutes later of just inhaling his sent, her heart
felt like it was going to explode.

“Yes.” He called out, his arms getting tired.

“Remember when I said you were my favorite teacher?” She asked and felt his head
nod. “I wasn’t lying. You are.” She said softly.

“Remember when I said you were my favorite student?” He asked and she looked at
him confused and he smirked. “Well I meant to tell you because you are.” 

Lia smiled and tightened her grip making the hug closer.

“Thank you Professor.” She said and he nodded.

He patted her back in a ‘get up’ fashion and she grumbled and stood up with him.

“We’ll I’d hate to tell you but you really need to get back to the common
room.” He told her and looked at the clock.

“But--” She was cut off by his low voice.

“You need to get ready.” He told her and she raised her eyebrow.

“For what?” She questioned and he smirked slightly.

“Just go.” He told her and she nodded and left.

“Hey Lia!” Fred called out and ran over to Lia and hugged her. “You okay?” He
asked and she nodded with a smile.

“Thanks Fred, but I’m great.” She said and he poked her nose gently.

“Then why does it look like you’ve been crying?” He asked and she smiled.

“I was but I got help.” She said and smiled at him as she went inside the
Slytherin common room. She walked up to her bed and Cyan was laying on hers packing
her suitcase for tomorrows leaving.

“Hey Lia!” She said, ran over and hugged her friend. “I got this for you for
Christmas.” She said and handed Lia a bag.

“Thank you!” Lia said and hugged her, putting it on the floor.

“Aren’t you going to open it?” Cyan asked and Lia shook her head.

“It’s not Christmas.” Lia said and Cyan crossed her arms.

“Well missy, I say you open it and get ready for that date with the sexy
Professor.” She said with a wink and Lia blushed. She already told Lia about almost
everything with her Professor.

“How’d you--” She started but Cyan shoved the bag at her.

“Go try it on.” Cyan said with a smirk and Lia smiled with a nod and went into
the small bathroom to get changed.

She picked it up out of the bag and gawked at it. A red corset dress with black
lining and ribbon. She put it on and blushed how reveling the top part was and walked
out with a red face.

“Aww you look gorgeous in it!” Cyan said and ran over and hugged her friend.
“Now the professor won’t be able to take his eyes off you.” Cyan said with a
wink and walked into the bathroom picking up the bag and throwing a small coat that
matched perfectly with the dress. 

“Sit down, I’ll do your hair.” Cyan said and threw Lia on the bed and began
brushing her hair. She found it looked better straightened with a small piece in the
front with ringlets. “Ok now, I shall escort you so you don’t get picked up by
strange men.” She said as she put eyeliner and lip gloss on Lia.

“But--” Lia objected and Cyan gave her a look and grabbed her hand and dragged
her downstairs to the common room.

“Wow!” Draco said while eyeing her and she blushed. “You look fantastic!” He
said and walked over. “Oh and.. My parents said.. If you want to come over for a
few days for Christmas break you can..” Draco said and Lia smiled and hugged him.

“I’ll do my best to make it Draco.” She said with a smile and Cyan dragged her
out of the room.

As she walked by a bunch of people gawked at how Lia transformed. Her hair was
usually in her face and she never wore make-up. Cyan smiled at Lia giving her a wink
and they got down to the dungeons. Snape was monitoring the hallways and he looked at
Lia and froze.

“Yes I know, she’s gorgeous. I’m so talented.” Cyan said with a smug grin
while Lia blushed scarlet and glowered at Cyan. “Well now that my work here is
done, toodles!!” With that Cyan left.

“You… look..” Snape tried not really finding words.

“Horrid.” Lia finished with a frown and he shook his head.

“..A..amazing..” He finally got out and Lia smiled.

“Yeah, Cyan already knew I was going somewhere so she kind of went out of her way..
Like always.” Lia said with a smile removing the coat and blushed. She forgot how
low cut it was and quickly put it back on. ”Sorry.” She said with a blush and
stared at the ground.

“It’s fine.. Lets go.” Snape said walking and she followed him.


“Where are we?” Lia asked and Severus looked at her from the corner of his eye.

“Hogsmeade.” He informed and began walking. “You thirsty?” He asked and Lia
nodded and they walked into Madam Puddifoot’s tea shop.

They sat down at the table not really saying anything but their order of tea. They
exchanged glances every now and then and Lia blushed at the attention. Their tea was
served and the shop was extremely hot temperature wise for making all of the boiling
water for tea. Lia removed her jacket and slung it over the back of her chair and
continued drinking her tea. She noticed Severus was looking at her again and blushed

“Why are you blushing?” He asked and she shrugged.

“I don’t know what your talking about Professor.” She told him and he smirked.

“Your acting abilities are astounding Ms. Lia.” He told her and she smiled at

They really didn’t say much of anything and Severus paid and they left. He helped
Lia put on her small over jacket and they walked outside and began walking over to a
frozen lake. Lia started shivering but tried not to let Severus see her. She turned
her head to the side and saw the snow start to fall down and she tightly shut her
eyes and felt a load of warmth. She opened her eyes curiously and saw that she had
Severus’ cloak draped on her shoulders. She looked at him as he looked out at the
lake with his hands in his pockets casually. His hair blew in the wind as snow fell
to his pale face. Lia watched him in amazement and her face felt hot. She was
blushing again.

“Care to sit down Ms. Lia?” He asked in a low voice that sent shivers down her
spine.. Or was it the fact that she was freezing? She nodded and he sat down and she
sat a half of a foot away from him blushing and looked away. She looked back and
noticed that he seemed closer. His hands propped him up, behind his back. She admired
his emotionless structure and he glanced over at her and she grinned with her teeth
and he just smirked slightly.

“So what would you like to do, Ms. Lia?” He asked and she blushed to herself.

You.. She thought with a smirk.

“I don’t know. Do you have anything in mind Professor?” Lia asked and he shook
his head. 

“No.. So do you wanna stay here?” He asked and she shrugged and nodded. She moved
a bit closer to him with her pale cheeks tinted pink and her nose was red because of
the bitter winds. Severus moved a bit as well so now their sides were touching. His
arm snuck around her waist and Lia blushed red and hesitantly cuddled up to his arm,
resting on his shoulder. 

“Professor?” Lia called out looking up at him and he looked down.

“Yes Ms. Lia?” He asked and she smiled at him.

“You know what would make me really happy for Christmas?” She asked and he raised
his eyebrow.

“What’s that Ms. Lia?” He asked and she smiled slightly.

“To see you smiled would make me really happy.” She admitted and he blushed only
the slightest.

“Is that so Ms. Lia?” He asked and she nodded and waited patiently for a smile to
spread across his lips.

“Well I’m afraid I haven’t smiled in so long I forgot how.” He told her with
a frown and she frowned a bit.

“I’ll try to let you remember.” She told him and smiled. She jumped up and
grabbed his arm and hoisted him up.

“Let’s try to make you smile then.” She said with a grin and he nodded his head

“Sure why not. You won’t succeed.” He told her and she pouted.

“Oh I will.” She told him with a grin.

*~.:An hour later:.~*

“Oh god your so DIFFICULT!” Lia cried out in despair.

“I told you..” He said and she pouted and he hugged her from behind. “Did I

His cold voice sent shivers down her spine and she glanced at his lips, lusting for
them to be on hers but she calmed herself down from the temptation. She nodded and
stared at his lips again and he raised his eyebrow.

“What?” He questioned, not feeling very comfortable with a 16 year old staring at
his lips. (Yes she’s 16 now. Remember she said her birthday was in two months from
now in July. Nothing really happened. No one knew about it.)

“N-nothing Professor.” She said and he bent down to her ear from behind, still
hugging her back and whispered.

“Are you sure Ms. Cecelia?” He asked and she blushed and nodded. “Ok then.” 

They began walking back to Hogwarts when Lia tripped and fell on her face. Severus
chuckled and helped her up and she smacked his arm playfully.

“Hey that’s not funny!” She cried and he smirked.

“Sorry, but it actually was quite comical.” He told her and she pouted.

“Come on I’m only  joking with you.” He told her and she smiled at him and they
walked into Hogwarts. They saw some kids decorate the halls with some Christmas
features and they tried to avoid the mistletoe. Well.. Snape did rather. They got to
the dungeons and Snape was about to walk into his class when he paused and turned to
her and she stood a few feet away.

“Why are you standing back there?” He asked and Lia blushed and walked closer and
pointed upwards. A small piece of mistletoe hung from above his doorframe and he

“Y-you don’t have to k-kiss me.” She told him while blushing and he sighed and
kissed her on the forehead. He then walked inside and Lia’s knees felt weak as she
followed him into the class. He sat down at his desk and she took off his cloak and
gave it too him and he simply hung it up and sat down.

“Well Ms. Lia it was a pleasure to go out with you at Hogsmeade. I really enjoyed
myself. But right now, you must get to the Christmas Feast. It starts in a little
while.” Snape informed her and she nodded and walked out of the classroom. She
thought of all the perfect moments she could have kissed him.. And she missed them.

She walked into the Dining area and walked over to the Slytherin table and there sat
Cyan and Draco having a staring contest. Lia walked over and sat down and began
picking out foods to eat. Draco saw her from the corner of his eye and waved.

“Hey Lia.” He waved and Cyan immediately ran over to Lia and Draco smirked. “I
won.” He told her and she glowered at him.

“So how was it?” Cyan asked with an excited grin and Lia shrugged.

“I got to wear his jacket.” She giggled and Cyan smirked. 

“Get to wear his--” She started but was interrupted by Draco.

“Who?” He asked and both Cyan and Lia stuffed their faces so they couldn’t
answer him and he rolled his eyes.

A few minutes later, after they were done eating, Lia and Cyan walked over to the
Gryffindor table where Fred and George introduced Lia with a Hollywood wolf whistle.
She blushed and turned to the side and then sat down near Fred who hugged her.

“Happy Christmas Lia.” He told her and she giggled.

“Happy Christmas Fred.” She told him and he pouted.

“But I’m George.” He said and she shook her head.

“No your defiantly Fred.” She told him and he raised his eyebrow.

“How’d you know?” He asked and she smirked.

“I have my ways.” She told him and he pouted.

“Damn..” He grumbled and she smiled and they listened to the Headmaster’s
boring speech about whatever he was talking about.

*~.: The Next Day :.~*

“Your leaving me for a few days.” Lia said with a frown and Cyan hugged her

“Yeah, I’ll be back in a few days. Good luck with the sexy potions teacher.”
Cyan said with a wink and picked up her luggage. “Don’t forget to write me
everyday!” She exclaimed and ran out of the room. Lia walked downstairs and saw
Cyan leave the dormitory and Draco walked downstairs in a Slytherin blazer.. Didn’t
know they made those. He sat next to Lia and smiled at her.

“Hey Lia. So if you wanna come over we’ll come get you ok? Or you can ask
Professor Snape.” He told her and she blushed and her heart beat faster with the
sound of his name. “Just send me a letter and I’ll know.” He told her and she
nodded with a smile. He hugged her goodbye and she hugged back and he left. She felt
her heartbeat as it skipped just thinking of yesterday when he kissed her forehead.
Just a few inches away from a kiss on the lips. 

She walked downstairs to get breakfast and noticed how abnormally empty the room was.
She walked over to the Gryffindor table where she saw mostly the Weaslys and Harry.
She sat down next to Fred and George and they looked at her oddly.

“Why are you blushing?” George asked and Fred nodded and she blushed deeper.

“If I tell, promise not to laugh?” Lia asked and Fred nodded and George followed
taking a minute for it to process what she said.

After she told them her feelings of her Professor and yesterday they had tight grins
on their face. She told them about the kiss and they patted her on the back.

“Don’t worry. We got this.” They told her and she raised her eyebrow and they
got up and left.

“Odd..” Lia said to herself and got up and walked to the nearly abandoned
dormitory and sat on the couch. She grabbed her notebook from her bag and began
writing. She wrote a poem and decided to give it to Professor Snape for Christmas.
She also drew him a little animated picture of himself.

Lia walked to the window and looked outside at all of the children going to their
homes to spend with their loving families. Her heart crushed.

Why not mine? That kept echoing through her mind as a few tears ran down her face.

She walked out of the Slytherin Dormitory and saw Fred and George huddled in a corner
talking about something. She shrugged it off and continued walking and just decided
it would be best if she just wrapped the presents she bought for everyone. She walked
into her room and made cards and drew and just did everything to take her mind off
anything but pure happiness. 

It wasn’t long before the sun went down and she sighed being how it was Christmas
Eve. She decided she wasn’t all that hungry and just cuddled up in her bed and went
to sleep hoping that maybe a chant would help her dreams tell why she felt so giddy
when she was around a man nearly 2 times her age.

For Lia did not know what one word meant. She’s never had an example of it. But she
just might start recognizing this feeling because of its not going to be rare


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