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BandAid on my broken heart (Bored Severus Snape storah <33333 :D )Category: (general)
Thursday, 20 March 2008
02:17:50 PM (GMT)
Her skin, ghost white. Her hair, darker than black. Her eyes, deep violet. Her name,

She laid down in her old rundown room. She hear the screams of her parents, she laid
there afraid. She wanted to make the pain go all away, soon it did. She heard an owl
peck at her window and she opened it to take the letter it held from its beak. It was
a very dark owl. Black, almost blended in with the night. She smile at the owl and it
flew off. She crawled over to her bed and opened the letter. 

Dearest Miss Rose,
We are here to congratulate you, being you have been invited to attend Hogwarts if
Witchcraft and Wizardry. We expect you be at the school in a few weeks with the
-A wand
-A broom
-An animal
-A spell book
We are proud that you have made it and we’ll see you there!
Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Cecelia looked at the letter with awe, finally she could get out of her house! She
quickly put the letter away when she heard her fathers drunken stumble crawl his way
up the stairs to her room. She hid under the covers and the lights were already out.
Her father’s figure pushed open the door and it slammed against the wall almost
rebounding. Cecelia was shaking and her eyes watered, her heart was beating extremely
fast, it almost exploded. She heard her father mumbling drunken words as he sat at
the edge of the bed. He ripped off the blanket and looked at her with his cheeks pink
and a sick smirk on his face. Cecelia gulped as a tear ran down her face, this had
happened to her to many times. 

Her father advanced closer to her on her small twin bed and got more on the bed. He
removed his coat and threw it on the floor. He grabbed  both her small arms and
pinned them over her head, and kneeing her feet down to the bed. She didn’t
struggle anymore, she knew better. If she did it made his wrath worse. He bent down
and started to mumble in her ear, things she didn’t care to hear. (Can I please
fucking stop rhyming! Lol) 

“Hey sweetie, you got bigger I see. Don’t worry, daddy’s here to make you feel
really good.” His disgusting smirk plastered on his face, she was in tears. She
shook her head softly, hoping that it would kick some sense into him but it never
worked that way. 

Through half of the night he took her small body and destroyed her privacy. He
invaded her home, he made her feel like dirt. He didn’t care that he did it, and
that’s what made her hurt the most. 

When he left Cecelia in her bed she cuddled up into a ball. Her clothes were ruined
by his hands and she cried herself to sleep, she only had a few hours of it. 

The morning broke and her mother came into Cecelia’s room. She left last night
after her hand Cecelia’s father’s argument. She looked around the room and saw
clothes everywhere, including some of her husbands. She walked over to her daughter
to see her face beat read and her arms were bruised. She pulled down the blankets,
her inner thighs were too. She saw Cecelia shake and talk in her sleep and her mom
didn’t want to believe it, so she didn’t. She walked out of the room and tried to
forget about everything she saw and found her husband on the living room floor passed
out still. She looked at him with a disgusted look and started writing a note, she
slammed it on the refrigerator door and walked upstairs. She packed a few things and
then walked through the door, she took one last sniff…

Smelt like sex.
He DID do something to Cecelia. Her mom just walked out, threw her bag in her car and
drove off. Who knows if they’d see her again. 

Later on Cecelia woke up and quickly ran into the bathroom, trying to wash up before
her mom was to get home. She washed all of the dried cum, from her father off,
wherever it was. She then curled up into a ball in the edge of the tub and started to

She climbed out of the tub and dried herself. She snuck into her room, not wanting
her father to hear her. She got dressed in black pants and a green turtleneck shirt.
She slipped on her shoes and packed her bag for school and slid it under her bed. She
walked downstairs quietly, hearing her fathers snores. She walked over to the kitchen
and looked on the fridge. There was a note. It was in her mom’s handwriting. 


Cecelia’s eyes widened, she had to leave later then expected her heart started to
race and she didn’t know what to do. She snuck out of the house, it was quite warm
but she wasn’t going to change into anything less revealing than what she wore
already. She walked behind her house and pulled something out from her pocket. She
was a half-blood. Her mom was the witch. She pulled out a wand. Ebony is obviously
striking with its pure black color. It represents strength and generates unsurpassed
magical energy. The Holly in the handle is the symbol of life, vitality and
immortality and is perfect for use in spoken spells. 

She held her mom’s wand in her hands, she saw it hid under her clothes and knew her
mom gave it to her for at least some protection. She ran her fingers down it and
didn’t exactly know how to use it. She remembered one spell but didn’t know if
she could use it or not. She wasn’t exactly sure if she was able to use magic yet.
She thought of her mum’s spell book. She didn’t want to risk going back into the
house, she hid behind it. Her moms window was 2 stories above her head. She took in a
deep breath and looked at the window and flicked her wand and it opened. She
concentrated on the spell book and pointed upwards.

“Accio!” She whispered harshly and a book fell down from the window. She flicked
the window closed and ran into the forest. She skimmed the pages looking at all of
the spells. Her favorite so far was Alohomora. Used for opening locked things. It was
getting darker and darker. The sky was black. She crept slowly behind her house and
saw her father getting into his car to go to the bar again. Once his car was good and
gone she ran to the door.. Locked. She bit her lower lip, not really wanting to risk
getting in deeper trouble for using more magic but inhaled deeply.

“Alohomora.” She whispered and the door was unlocked. She ran inside and locked
all of the locks again. She ran down to the basement, not really feeling that her
room was safe for her. She curled up into a ball and started to cry as she held the
wand protectively. Her heart beat faster and faster when she heard the door slam open
and her name was screamed throughout the large house.

“CECELIA SILVER ROSE!!!” Her name echoed and she began crying even harder. She
tried to stop herself but couldn’t. She wept louder which made her father hear her.
She wanted to stop but it just kept going. She closed her eyes tightly and waited.

She felt his big hands grab her violently off of the ground by her hair and drag her
up the stairs. She dropped the wand down the stairs so her father wouldn’t break
it. Her body slammed against more stairs, she was being dragged up the stairs that
led to her room now. She could feel her slowly getting rug burn. She cried softly as
she felt her father throw her against the wall and hiss nasty words to her in his
drunken anger. His breath reeked of alcohol and he threw her around, like she was
just an old rag doll. He left the room a half an hour later and slammed it shut. He
didn’t do anything TO bad. She laid in a small puddle of her blood and cried. She
got up and looked in the mirror. She was 15 years old.. She’s been going through
this pain since she was 7, and she had 2-3 years left to go. She looked up at the
ceiling wiping the blood that was dripping down her face with the sleeve of her
turtleneck. Her stomach churned with thinking of what her father would do next in the
2 weeks she had to wait. But she didn’t really want to figure out. She looked up
into the sky with her heart beating abnormally fast. She walked downstairs of her
house, her dad wasn’t there. She walked outside in the middle of her backyard. Her
tears made her face red and stickyish. Her hair was a complete mess and her eyes were
bloodshot. She heard something walking towards her. She quickly turned around.
Nothing. She heard it from the other direction. Nothing. She looked to her left and
she saw a pair of glowing red eyes. The next thing you knew she was on the floor
clutching her neck crying. 

A pair of hands picked her up, not to roughly but rough enough for her to know it was
her father. He brought her inside and threw her on the couch. She woke up to see his
blue eyes scanning her. He was defiantly sober. He got up and walked into the kitchen
and got a paper towel. Her neck had blood all over it and he began wiping it off, it
seemed that he was TRYING to be gentle. 

“What are you doing?” Cecelia asked while wincing.

“You’ve been bitten by a vampire.” He said bluntly while wiping off the blood
from her neck.

“How would you know?” She asked and he looked at her dead in the eyes.

“Could it be that you have 2 perfect bite holes on your neck and your fangs are
sharper then usual?” He asked sort of rudely. 

“…sorry dad..” She said and he shrugged it.

“Whatever.” He said and threw out the bloody paper towel.

“Go take a shower.” He ordered her and she nodded and got up but felt a rush of
pain and fell to the floor. Her dad rolled his eyes and picked her up walking
upstairs and putting her on the bed. He started the bathtub and walked into his room
and brought out a vile. 

“What is that?” Cecelia asked and he looked at the goopy green liquid.

“Used to be my medicine. Now its yours.” He said placing it on her nightstand. 

“What does it do?” Cecelia asked and he glanced at her with an eyebrow raised.

“You sure ask a lot of questions, don’t you?” He said in more of a statement
then a question. “Well, it keeps Vampirism down to a minimum. Meaning you wont need
blood and things like that. But you.. you come from a line of vampires, but we are a
much different race then what you’d expect.” He told her and he looked at her
face KNOWING she was going to ask a question. “We suck someone’s blood and we
change their negative energies to positive.” He told her and she looked at him

“Wait so you’re a vampire?” She asked and he looked away and closed his eyes
tight. He looked back at her and his fangs were a tremendous size and his eyes turned
blood red with black instead of white. His skin got much paler and so did hers by
looking at him.

“Oh..” She said and he smirked and changed back.

“Get in the bath kid, we got a lot of talking to do.” He told her and she nodded
and walked into the bathroom closing the door. She smiled slightly, that was her
first real informal conversation with her father she ever had since she was.. 5!

She got into the hot tub and a rush of pleasure from the steam filled her body as she
wiped off all of the dried blood off of her skin. She rubbed her fangs with her
tongue and they only got a bit bigger. 

She played around in the water until her skin was cleaned. She then drained the tub
but turned the water back on to wash her hair. She got out of the bathtub, much to
her loathing and got dried and dressed. She opened the door and a sweet aroma filled
her nostrils. She walked downstairs and saw her dad cooking for once! 

“Hey.” He said not looking at her. He set two plates down at the table and
motioned for her to eat.

Halfway into the meal he looked up at her.

“I apologize.” He said softly looking downwards.

“For what?” Cecelia asked and he looked at her dead in the eyes.

“For treating you like shit since you were like 7.” He told her and she nodded

“Why did you?” She finally asked and he looked at her.

“I might do it again.” He said and she paused, trembling.

“I don’t do it on my free will.” He told her trying to look at her in the

“Believe me if I could I’d hug you, but I’m being controlled..” He said and
she looked at him oddly. “That’s as much as I can tell you.. But please, if you
see me sober, trying to go to the ‘bar’ try to stop me.” He told her and she
nodded and he got up and put his dish in the sink. Not taking any note to the goodbye
letter that his wife wrote him. He didn’t care. He loathed her.

Cecelia looked at the ceiling and her heart dropped. She rushed out of her room and
saw her father was no where in sight. Wherever he went, when he came back.. It was
over. He’d come back in a drunken rage and tonight, she braced herself for it.

The door slammed open downstairs and she looked at her door in horror, forgetting to
do anything. She must have looked really stupid looking at the door like it was going
to come to life or something. But in a way it did. Her father practically broke it
open, she saw it finally. His eyes, they weren’t the same.

“I’m  being controlled.”

It echoed through her head and she finally understood. His eyes were dull and black,
how could she not see before that they weren’t blue.. Well I guess it being in the
dark.. He walked over and slammed her on the floor. It was her own fault for not
watching out for him. She closed her eyes expecting the worse.

And of coarse it came…

She woke up in the morning and saw that the blood was cleaned up from last night. She
was still half naked but a blanket was on top of her. She got up and all of the blood
rushed to her head and she fell back down. Her eyes watered up from all the pain. She
moved the blanket aside and saw a whole bunch of bruises all over. Some were new,
come were old, some were even fading. She got up and her father was in his room
laying on his bed smoking a cigarette. She saw him finish up that cigarette and light
another she walked in and he looked at her body and growled.

“You have to get out of this house before I put serious damage on you.” He told
her and she frowned and he put out his cigarette and handed her the green goop.
“Take some today, you forgot yesterday. You need to take it everyday.”

And she did.. For the past 2 weeks..

“ALL ABOARD HOGWARDS EXPRESS!!” Someone yelled and she held her suitcase tight.
She had everything she needed. She got it on her own of coarse. Her dad paid for her
animal, it was quite cute. It was a small cat with bunny ears and sometimes it would
fly. It was black and grey. She walked into the train and looked for an available
compartment and found one so put her stuff on the rack and sat down. She pulled out
her iPod, her mom got it for her a while ago. The train started moving after about 3
Metallica songs and someone paused at her door and looked inside.

“Hello.” She said loudly, getting Cecelia’s attention.

“Hi.” She said and the blonde walked in with a smile.

“Hi, I’m Cyan.” She said with a smile extending her hand.

“I’m Cecelia.” She said looking at the blonde with a smile. She noticed that
she was in a school robe, it had a green tie.

“I haven’t seen you around. What team are you on?” Cyan asked with a smile and
Cecelia looked at her oddly.

“Team?” She questioned and Cyan looked at her with a raised eyebrow still wearing
a smile.

“You know, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Gryffindor?” She asked and
Cecelia shook her head. “Don’t tell me you’re a first year!” She called out
and Cecelia raised her eyebrow.

“How old are you?” Cyan asked and Cecelia looked at her almost as if she was
calculating her own age.

“15, turning 16 in a month or two.” She replied looking out the window.

“Is this your first year?” A nod. “Then why are you just coming now if your
that old?” A shrug. 

“Hey! Where-” 


“Our Favorite gal?” Two boys called running into the little cubical. 

“Hey Fred, George.” Cyan said with a smile and they glanced at Cecelia who looked
out the window.

“Who is this lovely young lady?” Fred asked, sitting next to Cecelia who looked
at him then turned around.

“Lovely? I Haven’t even brushed my hair this morning!” Cecelia yelled to
herself, somewhat blushing. 

[Later on]

“Oh that’s bloody brilliant!” The twins said in unison as they looked at 
Cecelia’s smile. They finally, after an hour and a half, got her to smile.

“What is?” Cecelia asked lowly and they looked at her with grins on their face.

“Your teeth!” Fred replied and George added “That’s what!” 

“Thank you..” Cecelia said with a blush and Cyan looked pretty interested too.

“You’re a vampire?” She asked and Cecelia nodded slightly and Fred cocked his
head to the side as did George and the tapped on their necks.

“Com’on bite us!” They said and Cecelia shook her head with a giggle.

“I can’t, my teeth haven’t fully developed yet.” She replied and they looked
down with frowns.

“Oh I’m sorry.” She said and they looked at her with grins.

“No we’re just messing with you my darlink.” They said with smirks.

“Darlink?” She asked and Fred laughed and pointed to George.

“Yes cause George says DarlinG, is overrated.” Fred informed with a grin.

“It IS.” George replied and looked at Cecelia with a devious smirk and tackled
her and started to tickle her.

“O-oh go-good heavens! H-how did y-you know!?” She yelled while laughing

“I don’t know, you seem like the ticklish type.” George said and Cecelia winced
and George stopped.

“Oh I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” He asked and she shook her head trying to keep
the fact that he just pinched one of her bruises and one of her painful gashes.

“No, I’m fine.” Cecelia said with a fake smile and George bought it.

“Oh ok then!” He said with a smile and she got up.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to get changed into my robe.” Cecelia said and
the 3 nodded.

When Cecelia was away George pondered as he looked out of his window. He knew
something was wrong with her..

‹Q79› says:   20 March 2008   913439  
cool good story
plam100 says:   20 March 2008   544616  
‹LooneyLizardman› says :   30 March 2008   634111  
i finally read it and i love it

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